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Hiram Monserrate Loses Senate Seat in Landslide NY Election

Former New York state senator and girlfriend-slasher Hiram Monserrate lost the battle to win back his state Senate seat to Jose Peralta yesterday in a landslide special election which featured an ugly campaign in which he ran on his anti-gay positions.

Fbn  Buh-bye.

NYT: "...the election followed a fierce, if brief, campaign in which a debate over same-sex marriage, which Mr. Peralta favors and Mr. Monserrate opposes, often overshadowed discussions on issues that are vital to many of the largely Hispanic district’s working-class and immigrant residents, like affordable health care and school overcrowding. With 94 percent of the vote counted, unofficial returns from the overwhelmingly Democratic 13th State Senate District showed Mr. Peralta with 66 percent and Mr. Monserrate with 27 percent. The Republican candidate, Robert Beltrani, an administrative law judge, came in third with 7 percent."

Who's next?

FightBack NY writes: "In the next several weeks, we will together build a stronger, more robust campaign that will set its sights on where we can have the most impact for additional victories in the September primary elections and the November general elections. Each and every one of the remaining 37 New York State Senators who voted "no" to marriage equality-Democrats and Republicans-will be fair game. Like we demonstrated over the past few weeks: our strategies will be smart, our tactics will be hard-hitting, and we will win a pro-equality New York State Senate in November."

Lipstick-Slashed Gay Activists Protest Monserrate at Debate


At a debate on Thursday night in Queens between anti-gay former state senator Hiram Monserrate and the challenger for his seat, Jose Peralta, several gay activists slashed their faces with lipstick, referencing Monserrate's broken glass attack on his girlfriend's face.

The NYDN has another report on the debate and protest.

Monserrate is currently the target of a recently-former political action committee, Fight Back NY, targeting state senators who voted against last year's marriage equality bill. Actress Cynthia Nixon recorded a spot for the group earlier this week. Watch it here.

(image via natasha dillon)

Former NY Senator Hiram Monserrate Targets 'Marriage-Destroying', 'Gay-Loving' Opponent in Campaign Flyer


The special election next Tuesday for homophobe Hiram Monserrate's former NY senate seat between Monserrate and challenger Jose Peralta is intensifying.

Threatened by Tim Gill's Fight Back New York PAC, anti-gay Monserrate supporters have sent out the homophobic flyer you see above, the NYDN reports:

Hm  "The flyer says Peralta, who has the support of many gay leaders and groups, is the 'leading spokesperson for the gay community's [sic] in N.Y.C.' It says those groups 'are dedicated to destroying our way of life and creating same sex marriage.' In a statement, Peralta shot back: 'This flyer is just another example of how Hiram Monserrate thrives on bullying and hate-mongering.'"

Monserrate is being laughed at for his remix of the well-known Obama "O" logo in his campaign materials (see inset, via joe.my.god).

The Manhattan Young Democrats suggest a different approach:


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'Fight Back NY' PAC Launches: First Look at Fliers Targeting State Senator Hiram Monserrate


Fight Back NY, the new political action committee started by gay advocate Tim Gill and others that plans to aggressively target New York state senators who voted against the recent marriage equality bill, has officially launched.

The group also has a Facebook page.

Jeremy Peters wrote about it in a NYT piece published last night. As Peters noted, the group's first target is state senator Hiram Monserrate, and Towleroad can show you four of the fliers going out to voters in Monserrate's district as the first wave against him.

Check them out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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New PAC to Aggressively Target Anti-Gay NY State Senators

Tim Gill and some other well-funded advocates have funded a political action committee, Fight Back New York, that plans to aggressively remove New York State senators who have opposed marriage equality, the NYT reports.

Monserrate The first target is Hiram Monseratte (perhaps a little easier target than some others, given his felony conviction):

"The committee will start going after Mr. Monserrate, who was convicted of assaulting his female companion in a confrontation that left her requiring more than 20 stitches, by mailing fliers this week to voters in his district. The flier shows still frames of a surveillance video that shows him dragging his companion, Karla Giraldo, through the hallway of his apartment building in Jackson Heights, Queens. He was acquitted of a felony assault charge by a judge, who convicted him of misdemeanor assault...In the three weeks that remain before the election, Fight Back New York expects to send out at least five different fliers, upwards of 100,000 pieces of mail."

Fight Back New York's website is scheduled to go live tomorrow.


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