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Bahamas Gay Pride Event Canceled Following Death Threats

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The first gay pride event in the Bahamas has been cut short after one of the event’s organizers received death threats on his Facebook page, reports the Nassau Guardian

The Bahamas Pride Weekend, which started last Thursday and was set to run until Monday, was “designed to inspire, educate and celebrate the diverse Bahamian LGBT community.”

However, organizer Victor Rollins said he received the threats after he posted pictures of attendees holding pride flags along with Bahamian flags.

Rollins also said that only 11 people other than the event organizers showed, all of whom were foreigners.

He also indicated that local talk shows were particularly vocal in their opposition to the event. Many claimed that God would judge the Bahamas for allowing a gay pride event to take place.

According to The Bahama Journal, Dr. Myles Munroe, President of The Bahamas Faith Ministries International, said the fact that the LGBT community were officially given permission to host the event was “nothing more than a ‘celebration of insanity.’”

In a press statement, Munroe said gay people are blind to the fact that they are contributing to extinction of the human race:

“I am not sure what their mission or goals are in this effort but obvious they have received enough incentive and motivation to attempt something that 90 per cent of The Bahamas and Bahamians consider unacceptable and violates their collective convictions, moral standing and values.

“Perhaps it may be helpful to first ask a simple yet profound question; “Is it civil, right, reasonable, logical, sane to promote a cause, lifestyle or practice of a behavior that could in its ultimate conclusion cause the extinction of the human race. It is insanity to demand the ‘celebration’ of your own extinction.”

Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in the Bahamas.

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1NewsIcon Just a bit more about the Log Cabin's ad against Chuck Hagel, from a Washington Blade piece published last Friday, "Cooper said he couldn’t immediately recall the cost of the ad, but said it was done over the holiday week at a special rate and was financed by Log Cabin donors who are also organization members." According to Cooper, their anti-Hagel page in the New York Times was prepared before Christmas.

Marriagecake1NewsIcon Marriage equality becomes the law of Maryland at the stroke of midnight.

1NewsIcon President Obama said a congressional deal to prevent our nation from careening off the so-called "fiscal cliff" is in sight. From Reuters: "The tentative Senate agreement would raise taxes on several fronts, with wealthier Americans bearing much of the burden. That might not be popular in the House where Republicans hold sway. The planned tax increases, while substantial, would be smaller than those that will take effect automatically this week if Congress fails to brunt the full force of the fiscal cliff." [UPDATE: Nevermind! No House vote tonight, so no deal.]

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Russian_kiss1NewsIcon Russian soccer players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev ignited gay rumors after photos of them hugging and kind of kissing during a Miami vacation surfaced over the weekend.

1NewsIcon As the National Geographic Channel prepares to air "Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout?," a petition calling on the cable channel to denounce the group's a    nti-gay politics.

1NewsIcon This is fabulous: Bahaman Bishop Simeon Hall apologized for past comments about gay people and said that pastors who still preach against LGBT people may be overcompensating for their own closet. "Psychologists tell us that sometimes the things we strike out against, we do so because a bit of it lies within us on a subliminal level," he said.

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road.jpg South Carolina state senator Robert Ford introduces Civil Union Equality Act: "It would allow same-sex civil unions in the state that would have all the benefits, privileges, rights and responsibilities of marriage."

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road.jpg Bishop Gene Robinson testifies for same-sex marriage at New Hampshire state house - VIDEO: "Ladies and gentleman of the Judiciary Committee, don't let the religious opponents to marriage equality you will hear from today and in the days to come make you afraid to do what is right."

road.jpg Gay panic: Bahamian man acquitted for stabbing death of gay, HIV-positive man.

road.jpg Canada to launch "tough" campaign in order to de-gay figure skating. Watch video.

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road.jpg British teen admits to killing gay retired truck driver: "Michael Worsely, QC, prosecuting, said the attack happened after Smith, another man and two women taunted, spat on and threw eggs at the victim and his partner on the pavement below the block of flats. After leaving the flat, Smith punched Mr Dixon, who was recovering from a stroke, in the face, smashing his cheek bone and leaving him with head injuries after he hit the road. Mr Dixon, who lived in nearby Wellington Gardens, died of a brain injury shortly after the attack."

Gohilroad.jpg Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil no longer a pariah in his home country: "Many believe that his growing celebrity status — being invited on the Oprah Winfrey Show and as a contestant in reality shows on British television — may have helped him gain acceptance. But, the prince is also an extremely genial person. 'In the past, many taboos were attached to homosexuality. But thanks to media attention, there is growing awareness and hence they understand me too. Besides, I have removed barriers of royal family and started visiting people to solve their problems,' Gohil said. Farmer: "I had avoided Gohil after realising he was gay. But, I saw that he was the only member of the royal family concerned about us. Since then, I have attended his functions. I salute his dedication to the people of Rajpipla."

