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David Walliams Goes Sausage-Hunting in Mark Ronson's Pants


A game of "find the sausage" got a bit out of hand at a Concert for CARE event at the O2 Academy in South London last night as Little Britain's David Walliams, in the guise of his Des Kaye character from the comedy show, took his sausage-seeking into DJ Mark Ronson's trousers.


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News: #uknowhowiknowuregay, Sharks, Steve Hildebrand, Maine

Road1,000 take to the streets in Friday protest over homophobic attacks in Rome.

Jesusmars RoadJesus on Mars?

RoadJeremy Piven hits the beach.

RoadHas-been rapper Fabolous behind offensive #uknowhowiknowuregay Twitter trending topic.

RoadObama advisor Steve Hildebrand thrashes President, Dems: "I gave up a lot to elect Democrats, and I expect them to give it up for me. I’m going to speak loudly. The Republicans don’t have power unless the moderates and the Blue Dogs give it to them — which is what they’re doing now."

RoadDes Moines, Iowa man claims he was removed from a bar for being gay.

RoadTed Haggard apologizes for violating an entire congregation.

RoadNampa, Idaho's transgender candidate Melissa Sue Robinson, who recently announced she was suing Twitter over fake account defamation, gets profiled by AP: "This farming and manufacturing town of about 83,000 residents, where a sugar factory and a local hospital are among the biggest employers, doesn't seem to be all that concerned that Robinson previously lived as a man."

RoadNew Zealand transgender MP visits Nepal.

Greatwhitesharks RoadBeach closed: Great White Sharks tagged off Cape Cod.

RoadUSA Today on Judy Shepard, her new book, and a federal hate crimes law: "Shepard, who loves playing mah-jongg and drinking martinis, admits to being 'flummoxed' at times about the gay and lesbian world. But, she adds, 'It's not important that I understand it. It's important that I accept it.'"

RoadBritney Spears shocks concert crowd with actual singing.

RoadWashington Post ombudsman on Brian Brown NOM puff piece: "Hesse said she decided to let Brown tell his story, as opposed to extensively quoting what others say about him. Her editors didn't object to the concept. Having Brown's story told in his "voice," Hesse reasoned, would allow readers to best assess his arguments. Fine in theory. But it deprived readers of hearing from others who have battled Brown and find him uncivil and bigoted. To them, he represents injustice. They should have been heard, at length."

RoadNOM's Maggie Gallagher spews lies on Maine radio show.

Dornan RoadCalvin Klein model Jamie Dornan launches international male model search.

RoadScientists identify trio of genetic mutations linked to Alzheimer's disease.

RoadSchwarzenegger's phones blitzed over 'Harvey Milk Day': "So far, the governor’s automated phone line for constituents has received more than 100,000 calls about the bill, most against it, according to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s office."

RoadReal World's Scott Herman shows off his assets.

RoadLittle Britain's David Walliams is nominated for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for his book about a cross-dressing schoolboy. The prize honors the funniest books for children.

RoadChurch of Scotland selects gay man, Scott Rennie, to train as a minister.

RoadMaine Archbishop Richard Malone asks churches to fill coffers for fight against marriage equality: "The bishop has asked churches to take up a special second collection next weekend to support Stand For Marriage Maine, the group leading the effort to repeal Maine's same sex marriage law."

Robbie Williams Puts His Snotty American Girl Dress On


Robbie Williams shot a segment for Little Britain for their Comic Relief benefit edition of the show in which he plays a bratty American girl named Candy Marie-Candy.

Said Robbie: "It’s hard to say no when asked to take part in a Little Britain sketch for Comic Relief. But I have to admit that dressing up as a small American child in a pretty dress made it all the more appealing."

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Purple Squirrel, Brady Quinn, Panama, Ruben Diaz Sr., Kittens

road.jpg I didn't think it was possible for anti-gay New York state senator Ruben Diaz Sr. to get any more disgusting. The "gang of three" member praises Obama for choosing Rick Warren: "By rejecting the call to dis-invite Reverend Warren and by welcoming him to deliver the inauguration ceremony’s invocation in Washington, DC, Barack Obama has sent a message of inclusion...that we should be welcome all the time, not only to be used when they want our votes, support and participation in coalitions to benefit others. The time has come for a change. The Democratic Party should not be a party of only two issues: Abortion and homosexual marriage. Everybody should be accepted: Orthodox Jews, Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and those with religious beliefs that oppose abortion and homosexual marriage. YES WE CAN!"

