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Ben Stiller Might Star In Alan Ball's 'Chippendales' Flick

Actor Ben Stiller is in talks to play gay choreographer Nick DeNoia in gay director Alan Ball’s I Am Chippendales, a film about how Chippendales became the most famous male stripper venues of all time.

Ben_stillerCinemaBlend elaborates:

If Magic Mike has taught us anything, it's that there's an audience for movies about male strippers. But it sounds like I Am Chippendales will go beyond the stage to dig into the founding and expansion of the Chippendales night club and the eventual controversy related to attempted arson, racketeering and murder-for-hire, linked co-owner Somen "Steve" Banerjee.

Variety says Ben Stiller (Keeping the Faith), is in negotiations to play the role of Nick DeNoia, "the former choreographer/partner who helped conceive the idea for the dance troupe with Banerjee and attorney Brian Nahin." He also played a big part in expanding the act on a global level.

Ball — who is set to  direct, produce and adapt the script based on Rodney Sheldon’s book — is one of the minds behind the TV shows Six Feet Under, True Blood and the Oscar-winning film American Beauty.

Dance of the Well-Placed Towels: VIDEO


Cirque du Soleil performers Les Beaux Freres offer a dance of strategically-placed towels on the French TV Show The Worlds Greatest Cabaret hosted by Patrick Sebastien.


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Start Your Day Right with These Happy Twerking Snow Bears: VIDEO


Coming at you from Wellfleet, just south of Provincetown on Cape Cod, are a couple of happy twerking (well, their version of it) snow bears, and a special guest.


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'American Bandstand' Dancers: Dick Clark Engaged in 'Witch Hunts' to Purge Show of Gays

Frank Brancaccio (pictured, via this interview) and Eddie Kelly (pictured below, from this interview), two gay former American Bandstand dancers tell the National Enquirer that late host Dick Clark had his producers conduct "witch hunts" to "purge gays from the ranks."

BrancaccioClark had his aides comb Philadelphia’s gay hangouts – and if any of the show’s teens were discovered as being openly gay, the horrified host would banish them!

Handsome gay 14- to 17-year old males who helped popularize dance crazes like the Slop, the Continental, the Fly and the Hitchhike could stay on “Bandstand” as long as they looked straight. But any open hint of homosexuality got them kicked out the door – and the teens knew it in no uncertain terms.

[“Bandstand” regular, Eddie] Kelly revealed, “Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse square was known as a meeting place for homosexuals. If you were seen in the square, you couldn’t go on ‘Bandstand.’ So most of us really stayed away.”

But his same-sex secret actually made Brancaccio start going to the show when he was 14 years old!

Kelly“I went to ‘Bandstand’ because I was gay and I was a misfit in my neighborhood. I lived in very tough South Philadelphia,” he says. “I’d see these kids dancing and instinctively I knew I could fit in with them. I went to coffee shops, but I also hung out in Rittenhouse Square and so did many of the dancers. It was no secret. When I used to walk down the streets of Philadelphia and be recognized, I’d be called a ‘Bandstand f*****.’”

The dancers add:

“A high percentage of the popular ‘regulars’ were gay,” declares Brancaccio, now 72 years old and openly homosexual.

And another “Bandstand” regular, Eddie Kelly, confirms, “It’s true. now it’s out and it’s good. When I went to ‘Bandstand’ in 1959, I found most of the males were gay, but that could never have gotten out to the public.”

Glee's Harry Shum Jr. Has an Inspirational Dance Message for the Shy People Out There: VIDEO


Glee's Harry Shum Jr. has a choreographed message for those with something bottled up inside, who might feel shy or have been bullied into silence.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

Narrated by Ze Frank.

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Sadly, Ben Cohen Can't Muscle Enough Votes to Save Himself on 'Strictly Come Dancing': VIDEO


Ben Cohen's biceps and blue suspenders couldn't save him this week, and the rugby star and LGBT ally got the boot from Strictly Come Dancing, following a musclebound performance of the Charleston.

Wrote Cohen on Facebook: "Thank you all so much for the support during my time on Strictly Come Dancing. I had a blast and met some great people. A big Thank You to Kristina Rihanoff for teaching me to dance. You have a patient of a Saint and made my Journey fun and exciting. Thanks Ben"

Watch his final performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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