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Channing Tatum Planning 'Bigger' Sequel to 'Magic Mike'


Planning is already underway for a sequel to summer crowdpleaser Magic Mike, Channing Tatum confirms.

Asked during a Twitter question and answer session for Glamour magazine, Tatum responded: "Yes, yes and yes! We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger."

Movies: "Magic Mike"... More Than We Dreamed He Could Be

"You are the husband they never had. You are that dreamboat guy that never came along."



An exhilarating all night double date is winding down on a bridge in Tampa, just before the sun rises. MAGIC MIKE (Channing Tatum) stands up on the railing, looks over his shoulder and dives gracefully backwards into the water to the mild delight of the anonymous girls. His new protégé "The Kid" (Alex Pettyfer), already eager to follow in his new buddy's footsteps (and body rolls), jumps in awkwardly after him.

"Hey Mike, I think we should be best friends!" 

The Kid blurts the invitation out with both of them bobbing in the water. He's like a little boy who's just discovered a whole new playground. It's a perfectly crush-worthy unguarded moment -- the kind that makes you give yourself over completely to a movie. My heart is yours, movie. Treat me right. 

This gem of a scene is also, as it turns out, the exclamation point to a perfectly formed Act One, "June". The movie takes place over the course of one life-changing summer for Mike and The Kid: June, July, and August. You go to Magic Mike to see seven spectacularly formed male bodies but the movie turns out to be all sculpted, too: June is introductions, flirtations and promise, by July you're deep in love/lust and too hot for clothing, and in August... Well, you know how sticky August gets.



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Grateful Fans Bring Matt Bomer to Tears, Lick Him All Over


Matt Bomer talks to E!'s Marc Malkin about his coming out:

I never really endeavored to hide anything. But there were times I chose not to relegate my history to the back page of a magazine, which to me is sort of akin to putting your biography on a bathroom wall."

Bomer says he has been touched by some reactions to being more open about his sexuality:

"I had somebody from the military approach me a few weeks ago just saying how this helps people, affects people. It brought me to tears."

Bomer then revealed some of the surprises he encountered filming stripper movie Magic Mike:

"When they called me, I thought, 'Do they have the wrong number? Did they mean to call the guy from Vampire Diaries?'And at the time I was really skinny so I think there may have been a five-minute window from when I hung up the phone to when I went to the gym."

Bomer tells Malkin that stripping for a woman wasn't something he was used to:

"Channing told me, 'You have to use the stretcher and just get up on this girl and grind your junk in her face. But this girl was not going to just sit there and be ground upon. She started licking me in all kinds of special places and we just kept going…It was one of those situations where you were in an environment where moral parameters are not the same as they are if you're doing a political drama. You just sort of have to say yes to everything and embrace it."

Gays Discuss the Merits of 'Magic Mike': VIDEO


Louis Virtel, Guy Branum, Jeffery Self, and Bryan Safi discuss the forthcoming Channing Tatum stripper flick Magic Mike.


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'Magic Mike' Drops Two More Teasers, and Lots of Pants: VIDEO


A red band trailer (read work-unfriendly) and teaser for the male strip-a-thon of the season Magic Mike dropped today and feature much of what you've seen earlier, with less clothing.

You can check 'em both out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Channing Tatum is So Through with Stripping: VIDEO


Attention male stripper fans, a new Magic Mike one-sheet has dropped.

Channing Tatum recently talked about the film with MTV News and said after it's out he's zipping up that part of his life: "This will be my swan song, I will never do or talk anything about stripping after this ever, ever again."

Check out his interview and the new one-sheet, AFTER THE JUMP...

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