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Is This How You Dance When Home Alone? - VIDEO


It certainly is for Australian dancer Liam Robert Ferrari. Watch as Liam breaks free, AFTER THE JUMP... (caution: some work unfriendly gyrating and pants-dropping ahead).

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Charlie vs. Swayze: Little Boy Nails Iconic Scene From 'Dirty Dancing' - VIDEO


In case you need a pick-me-up this morning, check out this video of little Charlie taking on the iconic final dance number from Dirty Dancing. The little kid brings the Swayze swagger and kills. 


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Dancing Boy Steals The Diva Spotlight From Anchor In Las Vegas News Spot: VIDEO


At a recent mall opening in Las Vegas, all eyes were most definitely not on news anchor Patranya Bhoolsuwan. One boy (above left, in black), staring down the camera with a confident gaze, stole the spotlight and achieved diva status with his killer dance moves. With everyone else wildly waving their arms and screaming at the camera, this kid opted to set himself apart, giving us some "Single Ladies" hip-bobbing and hints of "Paris is Burning" vogue realness (along with a hilarious stank face full of disdain for his fellow mall-goers). 

Gawker reported that the news anchor herself had to bow down and admit defeat. She sent out a tweet about the video and a follow up pose with the diva-in-training:

Check out two videos, one solo and one dueling for the spotlight, AFTER THE JUMP...

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‘Mean Girls’ Alum Jonathan Bennett Makes His Debut On ‘Dancing With the Stars’: VIDEO


Jonathan Bennett, better known to some as Aaron Samuels, gave his first performance on Dancing With The Stars Monday night. He and his partner turned out a jive that can only be described as "grool." 


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DJ Joe Gauthreaux, 'Bye Felicia': VIDEO


When simply dismissing someone isn't enough that you have to do it in song, DJ Joe Gauthreaux brings you his new dance number "Bye Felicia." Unfortunately it's just not very good.

There's a catchy 7-note hook, but that's really all the song has to offer. That, and model Steven Gant's ab muscles. The rest of the song is composed of beats, distortion effects, and sass lines straight out of your standard Insta-Rave Dried Music Mix (just add poppers!)

You can give the song a listen and decide if it belongs on your personal dance playlist AFTER THE JUMP...


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British Dance Council Considering Same-Sex Partner Competition Ban


The British Dance Council (BDC) will on Monday consider a proposal that would define a dance partnership as between “one man and one lady,” reports The Guardian.

The proposal is based on an argument that a two-man partnership has an unfair advantage over a mixed-sex pairing due to additional strength and stamina.

If the proposal is passed, John Church and his partner Alex Lewall will be banned from defending their UK Closed Championship, over-35 pre-championship title at the next championships later this month. The pair, who are both gay but not in a relationship, have been dancing together for four years.

Speaking to The Guardian, Church said:  

"It's a totally regressive step and as far as we are concerned it would be the end of our dancing careers. We don't want to be trailblazers, we aren't asking for special treatment, we just want to dance and to be judged solely on our dancing – not what sex we are."

If voted in, the new rule will state:

"This council recognises a partnership to be one man and one lady in all adult amateur and professional competitions and championships unless otherwise stated."

According to BDC president Bryan Allen, the change in the rules will not result in a ban on same-sex couples but mean there would be a category which was only open to mixed couples.

However, in dismissing the proposed rule change, Church said “dancing isn't about power, it's about technique, positioning, poise, presentation – physical strength doesn't come into it.”

A petition against the rule change, currently with almost 2,000 signatures, is available at

Back in 2009, there was some controvery when a same-sex couple auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance.


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