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VICE Takes You Inside The Tragic and Deadly World Of Gay 'Conversion' Therapy - VIDEO

Journey Into Manhood Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy, the practice where patients try to be "cured" of their homosexuality or "wrong" gender identification, has long since been discredited and deemed harmful. And yet, poor souls brought up in environments where they are taught to despise themselves still seek this treatment out. VICE has posted two parts of a three-part documentary on the world of conversion therapy through exclusive access to the Journey into Manhood program, and thus takes a different tone from the last time we mentioned Journey into Manhood when the reporter snuck in.

One would expect the documentary to be enraging - and listening to NARTH-founder Joseph Nicolosi insist that everyone is naturally heterosexual certainly angries up the blood, as does every other lie that dribbles out of his mouth - but it's more tragic than anything. A bunch of men who have been lied to at every turn and have been taught to hate themselves come together to try, in their own unskilled and awkward way, to "fix" something that isn't broken and reclaim masculinity that they think they've lost. It's especially sad to hear some of the men talk about how they were bullied and abused and driven to the point of suicide...and still think that the problem is within them, not with the cruelty and hatred of others.

It's a rough watch, but it is absolutely worth your while. You can find the first two parts of the documentary, totaling about 20 minutes runtime, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Will Iowa Be the Next State to Ban Gay 'Conversion Therapy'?

An Iowa Senate subcommittee voted 2-1 on Wednesday to advance a bill banning harmful gay "conversion therapy" for minors, the Des Moines Register reports:

GarrettMost people who spoke at Tuesday's hearing supported the ban, including support from some religious organizations.

Tom Chapman, executive director of the Iowa Catholic Conference, said his organization was in support of the bill, though he did express concerns about how it may affect counselors at private Catholic schools. He said he spoke about the bill with counselors at Catholic Charities, as well.

...After hearing an hour of testimony, the subcommittee voted to amend the bill so that it would also protect individuals from conversion therapy based on their gender identity, though it stopped short of extending those same protections to transgender individuals.

Sen. Julian Garrett (pictured), the subcommittee's sole Republican, was the dissenting vote.

California, New Jersey, and D.C. have passed laws banning gay "conversion therapy". A similar bill is under consideration in Illinois. Recent attempts to pass the legislation in Virginia and New York have failed.

UK Evangelical Leader Comes Out As Lesbian, Rejects ‘Ex-Gay’ Past: VIDEO

Jayne Ozanne

Jayne Ozanne, one of England’s leading evangelical leaders and a failed “ex-gay”, has come out as lesbian and accepted a position as head of a pro-gay evangelical Christian organization, reports Think Progress.

As a high-profile lay faith leader, Ozanne took part in “deliverance ministry,” a harmful practice similar to “ex-gay” therapy which has been banned in New Jersey, California and Washington, D.C. Last month, Virginia introduced a bill banning "ex-gay" therapy for minors.

A founding member of the Archbishops’ Council, Ozanne's repeated failed efforts to pray away the gay ultimately culminated in a nervous breakdown.

She came out to a select group in 2009 and had a five-year relationship with a woman. 

However, when Christian musician Vicky Beeching came out last year Ozanne was inspired to accept the position as head of Accepting Evangelicals, a “network of Evangelical Christians who believe the time has come to move towards the acceptance of faithful, loving same-sex partnerships at every level of church life, and the development of a positive Christian ethic for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.”

SchizzelWatch Ozanne explain her decision to come out, AFTER THE JUMP...

The ailing "ex-gay" movement has recently seen a number of high profile announcements from former “ex-gay” activists attacking “conversion therapy”. Last December, survivor Christian Schizzel (right) exposed his harmful "conversion" therapy at the hands Janet Boynes Ministries and GOP nuts Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “counseling” services.


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'Ex-Gay' Michael Glatze Says James Franco Film Gave Him 'New Life', Apologizes to Gay Youth: VIDEO


Michael Glatze, writer for the (now shuttered) gay twink magazine XY and the short-lived publication Young Gay America who went "ex-gay" and became a poster boy for that movement, marrying a woman in 2013, sat down for an interview with vlogger Jake Reynolds following the screening of the new movie, I Am Michael at Sundance.

I Am Michael is based on the Benoit Denizet-Lewis NYT article "My Ex-Gay Friend". You can read it here.

Glatze (played by James Franco in the film) appeared thrilled with his portrayal and told Reynolds that it is a turning point in his life:

"Life is starting up again. It's almost like a new life. I thank James Franco for that. I did. I sent an email for him and I said 'thank you so much for your interest in this project' because it has been the spark to a gigantic healing process for so many people in my world, and now we can rejoin the rest of the world."

For those who are not familiar with Glatze's story this requires a bit of context.

Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, an organization that has devoted much time to exposing the "ex-gay" myth, wrote about Glatze's story in 2013:

Mr. Glatze worked for XY Magazine and was the co-founder of a short-lived LGBT teenie-bopper mag, Young Gay America. Suddenly, he broke up with his boyfriend and had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown, where he had severe panic attacks about dying. During these disturbing episodes, he renounced his sexual orientation and temporarily converted to Mormonism. Though he had dived into the Mormon faith with gusto, he just as quixotically abandoned this faith to become an outspoken fundamentalist Christian...

...He began writing incendiary op-eds for World Net Daily where he claimed to be “repulsed by homosexuality.” He appeared on Porno Pete LaBarbera’s radio show. However, his time on the “ex-gay” circuit was short-lived and he proved to be an incompetent spokesperson. His columns were so beyond the pale, that he alienated long-time “ex-gay” activists. Eventually, Glatze was drummed out of the “ex-gay” industry after a meltdown. His demise came after he wrote a racist rant against president Barack Obama on his blog...

FrancoFranco this week reacted to the experience of meeting Glatze for the first time and said that Glatze told him the film was "healing" as well.

Franco added:

"In a way, we had to show to him we were going to have a very even-handed, non-judgmental approach, but we also had to say to ourselves, 'We’re not telling this story just to make Michael happy, we’re telling the story to get both sides.' The best we could do was say to him, 'We have good intentions. We’re not going to crucify or judge you but we also need to tell the story from the other side as well as the side you’re on now.'"

However, there is only one side to the "ex-gay" story, and if the film (which I have not seen but was reviewed by our film critic here) presents being "ex-gay" as a valid option in life, it will certainly do a disservice to all of the young gay people who have been irreparably damaged by so called "conversion therapy", "ex-gay" ministries, and so on. As time goes by, former "ex-gays" and proponents (John Paulk, Randy Thomas, Robert Spitzer, and James Stabile, and more) continue to come out and reveal that being "ex-gay" is a damaging, damaging myth.

In the new interview, Glatze is asked what he would say to the gay youth who have said they were hurt and felt betrayed by Glatze's renunciation of his identity:

"I'm sorry, and that is one of the things I would say to anyone who has been hurt by any of the words that have come through my mouth or typed out on a computer screen...and even through video is that I'm sorry for any of the pain that I have caused. I literally feel that and have been dealing with that over the past really three or four years especially. It has just been a lot of the process of healing for me - we've been going through that together - and just growing in what the Buddhist teacher kind of observed was missing in me at that time was compassion...If there (are) amends to be made then to make those amends and not offend anyone on either side. We've got to be very careful with that."

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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James Franco on Being Thanked By 'Ex-Gay' Activist Michael Glatze for Film Portrayal: 'I Think it was Very Healing for Him'


Upcoming film I am Michael tells the story of Michael Glatze, "ex-gay" activist.

James Franco portrays Glatze, and following the Sundance Film Festival, the actor recounted his experience with meeting Glatze.

GlatzeVia Pink News, Franco says: “I haven’t had that many conversations with him...I met him in person for the first time here at the festival. He made a point to come up to me and thank me, and he said he loved the movie. I think it was very healing for him.”

Franco continued:

In a way, we had to show to him we were going to have a very even-handed, non-judgemental approach, but we also had to say to ourselves, 'We’re not telling this story just to make Michael happy, we’re telling the story to get both sides.' The best we could do was say to him, 'We have good intentions. We’re not going to crucify or judge you but we also need to tell the story from the other side as well as the side you’re on now.'

I Am Michael also stars Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto. Last week, we got a peek at early stills from the film, including a steamy gay threesome.

White House Petition for 'Leelah's Law' Banning Conversion Therapy Reaches 100,000 Goal

A petition on WhiteHouse.gov that seeks to ban "conversion therapy" for LGBTQ minors has reached the 100,000 signature goal ahead of its February 2 deadline.

From the petition:

AlcornOn Sunday, December 27, 2014, Leelah Alcorn a 17 year old transgender youth wrote a suicide note, posted it on Tumblr and then walked in front of a semi-truck tragically ending her life. Leelah explained how her parents had forced her to attend conversion therapy, pulled her out of school and isolated her in an attempt to change her gender identity. 'Conversion therapies' have been documented to cause great harms and in this case, Leelah's death. Therapists that engage in the attempt to brainwash or reverse any child's gender identity or sexual orientation are seriously unethical and legislation is needed to end such practices that are resulting in LGBTQ+ deaths. We respectfully seek your help to ban the practice known as 'conversion therapy' and name the bill in honor of Leelah Alcorn.

The petition currently sits at a little over 105,000 signatures. Petitions that meet the signature threshold will be reviewed by the Obama Administration and receive an official response.  


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