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Eli Lieb Wants You To Know You're 'Lightning In A Bottle' - VIDEO


Out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb is back with another original song, "Lightning in a Bottle," about believing in the power of your own unbridled spirit. Lieb told Out Magazine

"I want people to see the music video, hear the song, really listen to the lyrics, and live their truth. This is a celebration of people. I've lived promoting the idea of the authentic self and not to be afraid of who you are. It’s proven to be one of the key elements of my life and career. The song is about that: about being who you are."

The music video for Lieb's latest song, which just dropped today, features Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and professional dancers Jenna Riegel (Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company) and Caitlin Scranton (The Lucinda Dance Company). Lieb hopes this video will inspire people to be their truest selves: "It's a feel-good video. I want people to be their brightest light."

Watch the rousing video, AFTER THE JUMP...

And ICYMI, be sure to check out Lieb's previous videos for "Zeppelin," "Safe in My Hands," "Young Love," and a cover of P!nk's "Try."


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Eli Lieb Spends A Summer Night With ‘Zeppelin’ - VIDEO


Out singer-songrwriter Eli Lieb, who is perhaps most famous for his covers of pop songs, has recently released a music video for his single “Zeppelin” that revels in memories of summer nights spent singing at the top of your lungs while cruising in the car with your man. 

Take all Eli’s love, AFTER THE JUMP…

Check out Lieb’s previous video, “Young Love,” HERE.


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Allstate Releases Gorgeous, Emotional Ad Featuring Gay Couple: VIDEO


Last year Allstate launched an LGBT print ad campaign with the slogan "Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable" which featured a gay couple holding hands.

This year they have expanded that campaign to include a stunning animated film set to "Safe in My Hands," a new single from out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb.

Says Allstate on the campaign's page: “We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love.”

It's well worth a minute and a half of your time today.

Check out the beautiful ad, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Eli Lieb Remembers a 'Young Love': VIDEO


Out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb (we featured his cover of Pink's "Try" HERE) reminisces about a past fling and makes his first onscreen kiss in his new video for "Young Love", which will surely draw some comparisons to Steve Grand's "All-American Boy".

But as far as gorgeous videos about gay romantic love go, there can never be enough.

Check out Eli Lieb's "Young Love", AFTER THE JUMP...


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Eli Lieb Covers 'Try': VIDEO


Out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb, who has grown a sizable fan base with his covers of various pop artists on YouTube, takes on P!nk's latest hit.


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