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Gay Nigerian Footballer Deported from Austria Now in Hiding


LGBT Asylum reports on the case of a Nigerian footballer who was deported to his home country by Austrian authorities and now lives in hiding in fear for his life:

"25 year-old Nigerian gay footballer Cletus U, deported by Austria 5 May on a a Frontex (European Union agency) plane to Nigeria with 44 others (and 113 guards) despite mass protests in Vienna, has told a leading Austrian newspaper that he is now in the Lagos slums, living in a shed with five other men. He is terrified that his homosexuality will be discovered, particularly because that was the focus of his well-publicised Austrian case, which was covered internationally as well as on YouTube. His parents, who live in the Muslim North, where Sharia law is in force including the death penalty for homosexuality, now know about his sexuality. 'The police can come at any time,' he said, 'beat me, imprison or kill, because I am the way I am.' In the slums, he could not trust anybody. On the phone to the newspaper he had to 'behave', he said, and 'fit in with those who are in the vicinity'. He only dares to venture out in the dark."

A refugee support organization is in the process of appealing Cletus U's deportation.

Austria to Issue World's First Postage Commemorating Gay Event


Austria will issue a commemorative stamp for the 15th Rainbow Parade in Vienna on July 3.

Said Jona Solomon, co-president of Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien, Austria’s oldest and leading gay and lesbian organization: "To our knowledge this is the first time in the world that a postal authority is issuing a special stamp on a gay/lesbian occasion. At least, we are not aware that this has happened before anywhere in the world."

Can any of you readers think of another?

UK Gay News reports: "The special stamp was designed by Christian Högl, who works as a professional graphic designer in addition to his volunteer activities as HOSI Wien’s co-president. He also created the graphic designs for the Rainbow Parade for the last eight years."

The stamp is one of 60 to be issued this year by Austria Post.

A campaign has been underway in the U.S. for some time to honor gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk with his own stamp.

News: Celine Dion, Top Dog, Pete Wentz, China, Sylvia Pressler

 road Shameless hypocrites.

 roadVirginia Governor strips protections for gays and lesbians from anti-bias order.

Sadie  roadScottish Terrier named Sadie is country's top dog. PETA protests.

 roadPete Wentz wheeled out at fashion show in strait-jacket and Hannibal Lecter mask.

 roadGardasil seen to prevent anal cancer in men.

 roadInquest: Alexander McQueen died of asphyxiation, hanging.

 roadWhataya want from me? To turn off your damn phone.

 roadStudy: Half a million Brits only wash their sheets three times a year. "One in six people also owned up to waiting at least four weeks before washing their bed sheets. Londoners are the worst culprits with a quarter of those polled leaving it at least a month before washing their bed linen, the insurance firm survey found. Under-25s tended to have the dirtiest sheets, with one in 10 admitting to washing theirs only six times a year, and half of all people surveyed admitted to eating in bed."

 roadVideo: Wired's tablet app heading for the iPad.

 roadChinese contestant Xiao Dai, who competed in "Worldwide Mr. Gay" competition, afraid to return home: "I’m scared to go back to Urumqi, not for myself but I’m scared that it will impact my organisation. If the organisation can’t continue its work, that will be no good." Dai works for an AIDS prevention organization.

Leto3  roadLeto finished.

 roadGeorge Michael down under for Australian tour.

 roadProtest: Straight couple applies for gay civil partnership in Austria.

 roadMarc Jacobs partner Robert Duffy Tweets all: "Duffy (who has amassed 6,700 followers on the social networking site) has spilled the beans the past week about almost everything relating to Marc's highly anticipated show Monday, including pictures of some of the collection and the set, and specific instances of 'model drama.' But the prez of Jacobs' company may have crossed the line when he snapped a pic of a very naked man who looked like he was pole dancing at Jacobs' after-party on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel Monday night."

 roadDeer starving to death in bitter UK cold.

 roadOctober Country: Gay couple turns the camera on one of their families.

 roadTwilight man pillows will keep you warm and don't bite.

 roadUtah House condemns "climate alarmists."

