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Madonna’s 'Vogue' Dancers Reunite And Pay Homage In Honor Of Its 25th Anniversary


Dance instructors and choreographers Jose Xtravaganza and Salim "Slam" Gauwloos, dancers featured in Madonna’s iconic music video for Vogue, reunited in Los Angeles to perform a short video tribute to celebrate the song and music video’s 25th anniversary this month.

Jose Xtravaganza, along with Luis Xtravaganza, introduced Madonna to the Harlem House Ball community, inspiring her to write the iconic song and incorporate the dance style into the music video for the song. Watch the two dancers commemorate the legendary music video as they show off their voguing skills, AFTER THE JUMP

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NFL Free Agent Michael Sam Invited to Veteran Combine, Says He's 'Getting the Hang' of Dancing: VIDEO


NFL free agent defensive end Michael Sam has been invited to the first-ever veteran combine, ESPN reports:

The veteran combine will be held March 22 in Tempe, Arizona, less than a week after Sam is set to start competing on the latest season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," which starts March 16.

Sam was chosen last year in the seventh round of the draft by the St. Louis Rams but the team released him before the season began. He was later signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad but then waived.

The Veteran Combine is similar to the one held for potential draftees but it is for current NFL free agents like Sam.

Following the announcement this week that Sam would compete on Dancing With The Stars, he released a statement on Twitter:

Very excited to be a part of @DancingABC. Football remains my unquestioned number 1 priority, however, while I continue to train and stay ready, I am ecstatic to participate in a fun, athletic competition like so many players before me have done. Filming this offseason is very flexible and allows me to be part of the veterans combine 3/22 if accepted or any other workouts. I’m looking forward to getting started with @PetaMurgatroyd and winning! Thanks for the support! #TeamSambatroyd

Paparazzi stationed outside Dancing With The Stars rehearsals caught up with Sam this week as he arrived to rehearsals with fiancé Vito Cammisano in tow, and asked him which was tougher, dancing or the combine.

"Both," he replied.

They also asked if he has nailed his first dance yet:

"I think it's a secret right now. It's different from football. Peta's (Murgatroyd, his partner) doing a great job. She's bearing with me. It's different than football, clearly. But I'm getting the hang of it. It's fun. Great workout."

And what kind of advice he had for gay kids nervous to come out.

"Be on your truth. On your truth."


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The 'Bromance' Bros Return With Some Sexy Spring In Their Step: VIDEO


Earlier this week we posted the brilliant and beautiful Bromance video shot on the streets of London by UK acrobatic dance group Barely Methodical Troupe. Since you all loved them so much we've done some more digging and found another clip and some hot and funny shots of the trio worth sharing.

The clip, which is called "bROSE GARDEN", features the group practicing some of the moves they do in their "Bromance" dance routine and will have you dreaming of spring days and sunnier weather.


Plus, we've included some of the best shots from their Twitter feed.

Check out the clip and the photos, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Are You Ready to Watch a Sexy Three-Way 'Bromance' Go Down on the Streets of London? — VIDEO


Beren D'Amico, Charlie Wheeler, and Louis Gift (from the experimental acrobatic company, Barely Methodical Troupe) star in Bromance, a video dance piece which is equal parts hot, touching, acrobatic, and magical.

Director Bert Nilson explains the idea behind it:

“It’s based on them being friends, exploring the intimacy of physical interaction between guys; of their 'bromance.' The concept of the film was to set something unusual in the real world, almost a documentary in the most abstract of senses.”

Watch the gorgeous piece, AFTER THE JUMP...

Barely Methodical Troupe won the Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh 2014 arts festival for its live performance of this piece.


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Choreographer Bobby Newberry's ‘Flight From Paris’ Stars High-Heel Dance Expert Yanis Marshall: MUSIC VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.34.40 PM

Choreographer and singer Bobby Newberry released a new music video for his single Flight From Paris exclusively on featuring high-heeled dance prodigy Yanis Marshall known for his sultry, fierce high-heeled choreography. Newberry spoke with Out saying the video was shot at Beso Hollywood and that production was rather hectic.

Said Newberry:

"This video actually came together very quickly... I wrote "Flight From Paris" with Intyce two weeks before we shot the video—which is a super quick turn around. I worked with Yanis Marshall for one full day to create the choreography, and then we had two rehearsals with the dancers. The next day we shot the video it was definitely hectic."

Jonathan Burdine provided style for the video dressing Newberry in a black leather kilt and used pieces from Balmain, Céline, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, Top Shop, vintage pieces and Burdine originals. Newberry tells out that he met Marshall in Paris five years ago when the high-heeled aficionado attended a workshop Newberry hosted. Newborn spoke about his relationship with Marshall and the choreography in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.35.09 PMSaid Newberry:

"He's been a supporter of mine from the beginning, and I think he's so talented and such an awesome person. We've been planning on working together on something for a while now and this ended up just coming together so perfectly.

"I wore boots in the video, which were actually not that comfortable, LOL (sic). Yanis was in heels the entire day, naturally. I have danced in heels many times. It's definitely fun—but not my steez."

Watch Marshall and Newberry strut their stuff in the video for Flight From Paris, AFTER THE JUMP

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Ellen Discovers Some Fabulous Dancers In Her Riff Raff Room: VIDEO


Ellen's show attracts a sizable audience for each episode, more than there are available seats, so the extra attendees hang out in the so-called "Riff Raff Room" to relax and watch the show on monitors and hopefully snag an unclaimed seat. A lot of the time the folks before the show get involved in a fair amount of dancing, and before this particular episode, she discovered some guys who had some serious moves at their disposal.

Always one to appreciate talent, Ellen invited the dancers in for seats in fold out chairs that were placed in front of even the front row.

That's quite the payoff for some casual bump-n-grind, which you can watch AFTER THE JUMP...


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