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Michigan Court Denies Former Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell's Attempt to Claim Unemployment


Andrew Shirvell, the ousted Michigan assistant attorney general, has been denied access to unemployment benefits following a ruling by the Michigan appeals court. In 2010 the Michigan attorney general’s office fired Shirvell for waging a homophobic personal campaign against Chris Armstrong, a gay college student at the University of Michigan. In addition to demonstrating on campus, Shirvell ran a blog, the Chris Armstrong Watch, where he accused Armstrong of being a Nazi as well as a recruiter for 'the cult that is homosexuality.’

Shirvell claimed that because his harassment of Armstrong took place outside of the office, his actions were protected by the First Amendment. In a 3-0 decision, however, judges Stephen Borrello, Christopher Murray and Peter O'Connell found that the attorney general’s office was justified in its decision citing that Shirvell’s actions had a markedly adverse impact on the office’s credibility.

"The department, as the chief law enforcement agency in the state, represents all of the citizens of Michigan irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or creed,” the court said in its ruling. “Shirvell's conduct reasonably could have created the impression that neither he nor the department enforced the law in a fair, even-handed manner without bias.”

Shirvell has expressed his intentions of appealing the court’s decision.

Listen to Andrew Shirvell attempt to justify his vicious online bullying AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anti-Gay Lunatic Andrew Shirvell Files Suit To Get His Old Job Back

Andrew Shirvell

If you don't recall the name Andrew Shirvell, here's a primer: he's a former assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan, who lost his damned mind and engaged in a one-man hate-war in 2010 against gay then-student body president of the University of Michigan Chris Armstrong.

After creating a blog flooded with anti-gay attacks against Armstrong and having been caught protesting with Westboro Baptist Church, Shirvell was placed on a leave of absence from his work. He was later scheduled for court hearings in regards to his actions. He even made an appearance on The Daily Show to defend his actions, which went about as well as one would expect. Shirvell was then fired from his position and subsequently sued by Armstrong for harassment and ordered to pay Armstrong $4.5 million in damages. Armstrong founded a scholarship fund for students who have been victims of bullying while Shirvell went on unemployment benefits.

And those are only about half of the articles we've written on the man.

Now, Shirvell has crawled back out from whatever rock he was hiding under to sue his former boss, former attorney general Mike Cox, for wrongful termination. Current AG Blll Schuette is also named in the suit along with four others. Shirvell is seeking a monetary award, of course, but is also demanding his old job back, because that will go over well and won't make for an awkward work environment. Cox is convinced that the suit is a joke, while Schuette's spokeswoman had no comment.

Anti-Gay Republican Andrew Shirvell Wins Unemployment Benefits

ShirvellMAndrew Shirvell was fired from his job at Michigan's Attorney General's office in 2010 after harassing gay University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong and his alleged "homosexual agenda".

Shirvell has since been ordered to pay Armstrong $4.5 million for defamation and emotional distress.

It's unlikely Shirvell has that amount of money, but he'll soon be receiving unemployment benefits that could help pay his tab:

Shirvell's original request for unemployment benefits was denied because he was dismissed for misconduct.

But Ingham County Judge Paula Manderfield last month ordered Shirvell to get unemployment benefits, claiming he "was fired for constitutionally protected speech" rather than misconduct.

Andrew Shirvell Ordered To Pay Chris Armstrong $4.5 Million

Chris_ArmstrongA jury today said that former Michigan assistant district attorney Andrew Shirvell must pay Chris Armstrong (pictured) $4.5 million for 2010 blog posts that attacked Armstrong and his alleged "homosexual agenda" during Armstrong's tenure as student body president for University of Michigan.

ABC News offers more details:

Christopher Armstrong's attorney Deborah Gordon says a jury in U.S. District Court ruled in favor of her client Thursday.

Armstrong accused Andrew Shirvell of defamation and causing him emotional distress on an anti-gay blog, in Facebook posts and during visits to the Ann Arbor campus.
Armstrong had offered to drop the lawsuit if Shirvell apologized.

Armstrong's suit also only asked for $25,000. Mr. Shirvell sure could have saved a lot of trouble and money if he had just offered some contrition instead of rattling on about "radical homosexual agendas" and how his blogs were a one-man "movement" to oust Armstrong.

Irrepressible Andrew Shirvell Still Defending 'Homosexual Agenda' Attacks

ShirvellAndrew Shirvell hasn't changed a bit.

You'll recall that Shirvell is the former Michigan assistant attorney general who lost his job in 2010 after launching a heinous one-man crusade against openly gay University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, whom he accused of pushing the "homosexual agenda".

Well, Shirvell made that very same claim yesterday, when he acted as his own lawyer and defended himself against Armstrong's federal lawsuit against him.

Insisting he has "no hatred in his heart" from Armstrong, Shirvell told the court Armstrong advocated a "radical homosexual agenda" during his tenure at the school, according to Detroit Free Press. And Shirvell also claims that his blog about Armstrong was "political speech" designed to topple's the student's presidency.

Shirvell questioned himself on the witness stand for more than an hour Wednesday, trying to convince the jury he was upset by Armstrong's push for gender-neutral housing at U-M. Shirvell graduated in 2002.

"My blog was political speech," Shirvell testified. "I viewed my blog as a movement to get Mr. Armstrong to resign. I personally felt Mr. Armstrong was too radical for the position."

Armstrong's attorney, Deborah Gordon, questioned whether Shirvell was really upset with the gender-neutral issue, or whether he was "obsessed" with her client.

Armstrong's suit, which is asking $25,000 in compensatory damages, says Shirvell defamed his character and inflicted emotional distress.

Firing of Former Michigan Assistant Attorney General and Anti-Gay Cyberbully Andrew Shirvell Upheld

A state hearing officer has upheld the 2010 firing of former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell for his disgusting anti-gay cyberbullying campaign against University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, the AP reports:

Andrew_shirvellWilliam Hutchens of the Michigan Civil Service Commission says Andrew Shirvell was justly dismissed. He says the attorney engaged in "hate speech" on a blog and "physical and mental harassment."

Shirvell was fired by then-Attorney General Mike Cox in November 2010. He appealed, saying his conduct toward Christopher Armstrong was protected by the First Amendment. But the hearing officer says Shirvell's actions put his office in a bad light and could have discouraged people from working there.


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