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Chinese Man Sues Clinic For Gay Conversion Therapy, Calls On World Health Organization For Support: VIDEO

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A 30-year-old Chinese man using the pseudonym Xiao Zhen (pictured) has has sued two companies involved in his experience with "gay conversion therapy," which included painful shock treatments and hypnosis. The companies are Xinyupiaoxiang Counseling Center (where the therapy took place), and Baidu — China's most popular search engine (which lead Zhen to find the treatment).

The New York Times points out that China has made moves to relax laws against homosexuality, decriminalizing it in 1997 and declassifying it as mental illness in 2001. But these clinics remain popular, as less than 3% of adult gay men in China are estimated to be "completely out."

Zhen says the pressure against homosexuality is strong because marriage is universally expected of men in many parts of China, including his small hometown in the Guangdong Province. To the NYT, Zhen recounts his story coming out to his parents over the phone — they "said nothing [and] were [probably] very sad. They just sat there silently and then hung up."

In a YouTube video for AllOut, Zhen speaks about his experience with the organization that carried out his conversion therapy, and how the experience motivated his lawsuit:

They gave me electro shocks, they hypnotized me...I survived this 'treatment' and I decided to fight back. No one should suffer like I did for who they are or who they love. I decided to sue the sham clinic. It's the first time someone in China has done this and the authorities are starting to listen.

Zhen's plans extend beyond this lawsuit:

Newspapers from all over the world are talking to me but I want to go bigger. I'm asking the World Health Organization, the global medical authority, to back me up.

He is doing this with a a petition hosted on AllOut, which (as of this posting) has accumulated 108,000 signatures of its 125,000 goal.

Check the AllOut video via the above link or AFTER THE JUMP...

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Robert Mugabe Prefers Aid From Anti-Gay Countries, Continues To Accept Aid From Anyone - VIDEO

Robert mugabe

Anti-gay Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has said that he prefers aid from China because aid from Western countries always comes with conditions such as accepting homosexuality, reports The Telegraph.

Speaking to a TV reporter during a trip to China, Mugabe praised Beijing for being "very constructive" in its assistance towards Zimbabwe:

"Whereas Europe and America, when they give little funding assistance to countries they always attach conditions. And that is our objection."

Mugabe, who nonetheless accepted international aid to the tune of $715 million in 2011 and has in the past threatened to jail and behead gay people, last railed against the ignominy of receiving aid from gay-loving countries back in March when he voiced his support for Uganda’s draconian anti-gay laws.

Watch a CCTV Africa report on Mugabe's recent visit to China, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Advertising Comes To China

Hina lgb ads

Amid signs that some marketers are ready to target LGB people in China, lobby group Shanghai LGBT Professionals has organized China’s apparent first conference on advertising to the gay community, reports Ad Age.

ChinaThe conference comes during increased visibility of adverts aimed at LGBT people.  One such ad for Spring Tour, a major Chinese travel agency, depicts a male couple and a female couple sharing beds with the tagline "Take your gay best friend to visit Hong Kong.”

Baidu, the Chinese search engine, recently released an ad showing a young lesbian couple who appeared with a caption reading, "Everybody has the right to choose their happiness."

Shanghai LGBT Professionals also worked with 20 partners to arrange a survey of the LGB community.

The survey found that only 3 percent of gay and bisexual men and 5 percent of lesbians and bisexual women identified themselves as "completely out”; relatively few LGB people are out to their bosses, colleagues and family members; and companies' support for LGBT causes, legal protection and progressive employment policies was their number one influencer on purchasing decisions.

Back in June we reported that there has also been an upswing gay representation in mainstream advertising in the U.S

Study Shows Gay And Bi People Respond Positively To Same-Sex Pheromones

Chinese researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently conducted a study that showed that the brains of gay and bisexual men respond positively to androstadienone, the male pheromone found in male semen and sweat. It also showed that lesbian and bi women respond somewhat similarly to the female pheromone estratetraenol.

