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PRESIDENT OBAMA: Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff do a tag team interview.

ZUMANJARO DROP OF DOOM: Coming to Six Flags in New Jersey.

MILEY CYRUS: Costume tutorial.

GREENLAND: Massive chasm larger than Grand Canyon discovered under ice sheet.

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Massive Glacier Nearly Sinks Speedboat as It Collapses into Ocean: VIDEO


If you're going to go glacier-gazing, don't get too close, and have the motor running.

Writes the video uploader:

A tourist from Australia came to my uncle and asked if she could get a ride to the glacier just north of Ilulissat, Greenland, so he asked me if I wanted to be his translator. I am from another town where glaciers are fairytales, I was as much of a tourist as the Australian tourist, so I decided to join the crew.

The beautiful scenery was amazing, but the nature doesn't care about anyone. That day almost became our last day.


(via reddit)


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The Sun Came Up Two Days Early in Greenland


These things just aren't supposed to happen:

Scientists are puzzled by this phenomenon, and theories are circulating like wildfire. Some speculations have already been squashed - the 2012 leap year and changes in constellations are both considered unlikely explanations.

Could it all just be an illusion? Maybe so, according to Thomas Posch, with Austria's Institute of Astronomy. He hypothesizes that the sun's rays may have had a stronger bend than usual, resulting in the sun appearing earlier.

But the most troublesome theory may also be the truth. Some scientists suggest that the sun rose early due to global warming, namely, Greenland's melting ice caps. In the past year, temperatures in Greenland have risen three degrees Celcius above average. As icecaps melt, the horizon sinks down as well, which makes the sun appear earlier over the horizon.

(image of a Greenland sunrise by flickr user Christopher Hawkins)

Possible Largest Glacier Collapse Off the Coast Of Greenland

An ice sheet four times the size of Manhattan, the largest chunk of ice the Arctic has lost in almost 50 years, has broken off the coast of Greenland. Even more frightening, National Geographic claims that this might even be the largest glacier collapse in recorded history.  

GlacierThe so-called "ice island" covers a hundred square miles (260 square kilometers) and holds enough water to keep U.S. public tap water flowing for 120 days, according to Andreas Muenchow, a physical ocean scientist and engineer at the University of Delaware.

As a result of the collapse, Petermann glacier—located about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of the North Pole—lost about a quarter of its 43-mile-long (70-kilometer-long) floating ice shelf, satellites images taken Thursday show.

Regine Hock, a glacial geophysicist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said the breakup of ice shelves is "a normal process that happens all the time." (See a photo of an ice shelf collapse in Antarctica.) But such a "huge, huge piece of ice ... is very unusual," Hock said.

Greenpeace predicted the collapse of the "ice island" last year. Watch a video of their investigation AFTER THE JUMP.

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Greenland Tourists Get Front Row Seat to Global Warming


I don't know what they're standing on but if it's a boat I'd be a bit concerned about the approaching wave. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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