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Gay Couples Offer Dramatic Readings of Grindr Messages: VIDEO


Reading Grindr messages seems to be an endless form of entertainment. Especially for moms, as we saw yesterday.

YouTube couples RJ and Will, and Trent and Luke along with other gay YouTube personalities sat down for a riveting read of the lewd, and often hilarious, messages men send to each other on Grindr.

The messages they read run the gamut of everything from one user telling another user that they must ask their mother for permission to have sex first, to one user describing how his time spent in jail with tough men led him to "switch sides."

You can watch the group read the painful, yet humorous, Grindr messages AFTER THE JUMP

And if you missed Part 1, it's HERE.

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Mom Reads Gay Son's Grindr Messages and Has a Few Things to Say About Them: VIDEO


So what does mom think of the Grindr messages that have rolled in overnight on her gay son's Grindr account? Turns out, she's pretty cool about it, and has a few opinions about all of them.


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New Dating App Survey Reveals Interesting Figures On Gay Dating, Hook-Up Habits: INFOGRAPHIC

GrabhimA study conducted by found interesting data pertaining to gay mens’ dating and hookup app habits ranging from how often they send pictures of their genitals to how many users actually meet and/ or hookup with in a single month. The study consisted of asking 4,000 gay men, over the course of four weeks, to fill out a 19-question online survey centered around a general premise; how do gay men act on an app? 

The most surprising figures show that 83 percent of the 4,000 gay men polled in the study have sent pictures of their penis to another user, with only 17 percent saying they don’t send those types of pictures. Around 76 percent said they respond honestly when another user asks them about their penis size with only 3 percent saying they exaggerate their size. Most surprising of all is that 43 percent of users have not met anyone they met on the app in person within the last month; 24 percent state they physically met only one person they met online within the last month.

Unsurprisingly, 45 percent of users said they prefer a date but will go with a hookup if it seems right, while 24 percent of users solely look for hookups. Disappointing numbers show HIV stigma exists as 28 percent of men said they were unlikely to initiate contact or respond favorably to attractive men who state they’re HIV positive in their profiles, with another 29 percent saying it is highly unlikely they would do so either. Around 43 percent of HIV positive users state they disclose their status on their profile, with another 31 percent saying they disclose their status before physically meeting; only 10 percent don’t disclose their status unless asked. Surprisingly only 45 percent of guys who actually meet up don’t hook up at all, although when they do 50 percent choose to do it at home, while 50 percent pick neutral locations.

The study found that a majority of users are between 18-50 years old, with 29 percent using Grindr and 16 percent using Scruff however, the study doesn’t give those polled an option to select more than one dating app option.

Check out the full infographic, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Billy Eichner Helps Conan Make a Gay Connection on Grindr: VIDEO


After conquering Tinder, Conan O'Brien decides he wants to rule Grindr and enlists the help of Billy Eichner to create a profile.

Can a "ginger sugar daddy" survive in a world of "musculos", "winter pelts", and "looking to suck"?

It's not long before the connections start pouring in and the hilarity ensues. Is Conan a bottom?


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Irish Bigots Using Hook-Up Apps To Orchestrate Attacks On Gay Men

GrindrA series of premeditated attacks against gay men have caught the attention of the LGBT community living in Cork, the second largest city in Ireland. During the past week a number of people have come forward with accounts of gay men being “catfished,” or lured into unwitting meetings, only to find themselves accosted by bigots looking to cause them physical harm. The attackers, it would seem, are using social networks and hook-up apps like Grindr to target their potential victims.

“Unfortunately, there is a group or groups of young people in Cork carrying out organised beatings against members of this community,” Cork local Louise O’Donnell explained in a Facebook post. “Posing as young men and women on different sites including Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Grindr, they aim to get young gay and lesbians alone in secluded areas of the city to carry out vicious assaults.”

Speaking to the Irish Examiner O’Donnell went on to say that after posting her warning, she received word of similar attacks happening throughout Cork. Though homophobia is nothing new to Ireland, it’s thought that this most recent bout of attacks are tied to Ireland’s upcoming referendum on gay marriage set to take place in May.

Madonna Will Chat With Grindr Users On Valentine's Day


Location-based social networking mobile app Grindr is giving you the chance to sext with Madge herself as part of a promotion for her upcoming Rebel Heart album, scheduled to be released on March 6th. All you have to do is recreate the album cover with you as the star and make it your profile pic, add #LivingForLove to your headline until 11:59PM PST February 15th, 2015, and make sure your email in your account is up-to-date.

5 people will win the chance to chat with Madonna on Grindr, and while topics and length of discussion aren't explicitly outlined, you may want to prepare ahead of time what to do if she asks to have your Thanksgiving leftovers.


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