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The Best Dance Interpretation of Macklemore's 'Same Love' So Far: VIDEO


Back in July we featured a clip in support of women's rights from Full Frontal Freedom, a coalition of independent artists and media execs who expend their creative juices on enhancing civil discourse.

This week they released a video in collaboration with Dream It Productions and Ryan Hanson productions in honor of marriage equality, to remind folks that we're still seeking it in many places.

The clip, set to Macklemore's "Same Love" (if you're like me it never gets old) features dancers Nick and James Aragon (The Ninja Twins), Nicole Bondzie, Filippo Calvagno, Ryan Hanson, Emrhys Cooper, Charlotte Price, Hannah May Evans. It's choreographed by Emrhys Cooper and Ryan Hanson.



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Ben Cohen to Compete on UK's 'Dancing with the Stars': PHOTO


Rugby star and LGBT ally and anti-bullying activist Ben Cohen will compete on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing, the show which was exported to the U.S. as Dancing with the Stars.

Wrote Cohen on Facebook of the above photo: "Here you go. Me in my Lycra's and a bit of Sequins!! Hehe."

One Direction's Liam Payne Gets Silly As Choreographer For 'Best Song Ever': VIDEO


As the countdown keeps on ticking for One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' music video (FIVE DAYS!), the group has released another promo, this time in video form. Harry Styles dressed up as the fashionable Gok Wan yesterday, and now Liam Payne is tackling the character of Leeroy, The Choreographer! 

The new track is from the boy band's upcoming film, 'One Direction: This Is Us.' You can pre-order the song on iTunes now.

Watch Liam get a little bit flamboyant, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Electronic Songwriting Duo Microfilm Paints with 'AggroPastels': VIDEO


Gay electronic duo Microfilm have released their first album in five years, AggroPastels. The 13-track album is "a dissection of the archetypes of masculinity, but still something you can dance to."

The album is available through eMusic, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and the album can be streamed through Soundcloud. A short film about the inspiration for the album can be seen AFTER THE JUMP...

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WATCH Boys Twerking To Classical Music - VIDEO

Men at Twerk

HuffPost Comedy has begun a series called "Twerking To Classical", which, in their words, "strive[s] to establish the legitimacy of the budding dance form known as “Twerking.”

In Part One, the ladies got their chance to shake what their momma gave them to Aram Khachaturian’s Suserov Par. Now, the fellas get a shot, this time to Rossini's William Tell Overture. The result is a work-unfriendly video that is sure to titillate and/or amuse. 

HuffPo has also asked:

"Please share this video (above) and help spread the message that twerking is a genuine art form. We won’t stop until it is part of the Juilliard syllabus."

Check it out at HuffPost Comedy, or AFTER THE JUMP...

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Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Expels Gay Student For Doing Adult Films

Jeppe Hansen

22-year-old dancer Jeppe Hansen was accepted to the prestigious Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and received a scholarship for their professional division in September 2012. Then officials discovered that in his short time attending the school Jeppe chose to act in porn. Officials decided was no longer welcome in the school, reports CBC.

Jeppe decided to do porn after being frustrated by what he viewed as the constraints of ballet. Porn was a side project that would allow him to be the artist he wants to be, while ballet "is restrictive. Everyone tells you what you have to do, how to look, what to weigh, how to perform [and] be the artist you are."

Emmy-award-winning producer Jake Jaxson, the owner of the site that Jeppe performed for, shares a similar sentiment in regards to the artistic value of porn and is trying to blur the lines between mainstream and adult entertainment. He wants to make films that have storylines as well as sex, and points out that the extreme violence present in many films is not regarded as being outside of the mainstream. This echoes James Franco in Interior. Leather Bar. when he stated "Sex should be a storytelling tool, but we’re so f**king scared of it," and pointed out how the common and natural acts of sex - gay sex in particular - are subjected to much higher levels of censorship than extreme violence.

Though a victim of the sex-phobic culture that insists on the dichotomoy that "porn is bad" but consumes it en masse, slut-shaming the actors who dare perform in it all the while, Jeppe insists that his dancing career is not over. For now, he is taking a break until he can find a place where he can fit in.


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