Celine  roadWatch: New Celine Dion movie opens this weekend.

 roadJudge Sylvia Pressler dies at 75: "In 1995, she extended the legal rights of gay couples in a ruling that allowed a woman to adopt her partner’s 3-year-old twins. 'They function together as a family,' Judge Pressler wrote of the two women, who had lived together for 14 years. 'The twins are, by reason of upbringing, daily lives and ties of mutual affection, the children of both Mary and Hannah, and no court order granting or denying the adoption will change that.'"

 roadUgly Betty's Mark Indelicato wants his own reality show.

 roadPlease Rob Me: New website highlights the dangers of location-based apps which tell thieves you're not at home.

 roadStraight, 23-year-old, soon-to-be-soldier speaks out in favor of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal: "I know that the president doesn't want to upset the Pentagon, which is admirable, but I also know that every single person in the Pentagon has "President of the United States - The Honorable Barack Obama" at the very tip-top of their chain of command. So it seems to me that President Obama is the most important in the entire nation when it comes to setting policy for the military, and that includes the repeal or continuation of DADT. And unless he receives pressure from advocacy groups, he ain't gonna stick his neck out for you guys."

Austria to Allow Civil Partnerships for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Austria's government has approved civil partnerships for same-sex couples, Agence France Presse reports:

Austria "The compromise, achieved after weeks of wrangling between the ruling Social Democrats and their conservative coalition partner in government, will give gay couples equal rights to heterosexuals with regards to pensions and alimony. Partners will also be able to take each other's name, if they wish. But the new law will continue to ban adoption or artificial insemination for gay couples, said Justice Minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner, who had put forward the draft."

Same-sex couples will also be forced to formalize their relationships at the municipal office or the magistrate's office, and not at the civil registry's office as part of the compromise, after complaints from conservative groups.

The law, once given final approval by parliament, goes into effect on January 1.

Here's Your Chance to Lick Roger Federer


Even if you suck at tennis. In February, Austria plans to release 400,000 stamps honoring the world #1 tennis player.

Swiss Info reports: "It is not the first time Federer has been put on a stamp: Switzerland issued one in 2007 – the first Swiss personality to be paid this honour during his lifetime."

Watch: Roger Federer Knows How to Use What's Between His Legs [tr]
Hot + Cold: Andy Murray and Roger Federer Strip Down at Wimbledon [tr]

News: Volcano, Andy Cohen, Generation Gap, Neda, Apple, Bruno


Letter to Obama from People for the American Way calls for him to make major speech on LGBT equality and to move Congress to act.



International Space Station gets lucky shot of erupting volcano.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck sued.


Watch What Happens: Andy Cohen to host weekly live late night talk show.


Boy Culture's visit to Broadway Bares. The event raised over $800K.


Iranians mourn Neda: "To those who knew and loved Agha-Soltan, she was far more than an icon. She was a daughter, sister and friend, a music and travel lover, a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life. 'She was a person full of joy,' said her music teacher and close friend Hamid Panahi, who was among the mourners at her family home Sunday, awaiting word about her burial. 'She was a beam of light. I'm so sorry. I was so hopeful for this woman.'"



It's men's fashion week in Milan.


Barna Study: "People who portray gay adults as godless, hedonistic, Christian bashers are not working with the facts. A substantial majority of gays cite their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be Christian, and claim to have some type of meaningful personal commitment to Jesus Christ active in their life today." (study)


Anti-gay informercial Speechless: Silencing the Christians, which was stifled in Michigan, resurfaces in California and North Carolina.


NYT goes inside Apple: "Employees working on top-secret projects must pass through a maze of security doors, swiping their badges again and again and finally entering a numeric code to reach their offices, according to one former employee who worked in such areas. Work spaces are typically monitored by security cameras, this employee said. Some Apple workers in the most critical product-testing rooms must cover up devices with black cloaks when they are working on them, and turn on a red warning light when devices are unmasked so that everyone knows to be extra-careful, he said."


New York mag on the gay generation gap.



Austria pissed at Sacha Baron Cohen over Bruno: "So it comes as no surprise that some local media are not happy with seeing Austria become 'the new Kazakhstan', thanks to Herr Bruno. Now these 'fears have become a reality', reads an article in the tabloid newspaper Österreich."


Rapper Eve to appear on Glee in the fall.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have twins through surrogate mother.


60,000 U.S. inmates sexually abused each year: "Inmates who were short, young, gay or female were more likely to be victimized than other inmates."


Manhattan synagogue makes $10K off Westboro Baptist Church protest: "Leaders of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, a West Village synagogue that caters to gays and lesbians, didn't want to ignore a planned visit by members of the rabidly anti-gay and anti-Semitic Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church. Instead, they asked supporters to pledge a dollar or more for every minute that six protesters stood near their synagogue hurling epithets and holding signs that read "God Hates Fags" and "Jews Stole the Land." The final haul after 50 minutes: $10,000."


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