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Colorado House of Representatives Moves Forward With Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

A bill that would forbid therapists in Colorado from trying to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person under 18 passed an initial voice vote yesterday in the state House of Representatives, the AP reports:

RosenthalThe sponsor of the bill, Democratic Rep. Paul Rosenthal (right), a gay lawmaker from Denver, said the goal is for therapists to help youth pursue acceptance and support for who they are.

"Helping the youth explore their identity — who they are, not who the therapist thinks they are or who the therapist thinks they should be,” he said.

The Denver Post adds:

House Republican leader Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland, said legislators should consider the potential unintended consequences and predicaments for well-meaning therapists.

"The way I read this bill is that if you're a kid who's confused, it would be legal for me to talk to you about going toward the same sex, but illegal for me to counsel you toward an opposite-sex attraction," he said.

The bill faces a final vote of approval before being sent to the Senate, currently controlled 18-17 by Republicans. 

Similar bans on conversion therapy for minors exist in New Jersey, California, and Washington D.C.


Gordon Klingenschmitt: Homophobic Bakers are 'Blessing' Gay Couples for Refusing to 'Participate in Sodomy' - VIDEO


Demon-obsessed homophobe, religious zealot and Colorado House of Representatives embarrassment Gordon Klingenschmitt has said the bakery owners in Oregon who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple are “a blessing” to gay people because they refuse “to participate in their acts of sodomy."

Speaking on his unhinged “Pray In Jesus Name” show, Klingenschmitt started with the conspiracy theories, arguing that the government is out to bankrupt Christian business owners.

He continued that bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein "are being persecuted for righteousness sake" because they “are not going to endorse” a sin that is “harmful to you in the homosexual community.”

Watch via Right Wing Watch as Klingenschmitt prays for your damned soul, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Christian Organizations Misguidedly Defend Denver Bakery Owner for Refusing to Create Anti-gay Cake


Marjorie Silva (far left above), the owner of Denver's Azucar Bakery who refused to bake an anti-gay cake for bigoted customer Bill Jack and is now facing a state investigation into the matter, is finding some unusual supporters of her decision not to bake the hate cake. 

JackNBC reports that Worldview Academy, a prominent nondenominational Chirstian organization in Midland, Texas that lists Jack (right) as a faculty member and cofounder, says it disagrees with his complaint and stresses that Jack filed it as a "private citizen."

"Worldview Academy believes that God unconditionally loves every person," it said in a statement. "We also believe in liberty and justice for all. Consequently, we support the Colorado bakery owner's right — and the right of all other bakery owners — to not undertake work which would violate their core beliefs."

The virulently anti-gay Christian legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom, which fights for the right to discriminate against gays in the U.S. (and put them in jail overseas), is also siding with the bakery, Buzzfeed reports:

“It was clearly Ms. Silva’s right to decline to promote a message with which she so clearly disagreed,” Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “Ms. Silva should not be forced to use her artistic abilities to further a message with which she sincerely disagrees.”

Tedesco’s group, although not involved in this latest case, has represented bakers in two similar recent cases in which the business owners were Christian: In Colorado, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips refused to sell a cake to a same-sex couple, and in Washington State, Arlene’s Flowers is currently being sued for denying gay men flowers for their wedding.

ADF's token support of Silva in an attempt to appear consistent in its position that private citizens shouldn't have to do things they disagree with, however, doesn't really hold water, as Buzzfeed notes:

On the other side of the courtroom in both past cases — Masterpiece Cakeshop and Arlene’s Flowers — the American Civil Liberties Union represented the customers. Now the ACLU, which is also not directly involved in this newest case, supports the baker’s right to refuse service.

“Folks are trying to compare the Azucar Bakery story to the Masterpiece Cakeshop case… but in fact the two situations are quite different,” ACLU staff attorney Amanda Goad said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

The baker refusing service, she said, is “based on a neutral standard of taste that she would apply to any customer,” and is different from barring customers “not because of what the desired cake looked like, but because of who they are.”

In other words, if Silva had refused to bake Jack a wedding cake because he's heterosexual, things would be different. As it stands, Silva wouldn't have made a cake with a hate message for anyone - gay or straight - so the two cases are apples and oranges. She's already said she would have made a cake with a Bible on it no problem. 

In related news, Silva has created a Gofundme page to help the bakery with legal expenses related to the complaint which you can visit and donate to HERE. The page has been up for less than 24 hours and has already raised over $5,300. 

