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Former Navy Chaplain Says Marriage Equality Wins a Sign of the End Times, Americans Turning to Satan: VIDEO


Radio host David Pakman welcomed anti-gay activist and former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt on to his show to get his reaction to the marriage equality wins in the past election.

Said Klingenschmitt:

"I think this confirms something that Jesus said - that broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter into it. But narrow is the road that leads to eternal life and only a few find it. So I wouldn't be surprised if most people in America voted against God and against God's values if that wasn't a confirmation of something that Jesus predicted would come in the End Times, that there would be a massive rebellion against God, that people would turn to Satan, that people would have all kinds of sin and embrace sin as the law of the land. I'm not surprised that this is happening eventually. I'm just saddened that it's happening so soon to America."


In related news, Klingenschmitt also made the rounds to City on a Hill radio, where he discussed Sen. Al Franken’s Student Non-Discrimination Act as well as gay adoption and equality in the military, Right Wing Watch reports.

He warned that the Obama administration will soon allow gay and lesbian service members in relationships to collect “homosexual bonus pay” and “homosexualize base houses” and “have gay pride parades on the flight line” on air force bases. Klingenschmitt went on to maintain that gay couples adopting children are committing “child abuse” and only adopt with the goal of “recruiting them into the homosexual lifestyle.” “That’s why they’re trying to get into our kindergarten books and trying to take over our public schools and homosexualize our public education so that they can recruit children into homosexuality and maintain their pool of available sex partners for their own progeny,” he said, “which is our children that they are stealing and warping their minds.”

More on that here.

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Former Navy Chaplain Tells David Pakman And Wayne Besen He Can 'Exorcise' Gay People: VIDEO


Progressive radio host David Pakman this week hosted former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a man who says he can "cure" gay people, and activist Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, a group dedicated to fighting Klingenschmitt and others who prescribe "reparative therapy" for LGBT people.

As you may expect, sparks flew. After Klingenschmitt again claims he can "exorcise" same-sex desires, Besen calls the chaplain's brand of Christianity "voodoo." "It's a cult-like, bizarre notion that has nothing to do with real religion," he says.

Watch the exchange AFTER THE JUMP...

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A Former Chaplain Explains Where Gay Animals Come From: VIDEO


This was on The David Pakman Show, where Pakman queried ex-Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt and full-time godnut on the habits and provenance of homosexuals. The following dialogue was helpfully transcribed by Raw Story's Stephen C. Webster:

“Let’s step back for a second, Gordon, and say okay, let’s assume you’re right that homosexuality among humans is only because of marketing,” Pakman countered. “What about in the 4,000 other species that have homosexuality? Because, as far as I know, they don’t have TV. They don’t have advertising. They don’t have the iTunes store to recruit people. How is it that humans are gay sometimes because of marketing, but 4,000 other species… Why? Is it something else?”

“It is entirely possible — we know from the Bible, for example, when Jesus cast the devil out of Legion, he went into a herd of pigs,” Klingenschmitt said. “So, it is possible for demons or the devil to inhabit or invade animals just the same way they invade humans, and that causes the sin of lust.”

“So, what you’re saying is, in humans it’s marketing that makes people gay; in animals, it’s the souls of gay humans who have invaded the animals,” Pacman replied. “That makes them gay?”

Klingenschmitt laughed and scratched his temple. “Well, I think you twisted what I’m saying there,” he said.

Klingenschmitt has many more interesting theories to share -- including a neat rehashing of the Anita Bryant line about gay "recruitment," made scientific-sounding by the invocation of "biology" and "Mendelian genetics" -- with which you may acquaint yourself AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Watch: Former Navy Chaplain Favors Exorcisms to 'Cure' Gays


David Pakman interviews sexist wingnut former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt about 'DADT'. Klingenschmitt claims that gay men actually have women inside of them and need exorcisms to rid them of their demonic homosexual impulses.

"It's the only spiritual solution to a spiritual disease."

Really a must-watch piece of nuttiness, AFTER THE JUMP...

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