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Lesbian Couple Alleges Hate Crime Following Assault In Long Beach

Jamie jarvis meg taylor

A lesbian couple in Long Beach, California, has claimed that an attack last Saturday evening was a hate crime, reports Long Beach Post.

Jamie Jarvis and Meg Taylor said they were attacked by three African-American females while returning home from a party near Broadway and Esperanza Avenue.

According to Marlene Arrona of the Long Beach Police Department, the altercation occurred following the suspects honking at the victims and one of the victims giving the suspects a “hand gesture” in response.

Jarvis said:

“Meg and I were jumped coming home from a birthday party. We just got out of the ER. This should have never happened and I thought my girl was dead. I’m not ok with this. Please help by keeping your eyes out. The girl in the SUV had two toddlers with her. Is this how we want our youth raised? Please spread the word.”

According to Arrona, one of the victims was transported to the hospital, where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspects have not been located and it is not clear whether this is being investigated as a hate crime or not.

In a comment on Long Beach Post’s Facebook report - which appears to since have been removed - Jarvis addressed other comments which suggested that the attack may not have been a hate crime:

“[Taylor] flipped them off. But who stops and pulls their car over to start yelling, “Dumb white bitch, dyke bitch, go tell your girl to f*&k a dick….then attacks people...THIS IS A HATE CRIME. FULL OF HATE. THESE LADIES HAD NO BOUNDARIES.”


Long Beach, California Elects Robert Garcia, Its First Out Gay Mayor: VIDEO


City Councilman Robert Garcia was elected mayor of Long Beach, California yesterday. He is the city's first openly gay mayor and its youngest mayor ever.

Said Garcia to NBC Los Angeles: "I think you run, not necessarily to be the first, I know that there are certainly historical implications of my election. I’m in this to be mayor of everyone, no matter the age or the color of their skin or who they love...We have one of the largest Cambodian communities outside of Cambodia, a large Latino community, a large LGBT population, and we have everyone. I really think that’s what makes Long Beach strong."

Garcia was born in Peru and came to the U.S. when he was five-years=old. He was the first in his family to go to college, and received his master's from USC.

Long Beach is the seventh-largest city in California.

Watch Garcia talk with NBC LA, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Robert Garcia, Gay Vice Mayor Of Long Beach, Announces Candidacy For Mayor: VIDEO


Last week, Long Beach's Vice Mayor Robert Garcia confirmed long-standing rumors that he would campaign to replace Mayor Bob Foster, who declined to seek a third term. Contra Coast Times reports on the announcement:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.43.04 PMHe joins four others who had previously announced their candidacy in what is sure to become a crowded field.

In a YouTube video, Garcia spoke of the greatness of Long Beach and the city's accomplishments during the past several years, including reforming pensions, closing structural budget deficits and opening new parks.

"Over the next few months, I want to listen to you, I want to hear your story," Garcia said. "I want to sit on your porch, and hear what you want to do for your family and four our city. And I want to share with you my vision for the city, what we can do together as a team."

In addition to the accomplishments mentioned above, Garcia has led locally on numerous pro-LGBT issues. He is the author of the city's Equal Benefits Ordinance which ensured domestic partner benefits for city vendors. He also authored the city's first anti-bullying policy and named the first park in America after civil rights leader Harvey Milk.

Last year, Long Beach was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the top ten cities in the country for pro-LGBT municipal law and policy.

Watch a video of Garcia's announcement, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Marines Arrested for Beating of Gay Man Identified, Freed on Bail

Yesterday I posted about the assault of a gay man by four Marines outside Long Beach gay bar The Silver Fox. Those Marines have been identified, the San Diego Union Tribune reports:

SilverfoxLance Cpl. Lewis Serna, Pfc. Thomas Pentek, Pfc. Sean Miller and Lance Cpl. John O’Leary were arrested in Long Beach early Monday morning, said Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Manuel Delarosa. They allegedly beat a San Dimas man until he lost consciousness outside the Silver Fox.

The Long Beach Police Department is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime and will present its findings to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office today, spokeswoman Lisa Massacani said.

The four Marines are free on bail and have returned to their units, Delarosa said. “We are currently gathering all of the details to ensure we have a full understanding,” he said in a statement. “We are cooperating with local law-enforcement officials in Long Beach with their investigation; we will also be conducting our own investigation as well.”