PheromonesUsing four separate groups of 24 gay/bi men, straight men, gay/bi women and straight women, participants were shown videos of ambiguous human figures walking forward and then asked to guess whether the human was male or female. They watched these videos while concurrently being exposed to androstadienone or estratetraenol masked with the scent of cloves.

Researchers found:

When exposed to androstadienone, heterosexual women were more likely to suggest that the wire figure was a man—but the pheromone had no effect on heterosexual men (that is, hetero men largely could not detect a male or female presence when presented with the pheromone) Perhaps most importantly, homosexual men also responded to that pheromone, suggesting that gay men innately perceive (and are perhaps affected by) male pheromones.

Straight men, meanwhile, were more likely to perceive the figure as feminine when exposed to estratetraenol. Straight women showed no effect, while lesbian and bisexual women showed a response somewhere in between…

The study’s abstract concludes:

The results provide the first direct evidence that the two human steroids communicate opposite gender information that is differentially effective to the two sex groups based on their sexual orientation. Moreover, they demonstrate that human visual gender perception draws on subconscious chemosensory biological cues, an effect that has been hitherto unsuspected.’s Motherboard notes, “The study is similar in its findings—if not its methods—to one published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2005 that found that the brains of gay men respond in a similar way to straight women when exposed to androstadienone.

The study did not include transgender men or women nor any genderqueer individuals.

Gay Man Sues The Chinese Government

The LGBT activist, Xiang Xiaohan, is the first gay man to do so. Xiaohan had attempted to register his group, Same-Sex Love Assistance Network, as a non-governmental organization (NGO) but his application was denied. In response, Xiaohan filed a defamation lawsuit in February but the case was thrown out of court earlier this month.

The BBC reports:

_73652347_hunanletterXiang Xiaohan filed the lawsuit in the provincial capital, Changsha, after the Hunan government turned down his application to register his organisation. 

In a written reply to him, the local government said homosexuality had no place in Chinese traditional culture and "the building of spiritual civilisation" - a catchphrase in modern China for what many believe is the party's indoctrination.

"I believe what the government said [in the reply] defames the reputation of the gay and lesbian community in China, and I want them to issue a written apology," said Mr Xiang.

He also wants the government to reverse its decision not to register his organisation. Registering his group as an NGO would enable it to legally receive donations and enjoy tax exemptions.

Some activists point out the importance of the government agency's response to Xiang.

Yu Fang Qiang from Justice For All - a non-profit organisation dedicated to safeguarding the rights of disadvantaged members of the public - said it also marked a significant step forward by the government.

"It is the first time in China that a local government department has formally given a written reply to a request from the gay and lesbian community, whereas in the past the government would just simply ignore it," he told the BBC.

A copy of that letter is above. Xiang intends to appeal the ruling.

Xiang and his organization are active in the fights for LGBT rights in China. Last year, he was arrested for organizing a gay rights march in the city of Changsha. Watch a news report about that march, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Hong Kong Billionaire Doubles $65M Bounty For Any Man Who Can Woo His Lesbian Daughter

Cecil Chao, the Hong Kong property magnate and billionaire who offered a $65 million bounty to any man that could woo and marry his lesbian daughter Gigi back in 2012, has now doubled his original offer.

The Huffington Post reports:

ChaoMore than 20,000 suitors applied for Gigi's hand in marriage the first time round according to Time, though apparently none passed muster.

But Gigi, who is a prominent gay rights activist and founding member of Hong Kong-based Big Love Alliance, says news of the latest offer has left her partner “distraught”.

Speaking to the South China Morning Press, she added: “I don’t think my dad’s offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive.

Alternatively, I would be happy to befriend any man willing to donate huge amounts of money to my charity, Faith In Love, provided they don’t mind that I already have a wife.

On Monday, Cecil Chao told a Malaysian newspaper that he doesn’t want to interfere with his daughter’s private life, he just wants her to “have a good marriage and children as well as inherit my business.”


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