Purplesquirrelroad.jpg Theories floated as to why this squirrel is purple.

road.jpg Blind man "sees" with subconscious mind.

road.jpg Blistering Boston Globe op-ed on Obama's Warren invitation.

road.jpg Little Britain's Matt Lucas and David Walliams have won a libel case over a fake report in UK tabloid Daily Star that Little Britain USA offended gay groups in America. If you'll remember, that fake group was called the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

road.jpg Michael Jackson: reports of my imminent death have been greatly exaggerated.

road.jpg Seattle City Councilman described as "gay as a tree full of kittens" receives actual tree full of kittens.

Hallroad.jpg Naval Academy alum Steve Clark Hall making gay-themed documentary: "He hopes the film will help people see that gay service members exist and have achieved great things, and that the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy - which requires gays in the military to hide their sexual identities or risk expulsion - is a 'folly.'"

road.jpg Brighton, UK man injured in homophobic attack: "A man was subjected to homophobic and racist abuse before being smashed in the face with a glass in a Brighton street, police have said. Images of two men who police want to speak to in connection with the attack in West Street have been issued by Sussex Police. The victim, aged 50, sustained extensive injuries during the assault, a police spokesman said. He said that the victim was distinctive as he was wearing smart clothing including a waistcoat and a hat."

road.jpg Clay Aiken reflects on year of coming out and inspiring others to do the same: "I'm very humbled by that. I really don't know what to say about that. I think that hopefully less than inspiring people I will have an opportunity to open people's eyes to different viewpoints and different possibilities in their life."

road.jpg Simon Cowell jetskis around, searching for a photographer.

Quinnroad.jpg REPORT: QB Brady Quinn punched in the face in Browns' weight room.

road.jpg Panamanian police blame collapse of emergency phone lines on gays: "According to a police source, now that the school year has ended many youths make pranks on the dispatchers, during most of the day, while at night, alleged homosexuals call to harass police units, without thinking that this call might save the life of a person when it is really needed."

road.jpg More Pattinson haircut pics.

road.jpg Navy lieutenant who killed wife because she was going to reveal that he had an affair with another man is convicted with recommendation of 25-year prison sentence: "On Feb. 19, 2007, Everage struck his wife at their Norfolk home, Anderson said. He loaded her into an SUV and drove to Shore Drive near Atlantic Avenue, where he dragged her out of the vehicle and pulled her across brush nearly 30 feet into the woods. 'Can you imagine how scared she was?' Anderson asked. Robyn Everage's body was found two days later. A medical examiner testified she had been struck at least four times in the head. A side-view truck mirror with her blood on it was found nearby. Prosecutors told jurors that Everage killed his wife to prevent her from disclosing information - such as his sexual affair with another man - that could ruin his military career and his chances of having custody of his three children, including a 3-year-old daughter with Robyn."

Call the Police There's a Madman Around


Last month I posted that Sting's appearance on Little Britain USA would feature a kiss with David Walliams. Said Walliams of the encounter: "Can I just say that Sting was well up for it? I had to kiss him four times and each time I did it, it got longer and more passionate. He didn't mind one bit!"


Little Britain USA: Sting Kissed a Boy and He Liked It


Rosie O'Donnell isn't the only guest star on the new Little Britain USA. Sting reportedly makes an appearance on the American adaptation and the show's stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas (seen above as new characters Tom and Mark) say he was more than happy to engage in some man-to-man spit-swapping as part of his gig:

Sting"Walliams says guest star Sting seemed more than happy to try out a steamy gay tongue tussle with him during filming. 'David gets to snog Sting, but that's no surprise. It wouldn't be Little Britain if he wasn't dressing up as an old woman or sticking his tongue down another man's throat,' said Lucas, 34. Walliams retorts: 'Can I just say that Sting was well up for it? I had to kiss him four times and each time I did it, it got longer and more passionate. He didn't mind one bit! The pair say they have ramped up the antics for the American audience, adding 'it probably goes a bit further than ever.'"

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