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Jake Gyllenhaal is a Ripped, Boxing Beast in 'Southpaw': VIDEO


Jake Gyllenhaal plays Junior Middleweight champ Billy “The Great” Hope in Southpaw, directed by Antoine Fuqua, and underwent the full physical transformation, as you can see.

The film co-stars Rachael McAdams, 50 Cent, Rita Ora, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, and Victor Ortiz.

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Australian Boxing Champ: Being Gay Is 'Your Choice' But Don't Show It 'When There's Kids Watching' - VIDEO

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Australian aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine has defended the tired old argument that being gay is a choice, reports Pink News.

Mundine previously said that TV series Redfern, which features a gay aboriginal character, is “promoting my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve.” He also made the bizarre claim that aboriginal people cannot be gay because it's forbidden in the "old culture."

Speaking on Australian television last week, Mundine defended his previous comments, saying:

“I told you I speak the truth, I got nothing against homosexuality, if you’re gay, be gay, that’s your choice, that’s your right in this day and age. But don’t exploit it on prime time when there’s kids watching and having sons come towards you and going ‘dad is that alright, for a man to kiss a man?”

According to a spokesman, although the boxer “has a lot of homosexual friends,” he “doesn’t support homosexuality.”

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World Famous Heterosexual Pro Boxer Becomes Leading Face of LGBT Rights in Poland


An internationally-renowned straight professional boxer is making headlines in Poland after he showed up to an LGBT rights event in Warsaw to support equality, NYT correspondent Slawomir Sierakowski reports:

D-MichalczewskiDariusz Michalczewski, a world-famous pugilist who goes by the nickname Tiger, recently made headlines by announcing his support for one of the country’s most prominent gay rights groups, Shoulder to Shoulder on Equality — L.G.B.T. and Friends, by appearing in a photograph with a sign reading, “I am an ally of L.G.B.T. people, because I want to live in a country where my gay friends are not discriminated against.”

Read a report from Poland here.

Michalczewski explained his decision to participate in the campaign:

"I just love people! I'm not a racist and do not judge people because of their sexual orientation. I'll give you an example. Two young men live near me. They are smiling, friendly, accommodating. We all like them. And then someone noticed that they kiss. Neighbors began to hate them...Did they change? No. They are still those same valuable people. You have to treat them differently because they are gay? This (kind of treatment) is sick! It prompted me to participate in this campaign."

The NYT adds:

Mr. Michalczewski is both a surprising advocate for gay rights and the perfect choice for the role: He is white, heterosexual, Catholic, rich, professionally successful and widely popular, and thus more likely to persuade conservatives than a liberal intellectual or politician. A typical young man from an economically depressed town that doesn’t have a single movie theater but has five churches might not get a chance to read a progressive manifesto. The opinions of a legendary boxer who grew up under similar circumstances, meanwhile, might prove thought-provoking.

And Mr. Michalczewski has guts: The popular sportsman did not limit himself to one photograph. He supports not only homosexuals’ right to enter into civil unions, but also their right to adopt children. In one TV appearance, he directly confronted right-wing politicians, by asking: “What if your daughter were a lesbian? What if your son were gay? If it were my child, I would love him very much. And I would support him in everything, because he’d be my child!”

Perhaps there is hope for LGBT rights in eastern Europe.

(Via Aksarbent)

Championship Boxer Kassim Ouma Charged With Felony Battery Over Unwanted Gay Advances

Former middleweight boxing champion Kassim Ouma has reportedly been charged with felony battery for assault a man who made unwanted sexual advances on him in Los Angeles.

Kassim_oumaTMZ reports:

The former IBF junior middleweight champion is telling investigators ... he was hanging out in Hollywood early Friday morning when he struck up a conversation with a guy he just met. Ouma says the two went back to the other man's home for a drink ... where the guy allegedly made a pass at the boxer.

We're told ... Ouma claims he politely declined multiple advances ... but says when he got up to leave, the guy made one final move -- and Ouma shoved him away. The altercation then escalated ... with Ouma allegedly knocking the guy out cold. Cops were called to the scene — where the victim was treated and transported to a nearby hospital.

The blog Rod 2.0 adds:

Ouma has a very compelling personal story and is the subject of the 2008 documentary Kassim the Dream. He was kidnapped at 6-years-old and forced to become a child soldier for the rebel army under the leadership of Yoweri Museveni—who later become Uganda's president and has remained in that position 1986. Ouma was drafted into the army as a teenager, became a boxer in the army's amateur team and applied for political asylum in the United States when he was 18-years-old. Ouma later became the International Boxing Champion Junior Middleweight world champion.

Ouma remains behind bars for the time being.

Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off Boxer's Body: PHOTO


Speaking of loving Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor has been in Vegas at the Mayweather Boxing Club preparing for a role in an upcoming Antoine Fuqua film called Southpaw, and some grainy evidence has emerged of his fitness for the role.

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At Weigh In, Boxers Take Matters into Their Own Hands: VIDEO


A short fantasy fighting film by The Perez Bros.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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