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Adam Lambert Hits All The Right Notes Performing 'Somebody To Love' With Queen on 'X Factor': VIDEO


American Idol alumnus and current front-man for Queen Adam Lambert joined the legendary rock band for a performance of their hit, "Somebody to Love" on the U.K.'s X Factor Sunday night. Lambert has been touring and performing with the band since 2012, stepping into shoes once worn by the iconic Freddie Mercury, who no doubt inspired Lambert even before he joined up with Queen (they don't call him Glambert for nothing). Earlier, this year we shared Lambert's performance of "Somebody to Love" that traded heavily in Mercury's iconography. As NewNowNext points out, last night's performance saw Lambert and bandmates don AIDS memorial ribbons, touching additions that were perfectly poignant given that yesterday was World AIDS Day. Mercury passed away in 1991 from AIDS related causes. 

Watch Lambert's rousing rendition of the Queen classic (don't miss his final belts!), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Joan Rivers Roasts Freddie Mercury and Other Dead Celebrities in Heavenly New SNL Skit: WATCH


On last night's SNL, host Sarah Silverman channelled Joan Rivers in a skit about the comedian roasting other deceased celebrities on the celestial stage - Freddie Mercury, Ben Franklin, Lucille Ball, Steve Jobs, and others.

"When Freddie died people were surprised he was gay. Are you serious? You're so gay even your teeth aren't straight!"

Watch the funny clip, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Actor Ben Whishaw On The 'Courage' It Takes To Come Out As Gay - VIDEO


Actor Ben Whishaw, who is set to take on the role of Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic, has spoken to The Sunday Times Magazine about the courage it takes to come out as gay.

Whishaw, who married his partner Mark Bradshaw last year, discussed the similarities between the character he plays in new movie Lilting and his own life.

In the movie, he plays a gay man struggling to come to terms with the death of his boyfriend and forced to tell his partner’s grieving mother about his relationship with her son for the first time.

On whether he was able to relate to someone who felt they couldn’t come out to their mother, Whishaw said:

"It is hard, I applaud anyone who does it. There is so much tension around doing something like that, that maybe you’re not quite thinking rationally. You can say absurd things because you are in a panic.

Asked about coming out to his own parents, he said:

"I identify with the character in Lilting in as much as I had a lot of fear in doing it for a long takes courage and people have to do it in their own time, which is a negotiation you see happening in the film."

Watch a trailer for Lilting, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Los Idolos' A Drag Salute to Five Queer Icons of Color


The minds behind Hard French are on a mission to revolutionize the dance party scene one fete at a time. The dance collective is kicking off San Francisco’s pride with Los Idolos, a love letter-cum-dance party dedicated to queer visionaries of color,

“We wanted to honor a group queer folks of color who were creative and fierce and inspiring but don't often get recognized in the (usually white gay male) mainstream histories of Pride.” Said Devon Devine, Hard French’s event producer.

The concept for Los Idolos centers around Jackie Shane, a black, genderqueer soul singer who made her mark in Toronto’s early 60s soul scene.



“Jackie Shane ties in directly to the music we DJ at Hard French,” Devine explained. “Her role in queer history is largely understated and Pride was the perfect time to bring her story to the forefront of our event.”

The party, Devine says, is meant both to inspire and remind us all of pride’s political origins. 

“'Pride' has become so commodified that we often don't remember or recognize that Pride started as a protest - fighting police for our right to exist, coming out and marching down streets to be proud of who we are.”

Watch Hard French channel their inner Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury, Josephine Baker, Juan Gabriel, and Pedro Almodóvar in a teaser video for this Sunday’s event  AFTER THE JUMP...


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Adam Lambert Slays Rare Track 'Love Kills' As Queen's New Frontman: VIDEO

(instagram adam lambert)

Queen's new frontman Adam Lambert performed a rare, 30-year-old Freddie Mercury track called "Love Kills" during their live iHeartRadio show this week in anticipation of the band's upcoming 17-city U.S. summer tour.

Yahoo music gives some background:

"Love Kills" is a relatively obscure song, but Queen fanatics definitely know (and love) it. It was late, great original Queen frontman Freddie Mercury's first song recorded as a solo artist, and was featured on electronic music legend Giorgio Moroder's soundtrack for the 1984 rerelease of Fritz Lang's classic 1927 silent film, Metropolis.

While the track wasn't necessarily well-received at the time (it was actually nominated for "Worst Original Song" at the 1985 Razzie Awards), it did make it to No. 10 on the U.K. singles chart, and it went on to become a cult classic. According to Queen's publicist, Queen never performed "Love Kills" live with Freddie, who died in 1991. Freddie never performed it solo, either. 

You can compare Lambert's version to Mercury's orginal below.

Hear both songs AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Iconography: All Hail the Queen Frontman, Freddie Mercury

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 8.17.11 AM

Make no mistake: Freddie Mercury is one of the most important fixtures in music history. As the frontman of legendary rock band Queen, Mercury’s voice is recognizable across unforgettable anthems like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody To Love,” “We Will Rock You,” “We Are the Champions,” and many, many, many more.

Since forming in the early 1970s, Queen has become one of the best-selling musical acts in history, with some estimates as high as 300 million records sold worldwide. The scope of Queen’s popularity made Mercury’s death from bronchopneumonia one of the most high-profile AIDS-related losses and brought increased mainstream attention to HIV/AIDS.

His vocal abilities and genre-spanning songwriting alone are worth celebrating, but his impact as one of the most beloved LGBT performers of all time is still felt today.

Rock out to some of our favorite Queen clips, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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