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Meghan McCain Describes Aaron Schock's 'Flaming Out' of Congress As A Betrayal To Young Republicans

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Much like Icarus, Aaron Schock flew too close to the sun. So close that his fabulous wings--spun from taxpayer dollars--melted away, leaving the former Illinois representative with no choice but to fall back down to Earth. Unlike Icarus, who plunged into the sea that now bears his name, Schock has quickly become a cautionary tale that Democrats and Republicans alike point to as an example of the ruin that economic foibles can bring upon a public official’s career.  


In a rather scathing op-ed for TIME magazine, Meghan McCain describes the tale of Aaron Schock as an epic “flaming out” that perfectly encapsulates everything society despises about the Millennial generation. Schock, McCain explains, was more than a chiseled set of abs swathed in bold, eye-catching neons. He was a symbol of inspiration and renewed vigor to a new generation of young Republicans hungry for something fresh and new. 

“The specific scandal that led to his resignation exacerbates every negative stereotype that exists about Millennials being the over-indulged, selfie-obsessed, “me-me-me” generation,” wrote McCain. “And now, unluckily enough for us Millennial Republicans out there, our first well-known representative will be best remembered for completely blowing his chance to reform our party simply because he got too caught up riding around in private jets and going to Katy Perry concerts.” 

Schock’s father is confident that his son will rise up from the ashes of his current scandal after being given enough time to lick his wounds. It’s only logical that the Schocks would have such an optimistic outlook on Aaron’s future. After all--being defeatist is very middle class

Joan Rivers Gets in Bed with Meghan McCain: VIDEO


Meghan McCain, the newest board member of GLAAD, got in bed with Joan Rivers, and they talked about being 'liberal' Republicans in support of social issues like gay rights, abortion.

McCain said she learned a lot watching The Normal Heart:

"I didn't even know some of the history behind the AIDS epidemic and how the government never helped and Ronald Reagan didn't say the word AIDS until...? I am embarrassed that I didn't know the history was quite that extreme and it's a dark part of our history."

Both McCain and Rivers cite their gay hairdressers as prompting their support for gay rights.

Cindy McCain's war with Gwyneth Paltrow, her upbringing, her internship at SNL, her dating life, wanting to be the political Chelsea Handler, and her hatred for Ann Coulter.


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Meghan McCain, Three Others Join GLAAD Board of Directors

Republican pundit and Senator's daughter Meghan McCain joined the Board of Directors at GLAAD, the organization announced today.

MccainAlso joining its board: Executive Vice President, Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide Jeff Diskin; Harvard Law School professor and venture capitalist with August Capital, David Hornik; and Managing Director at Opportunities for Women, Linda Riley.

Said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis: "Equality is no longer a partisan issue. For years, Meghan McCain has lent her voice and platform to spreading messages of acceptance across party lines. Now, as the American south and our heartland move closer to LGBT equality, it's critical that we continue to build the bridges that unite us in our common ground - whether you're republican or democrat, gay or straight."

150 Game Changing Wins that Made 2012 the Gayest Year Ever


A remarkably short four decades ago, the Stonewall Revolt of 1969 opened the flood gates for LGBT rights. The closet, so sturdy for so long, started being swept away in a rush of pride. Still, LGBT Americans lived in a culture of "tolerance," a popular euphemism for enduring.

There have been momentous years since then — both Barney Frank's 1987 coming out and the 2003 Supreme Court ruling overturning anti-sodomy laws come to mind — but when we look back in twenty years time or ten or even five, 2012 will be remembered as quantum leap for LGBT rights in the United States of America. It's the year that equality went from being a far-off dream to becoming an inevitable, immutable and irreversible reality. Even Newt Gingrich agrees!

This was the year of equality, the year the American dream came into sharper focus and the nation crossed from begrudgingly tolerating gays, and sometimes even acknowledging their relationships, to demanding our inclusion in the greater American family. Coming out is for the large part no longer a big deal, which is a big deal in and of itself.

There have never been as many out and proud elected officials; never before has Wall Street embraced us with such force; never before have so many conservatives admitted they need to shift gears on marriage equality and embrace change. This was a year of "never before" and "never again."

AFTER THE JUMP, 150 reasons why 2012 was a year of permanence for LGBT Americans, a year that the next wave of rights began its swoop across the purple mountain majesty and above the fruited plain.

And for more of our 2012 Year in Review, be sure to read "I'm Gay: 50 Most Powerful Comings Outs of 2012" HERE.

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Meghan McCain Joining Pro-Equality Conservative Group

Meghan-mccain-no-h8-proposition-8You can add another line to Meghan McCain's resume. McCain, author of Dirty Sexy Politics, MSNBC commentator, equality advocate and, of course, the daughter of Senator John, is now joining Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, one of Freedom to Marry's spin-off groups.

"I'm thrilled to join the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, who believe, as I do, that we don’t have to choose between conservatism and marriage for all committed couples," McCain said in the group's press release.

"I look forward to spreading the message that the tenets of family, personal freedom and responsibility point the way toward a GOP that fully embraces the freedom to marry."

The group's advocacy on behalf of same-sex marriages, like that full-page ad lambasting notable homophobe Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council, can only help move conservatives and the Republican Party in the right direction on marriage equality, and hopefully their work is more efficient than a party-wide proctology exam.

Meghan McCain Applauds Marriage Equality, Getting Stoned When She Wants To: VIDEO


Socially moderate Republican Meghan McCain joined Anderson Cooper for a post-election Anderson Live and talked about how awful it is for a losing candidate's family (the Romneys) to have to put on a brave face on election night, and she would know.

She also calls the same-sex marriage wins "the silver lining" of last night's election results. McCain also applauds the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington state.

Said McCain: "If I want to smoke weed, responsibly, it's nobody's business and I think it should be legalized everywhere."


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