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Here's the Drag Spoof of 'Downton Abbey' You've Been Waiting For: VIDEO


A new 'Funny or Die' video spoofs the Crawley family and their staff.

Featuring Stephen Guarino, Willam, Vicky Vox, Michelle Visage, David Burtka, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Jeff Hiller, Drew Droege, Courtney Act, Jonny McGovern, Sebastian LaCause, and many others.

Set to Madonna's "Vogue" and The Real McCoy's "Another Night", of course.



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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1369

LIGHTNING: In slow motion. "Incredible footage of a lightning strike slowed down. One strike of lightning (1 second) turns into 3 minutes of footage. See what few people ever see!"

DOWNTON ABBEY: Enhanced by flatulence.

GIORGIO MORODER: A new track from the disco legend, "Racer", created on commission for a new Google Chrome game. Check out the demo of the game here.

GLENN BECK: Reenacts The Untouchables in attack on Obama.

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Diddy Joins Downton Abbey: VIDEO


Last night rumors and disbelief were flying after Diddy tweeted that he was joining the cast of Downton Abbey.

Here's what he meant, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Downton Abbey, the Musical Version: VIDEO


"It was hard being gay in Edwardian times. There was no 'It Gets Better Project' back then.

Series 4, Episode 1 is here! A who's who of Broadway actors nail it in this staged version at NYC's 54 Below.



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'Weekend' Actor Tom Cullen Heading to 'Downton Abbey'


Tom Cullen, who won acclaim in Andrew Haigh's 2011 film weekend, will be joining Downton Abbey, according to Metro UK:

His character, who is tipped to be widow Lady Mary’s new love interest, is described as ‘an old family friend of the Crawleys who visits the family as a guest for a house party’.

But he may find himself a love rival in the form of dashing aristocrat Charles Blake, played by Smash star Julian Ovenden.

Other new additions to the cast include EastEnders star Nigel Harman, who is playing a valet named Green, and Dame Harriet Walter, who is taking the role of as Lady Shackleton, an old friend of the Dowager. Joanne David will make a guest appearance as the Duchess of Yeovil while Dame Kiri Te Kanawa will cameo as a soprano set to sing during her visit to the house.

Also returning will be Shirley MacLaine as Martha Levinson.

'Downton Abbey' Creator on Thomas Barrow, Attitudes Toward Gays Then and Now


The NYT talks to Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes about Season 3, and part of their conversation discusses Thomas Barrow's storyline, and the attitudes toward gay people then and now.

Another story line from this season dealt with the household learning that the servant Thomas is gay. Had you decided that about him from the time you created the character?

FellowesHe was always going to be gay. I don’t know about in America, but here, there are so many people under 40 who were hardly aware of the fact that it was actually illegal until the 1960s. Perfectly normal men and women were risking prison by making a pass at someone. Their whole life was lived in fear, and ruin and humiliation and career after career would be smacked down. I think it’s useful to remind people that many things that they take for granted, are, in terms of our history, comparatively new. But I also felt it was believable that someone living under that pressure would be quite snippy and ungenerous and untrusting. But once you understood what he was up against, you’d forgive quite a lot of that. I like to write characters where you change your mind, without them becoming different people.

The reactions from the others in the house, particularly those who disapprove so vehemently, make you see them in a new light, too.

Well, I think it’s a mistake to give people modern attitudes if you want them to remain sympathetic, because I think the audience picks up on that. If Carson had said, “Oh, yes, I think it’s absolutely fine,” that’s a 2013 response. My parents didn’t have any prejudice about this at all, actually. In fact, my brother’s godfather was gay, quite publicly, which in the 50s was pretty wild. This was a good friend of my father’s. He was liberal. It didn’t bother him if people were homosexual. But we can forget how we were ringed in with these prejudices until really quite recently.

Read the full interview HERE.



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