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Ellen's Gardener Is One Step Closer to Landing a 'Magic Mike XXL' Role: WATCH


On Thursday, we showed you a clip of Ellen trying to get her hunky gardener, Nick, a role in the upcoming Magic Mike XXL. Nick mentioned his meeting with Greg Silverman, the president of Warner Bros. showbiz department, went well - which you can now watch thanks to a new clip from Friday's show. 

Nick also stuck around afterwards for #ClassicJokeFriday to show Ellen and the audience his hilarious new back tattoo. 

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Ellen Tries To Get Her Hunky Gardener a Role on Magic Mike XXL: VIDEO


Looks like Ellen might be trying to butter up her gardener Nick, who earlier this month was so mad at her that he was forced to rip his clothes off, as she recently tried hooking him up with Warner Bros president of creative development Greg Silverman for a possible role in Magic Mike XXL replacing Matthew McConaughey.

Find out how the audition went, AFTER THE JUMP...

And for more shirtless clips of Ellen's so-called gardener, check out our previous coverage HERE and HERE

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Matt Bomer Talks 'Normal Heart' with Ellen, Gets Some 'Magic Mike' Stripper Duds: VIDEO


Matt Bomer joined Ellen for the season finale of her daytime show and of course talked about his transformative role in the HBO adaptation of The Normal Heart. Bomer talks about how much weight he lost for the film, and what it was like on the set the day that DOMA was struck down, along with other behind-the-scenes details.

He also talks about Magic Mike 2, which is a road trip film in which the men are heading to a stripper convention. Ellen, of course, has some stripper outfit options for Bomer to try out.


 He also announces that he's now on Twitter.

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Joe Manganiello Directs 'La Bare' Male Stripper Documentary - VIDEO


Capitalizing off of his role in the successful male stripper film Magic Mike, True Blood man-wolf Joe Manganiello has directed a male stripper documentary called La Bare which follows the performers and fans of the ladies’ strip club La Bare in Dallas, Texas.

Manganiello told Vulture:

“Soon after filming, there were the bands that had pulled their songs from the film despite the protests of their record label, the ban of our art/posters on bus stops and billboards due to it being too risqué ... And then came the wait for the MPAA rating ... And with that, the realization that I indeed had found something new, something fresh, something shocking to show the general public.”

“With Magic Mike, we scratched the surface, and with La Bare, I had the opportunity to plumb the depths of this strange and provocative world hidden in plain sight. Shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt, the film explores every level of the profession in three vivid dimensions."

Plus, it’ll help tide you over until the Magic Mike sequel and musical stage adaptation.


See the red-band trailer AFTER THE JUMP…

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Matt Bomer Got Married —Three Years Ago: VIDEO


For those who may have been fantasizing about a perfect gay marriage to Magic Mike and The Normal Heart's Matt Bomer will have to make room in their honeymoon suite for three. It turns out that not only is Bomer married to his partner Simon Halls, but that they wed three years go, a full year before he came out publicly in 2012 when he accepted an award from the Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs. 

His interest in The Normal Heart was spurred by the work of Larry Kramer and people like him, and Bomer acknowledges that the many rights he has today, including marriage, are ones that he would not have otherwise.

In a behind-the-scenes videofrom his Details shoot, Beomer talks about working with Mark Ruffalo, reactions to rumors that he might have been cast in 50 Shades of Grey, whether he'll be doing a Mgic Mike sequel and what the hardest part was of shooting that film, going to the gym, his favorite designers, L.A. vs. N.Y., and his formal style tips.



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Joe Manganiello Is In The Best Shape Of His Life

Joe 1

With the anticipated return of True Blood right around the corner on June 16th, actor Joe Manganiello is thankfully taking full advantage of the renewed spotlight. The 6-foot-5 actor beefs up the cover of the July issue of Men's Health UK, where his detailed fitness routine is discussed along with an accompanying photo spread of Manganiello demonstrating his peak physical prowess.

"I'm not 18 anymore. But you won't hear me saying that, because me at 36 would destroy me as a teenager," the actor boasts. "In my mid-thirties I'm making bigger gains than I've ever made in my life."

More (shirtless) shots of the hunk, AFTER THE JUMP...

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