Delarosa added: “This is an isolated incident; committing any hate crime is unacceptable behavior and is not tolerated in the Marine Corps.”

Four U.S. Marines Arrested for Beating Gay Man at Long Beach Bar: VIDEO

Four U.S. Marines Arrested for Beating Gay Man at Long Beach Bar: VIDEO


Four Marines from Southern California's Camp Pendleton were arrested early Sunday morning after they allegedly beat a gay man after taunting him with homophobic slurs inside the Silver Fox bar in Long Beach:

CharliePolice arrested the four Marines after they say the suspects beat the full-time film student until he passed out. They may be charged with a hate crime.

Charlie Harris (right) was working in the bar and ran to help. “You could hear the punches…it was bad,” Harris said.

“You just saw fists, and muscles, and tattoos, and all those guys were on top of him,” David, the victim’s boyfriend, said. He said he was too shocked to move.

Watch a report from the CBS local affiliate and interview with the victim, AFTER THE JUMP...

SilverfoxThe Press Telegram reports:

Silver Fox Manager John Barnes told the Press-Telegram on Monday that the four men came into the bar late Sunday or early Monday and the primary culprit, who seemed visibly uncomfortable while at the bar, called Barnes "sweetheart."

"You could tell by the tone of his voice that he was uncomfortable, he was making a demeaning remark," Barnes said.

The attack occurred as the bar was closing, with the primary suspect punching a young gay man who was much smaller, Barnes said. Police were on scene within moments of the call, and the suspects were detained and arrested for assault.

Watch CBS Local's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEWS: Running Ruminations, Two Deaths, Dirty Pamphlets, And Walk On By (VIDEO)


Towleroad-roadicon Paul Ryan definitely didn't run that marathon in under three hours ...

Towleroad-roadicon ... which is, according to The New Yorker, an important thing to know.

Towleroad-roadicon Secret histories of the Long Beach gays.

Towleroad-roadicon Another sincere prayer for Dan Savage. There have been a lot of 'em. So far, they haven't worked.

Towleroad-roadicon Conservative leader Colin Craig's pamphlet campaign against New Zealand's pro-equality prime minister, John Key:

[The pamphlets] gave prominence to a comment from a disgruntled local: "Colin, you should stand here because John Key is too gay for Helensville."

"MPs have a duty to represent their electorate but John Key has chosen to ignore the views of the people of Helensville and carry on regardless," [wrote Craig.]

"I was in the town a few weeks ago and was surprised at how many people were annoyed that he is not listening to them.

"There are people out there who simply don't like to see their prime minister doing things like dancing on stage with transvestites, as he has done in the past," he said.

Towleroad-roadicon FOX News and Sarah Palin -- on the verge of a breakup?

Palin set the media world aflutter on Wednesday, when she wrote a Facebook post pointedly noting that Fox News had canceled all of her scheduled interviews for the day. Since both her former running mate, John McCain, and her sucessor as nominee, Paul Ryan, were speaking at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, it seemed like an odd choice.

AHalDavid... Palin is simply not the political powerhouse she once was, making her steep price tag harder to justify. Though she was the star of the 2008 Republican convention, she did not even attend the 2012 forum.

Towleroad-roadicon Lesbianism in Hollywood:

Oscar Wilde's boyf once famously described the desire for one's own gender as The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Well, times have changed, and homosexuality – at least for showbiz starlets – is these days the love that can't stop nudging, winking, smirking, insinuating and straight-up showing off about itself.

Towleroad-roadicon New York's mohels fight back against a freedom-destroying parental consent form:

Despite the fact that at least 11 NYC boys have been infected with herpes from herpes-infested mohels who have insisted on performing the ancient circumcision ritual "metzitzah b’peh," ultra-Orthodox leaders are fighting the Health Department's “evil plans” to mandate parental-consent forms before performing the procedure. About 200 rabbis signed a proclamation claiming the city “printed and spread lies...in order to justify their evil decree. It is clear to us, that there is not even an iota of blame or danger in this ancient and holy custom,” the letter states. Except for those 11 boys with herpes. And the two who died from it.

Towleroad-roadicon American atheism: headed for a schism?

Towleroad-roadicon Sun Myung Moon, media mogul, businessman, and divine incarnate immortal, is dead.

Towleroad-roadicon Hal David, too. "Walk On By," AFTER THE JUMP ...

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