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Camgigandetroad.jpg Did Cam Gigandet's publicist give him a shirtless ban too?

road.jpg Gay activists request end to Russia's policy banning visitors based on their HIV-status: "ussia and Armenia are the only countries who are members of the Council of Europe to impose a partial travel ban to HIV-positive foreigners. Eleven countries around the world ban or limit the right of HIV-positive people to enter their territories. The list also includes Colombia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Sudan, and Yemen. Although the US Congress passed a measure lifting the ban six months ago, the ban has not been fully lifted in USA."

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road.jpg Margaret Cho, Janice Dickinson, Alec Mapa and gay radio host Greg Sherrell to host GayVN Awards (site possibly NSFW).

road.jpg Freshman New York state Senator Daniel Squadron: Same-sex marriage unlikely in 2009 or 2010.

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road.jpg Unhealthy. Nearly 40% of gay men do not disclose their sexual orientation to their doctors: "The survey found a striking distinction: While 78 percent of the men who had sex with men and identified themselves as homosexual said they had discussed their sexuality with their doctors, none of the men who had sex with men but identified themselves as bisexual had told their doctors."

Tws_2road.jpg Tricia Walsh-Smith: making a name for marriage.

road.jpg Drive to ban gays as adoptive or foster parents falls short of signatures, gets 30 day extension of deadline: "Supporters need 61,794 signatures to get the measure on the ballot. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels' office certified that 57,888 of the signatures the group submitted in were valid and came from registered voters. Cox said about 4.5 percent of the signatures the group turned in were disqualified because of errors by notaries. Of the remaining signatures, 91.3 percent were valid, he said."

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road.jpg Michigan to consider expanded hate crimes law: "Michigan’s hate crime law would expand to include intimidation of gays and lesbians and people with disabilities, and would make hanging a noose or burning a cross on someone else’s property specific crimes, under changes urged by civil rights groups today. Those changes will be put on a fast track in the House next month, said Rep. Paul Condino, D-Southfield, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He said he would introduce a bill today to strengthen the state’s ethnic intimidation law."

Scottroad.jpg Cape Cod Jury rules against Boston DJ Barry Scott in Provincetown police excessive force case: "Scott was arrested July 14 after police broke up a private birthday party he was DJ-ing after alleged noise complaints. In the process, Scott claims that officers smashed him against the side of a house and repeatedly kicked him. In the subsequent months, he and his supporters have been vocal critics of the actions of the Provincetown police department. Prior to today’s ruling, he has appeared in court 15 times on the charges." Scott plans to appeal.

road.jpg Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to be guest of honor at Stockholm Pride: "I am honoured to be invited as one of the opening speakers for StockholmPride. Especially since I live in a country where LGBT issues continue to be ridiculously taboo, no matter how universally practiced."

road.jpg Christopher Ciccone to the New York Observer on the publication of his Madonna tell-all: " was like a giant fucking orgasm. Therapy I already had; this was pure sex."

Toilethailroad.jpg Hailstones blast man off toilet in Austria.

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road.jpg Josh Brolin makes first appearance after bar brawl: "[I'm] sorry. I'm kind of in a bad predicament right now."

road.jpg British man awarded £22,000 in damages over Facebook profile that suggested he was gay: "Grant Raphael created a false profile of his former schoolfriend Matthew Firscht on the social networking site with his name and date of birth. He wrongly stated that Mr Firscht was signed up to gay groups, had lied to avoid paying loans and was 'looking for whatever I can get' in his relationship profile. Mr Raphael, a freelance cameraman, had said the entry had been created by party gate-crashers at his flat. Awarding Mr Firscht and his company £22,000 in damages, a High Court judge yesterday ruled that the defence had been 'built on lies'. It is believed to be the first successful defamation and privacy law case involving Facebook in the UK. Judge Richard Parkes QC said that Mr Raphael was liable for the internet entries and had lied about the posts."

Series of Gay Slayings in Bahamas Go Uncharged

A Jamaican waiter thought to be gay was slaughtered in his apartment in New Providence, Bahamas early yesterday morning. It's the fourth brutal slashing of a gay man in the last eight months.

Newprovidence"Marvin Wilson, a 31-year-old Jamaican national and reported homosexual, became the nation's latest murder victim after he was stabbed in the chest at his Collins Avenue apartment in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Wilson's reported sexuality and the violent nature of his death adds to the concern surrounding several high profile murders that have taken place on New Providence over the past eight months. Well-known anti-AIDS activist Wellington Adderley was recently found dead in his Delancey Street apartment. There was reportedly no sign of forced entry. According to reports, his throat was severely slit. International handbag designer, Harl Taylor and College of The Bahamas dean and lecturer, Dr. Thaddeus McDonald were also both brutally slain late last year. Police have yet to file any charges in connection with those killings. The men's homes were located in the same vicinity and there was also no sign of forced entry. All three men, like Wilson, were reportedly homosexual."

Authorities say there's no evidence yet to suggest the murders are related.


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