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road.jpg STUDY: America's youth rejecting Christianity because of hypocrisy and homophobia. "A new book based on research by the California-based research firm The Barna Group found that church attitudes about people in general and gays in particular are driving a negative image of the Christian faith among people ages 16-29. 'The Christian community's ability to take the high road and help to deal with some of the challenges that this (anti-gay) perception represents may be the ... defining response of the Christian church in the next decade,' said David Kinnaman, Barna Group president and author of the book, UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity. 'The anti-homosexual perception has now become sort of the Geiger counter of Christians' ability to love and work with people.'"

Blackoutroad.jpg Assessing the disaster that is Britney's album cover art.

road.jpg Venezuela looks ready to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.

road.jpg Three people in Cheney's office reportedly tried to silence MSNBC's Chris Matthews: "I thought on the 10th anniversary it would be good to celebrate the First Amendment, which gives us all our living. We reviewed in brief the remarkable experience of covering the Clinton [scandal] and the defense of the war with Iraq. And the difference in these two cases was that although I was extremely tough on Clinton, there was never any attempt to silence me — whereas there was a concerted effort by [Vice President Cheney’s office] to silence me. It came in the form of three different people calling trying to quiet me."

road.jpg British university student expelled for leaving homophobic comments in a group on Facebook.

road.jpg STUDY: 16,000 couples wed in first year of UK civil partnerships. "London was the area with the highest number of ceremonies, about 4,000, followed by the South-East, which accounted for about 2,700. Today's report also reveals that 10 per cent of the men and almost a quarter of the women involved in a gay wedding were previously married-The average age for males registering a same-sex partnership was 47 and for females nearly 44. The average age gap between partners was eight years for men and six years for women."

road.jpg Elton John bangs balls with Andy Roddick at benefit tournament.

Rickyroad.jpg Ricky Martin receives key to the city of Miami.

road.jpg Fragrance industry sniffing out Madonna.

road.jpg The big melt: Glaciers disappearing from Montana's Glacier National Park "eight years ahead of schedule."

road.jpg Tennessee attorney general Bob Cooper releases opinon to judge saying that the state's constitution presents no barrier to same-sex couples who want to adopt: "In it, Cooper wrote that, under the state constitution, same-sex couples should be eligible to adopt children as long as the court finds the placement to be in the child's best interest. Cooper found the constitution doesn't mention adoption, meaning the process is governed solely by statutes. Tennessee law doesn't require people petitioning for adoption to be married."

road.jpg Lynne Cheney booed on The Daily Show, says terrorist attacks worldwide don't affect American interests.

road.jpg This is a particularly hypnotizing optical illusion.

The Evolution of Lynne Cheney

Second lady Lynne Cheney has a new book coming out and she spoke with CBS about it as well as about how she has "evolved" on racism and homophobia:

CheneybookIn Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family, "Cheney acknowledges that her world of prom dates and being homecoming queen was not open to everyone - African Americans, for example. And she writes that the times 'were hard on kids who were gay.' It's an issue that Cheney is sensitive to as the mother of a gay daughter. 'I think the society has evolved,' she said. 'I've evolved in my way of thinking, but I think the whole society has evolved. You know, my mother had a rule which was people are just people.'"

Well, last time I checked, society hadn't evolved much.

And according to Dick, Lynne is way out of line for discussing Mary. Because in the "evolved" world of the Cheneys, you can neither talk about your gay kids, nor offer them equal rights. Unless, of course, you have a book to sell.

Lynne Cheney, the Senator from Wyoming?

Lord help us.

Cheneylynne"The death of GOP Sen. Craig Thomas will not affect the balance of power in the Senate. Wyoming bars a governor from appointing someone of the opposite party to replace a deceased lawmaker. The state GOP will select three potential replacements and submit those names to Gov. Dave Freudenthal (D), who will then choose one for the vacancy. The entire process will happen in the next 15-20 days. A special election to fill the remainder of Thomas' term will be held in November 2008. As with any death of an elected official, the politics of the appointment process will be something to watch. Freudenthal is likely the best candidate Democrats could come up with to run in the special election, so he may be appointing a future political opponent. In years past, there has been idle speculation of Lynne Cheney's interest in running for office. Don't be surprised if her name pops up at some point in this process."


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