Outrage, Protests Ensue After Colorado Church Cancels Lesbian's Funeral: VIDEO


Vanessa Collier, a lesbian Coloradan who died on December 30 while cleaning her gun, was denied a funeral service at Denver’s New Hope Ministries because her family refused to edit out pictures of Collier kissing her wife in a video tribute to the departed, BuzzFeed reports. Collier was 33 and is survived by two girls, 7 and 11, and her wife, Christina Higley.  

The video in question had been provided to the church 48 hours in advance, however, the church lost the copy and did not review a copy until the morning of the ceremony. The result was that when the family refused to give in to Pastor Ray Chavez’s ultimatum to remove the photos of Collier and Higley kissing from the video, the service was cancelled after it had already begun:

“People started taking their seats at 10 a.m.,” [Collier’s friend Jose] Silva said. “At 10:15, the pastor said, ‘Due to technical difficulties, the funeral is being moved.’” He thought it was a joke. “I thought we were being punked.”

Friends and family had to pick up Collier’s open casket, flowers and other arrangements and move it to the Newcomer Funeral Home across the street.

“They don’t want overt, open homosexuality in their sanctuary,” said Gary Rolando, the chaplain who eventually conducted Collier’s service at the Newcomer Funeral Home, across the street from the church.

RallyHigley later posted an emotional update on Facebook (below), asking, “Please I am begging anyone to help explain to our children why our life together as a family is any less than anyone else’s and inappropriate in a house of God?”

Collier’s friends and family were quick to organize a “Dignity in Death Rally” to show their outrage over New Hope and Pastor Chavez’s decision to expel Collier and her mourners. 

Nearly 1,600 people have signed a petition calling on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to “protect the rights of gays and their families in death.”

Watch a news report from ABC 7 News, AFTER THE JUMP…

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Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) Claims Obama Is Prioritizing LGBT Rights And Ignoring Religious Persecution Abroad: AUDIO

Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado expressed on Thursday with Family Research Council's "Washington Watch," that the Obama administration is more concerned with defending LGBT rights than preventing religious persecution abroad reports Right Wing Watch.

Said Rep. Lamborn:

Lamborn"We have the sad situation of persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East and other parts of the country, including Christians and other various sects out there, that are being really persecuted, sometimes they’re being beheaded or crucified or tortured because of their religious views. So the State Department, you would think, would want to be all over that, would want to be pressing for countries to be respecting the rights of religious minorities.

"But it seems like they are really more motivated and active promoting things like lesbian and gay rights, transgendered (sic) rights and those kind of issues to the neglect of religious prosecution (sic). And I just want them to pay attention to the severe and deadly prosecution (sic) of Christians and other religious people wherever that occurs in the world."

Lamborn ignores the fact that President Obama ordered airstrikes in Iraq this summer to deter ISIS violence against Christians, Yazidis and other muslims. Media Matters for America cited several instances where President Obama addressed ISIS violence and genocide in early August, with mentions of Christians fleeing their homes to avoid ISIS' onslaught. President Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice met with Christian leaders from the middle east to discuss the plight of Christians under ISIS' oppressive regime. The administration also freed several Christians imprisoned abroad including Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth to a child in prison while shackled to the prison floor, before suffering a cruel fate at the hands of the Sudanese government after she was accused of abandoning the Muslim faith and committing adultery.

And yet the religious right's persecution complex continues, with Lamborn and Family Research Council's Tony Perkins claiming Obama continues to ignore the rights of Christians within the U.S. and believing Christianity will soon end up becoming criminalized. However, Perkins is perfectly content with anti-LGBT laws and even praised Uganda's "Kill the Gays," bill. FRC meanwhile has a habit of capitalizing and exploiting current events to further their religious agenda, including blatant disrespect for the recently deceased.

Stephen Colbert Takes a Hilarious Look at Demon Obsessed, Anti-gay Buffoon Gordon Klingenschmitt: VIDEO


While we tend to only feature former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt when he spouts some anti-LGBT nonsense, in actuality the newly elected Colorado House representative has a whole laundry list of other crazy comments that have nothing to do with the gays. 

In a new segment called "Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington" Stephen Colbert proudly profiled Klingenschmitt and highlighted some of his more insane beliefs, such as his assertion that Barack Obama is possessed by a "demon of tyranny."

"Yes Obama is possessed by a demon," Colbert agreed. "And he won't even show us the demon's birth certificate."


And if you missed Klingenschmitt's #5 spot on our list of the "25 Most Insane Homophobic Haters of the Month," check that out here

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