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Mike Huckabee and Wingnut Austin Ruse To Headline Anti-Gay Catholic Summit


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and anti-gay activist Austin Ruse will be headlining the annual conference of anti-gay Catholic organization Legatus after actor Gary Sinise, Fox News anchor Bret Baier and MolsonCoors Chair Pete Coors dropped out of the event citing the "controversy" surrounding Legatus' vitriolic stance on LGBT issues. In backing out of the event, Sinise, Baier and Coors all avoided tackling the substantive question of Legatus' hateful views. Joining Huckabee and Ruse will be Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter International, Inc.

As Joe.My.God points out, Ruse was expelled from the anti-gay right wing group American Family Association (AFA) after stating, "hard-left human hating people" who run universities "should all be taken out and shot." According to Legatus, Ruse is "an expert on UN matters." In 2012, Ruse criticized the French government for then calling on the U.N. "to consider 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' new categories of non-discrimination in U.N. human rights treaties."

Also in attendance at Legatus' summit will be New York Archbishop Timoth Dolan and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, among others.

In a statement responding to the cancellations from Sinise, Baier and Coors, Legatus claims that the LGBT community should not feel threatened by it or its rabidly anti-gay agenda:

LGBT groups should not feel threatened by our organization, whose mission is to study, live and spread our faith according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. At its core, this issue is about the freedom of Legatus members — in fact all Catholics, and by extension people of any religion — to have the freedom to exercise their religious beliefs, which includes the ability to gather together and discuss their faith.

You'll recall that Legatus promotes the idea that homosexuality is a "disorder" that can and should be "cured". You can read more on Legatus HERE.

Jon Stewart Puts Mike Huckabee in His Place Over Beyoncé: VIDEO


Jon Stewart called out Mike Huckabee in a Daily Show interview last night for his ongoing crusade against Beyoncé in the name of "wholesome" values.

Argues Huckabee, who has been attacking Obama for encouraging the singer in his daughter's lives:

"The thing that disturbs me when you see Beyoncé who is a role model to young girls...do you know any parent who has a daughter that says 'honey, if you make really good grades, someday when you're 12 or 13 we'll get you a stripper pole.'"

Stewart's response was to fire up a FOX News clip of Huckabee accompanying Ted Nugent on "Cat Scratch Fever", a rock classic generally thought to reference the transmission of syphilis but said by Nugent to simply be about "boys craving girls."

"That is a show in the middle of the day that children can watch," says Stewart. "Do you see my point? You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with [Nugent's] stance on firearms. You don't approve of Beyoncé because she seems alien to you. Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die. That's some gangsta s--t."


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Mike Huckabee Shores Up Old Man Bona Fides, Calls Beyoncé 'Unwholesome': VIDEO

Mike Huckabee ABC interview

Attempting to cling to relevance for his probable upcoming presidential run, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called into question the Obamas' parental judgment in an interview with People that was published last week, highlighting the (false) dichotomy of Barack and Michelle's encouragement of both broccoli and Beyoncé in their daughters' lives. In his book he called the singer "obnoxious and toxic mental poison in the form of song lyrics", and yesterday in an interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz he doubled-down by claiming the pop diva's lyrics are "unwholesome" to put in one's brain.

Alyssa Rosenberg at The Washington Post has a rundown of some of Beyonce's songs that utterly eviscerate Huckabee's talking points about the lack of "wholesomeness" of Beyoncé and the mistake that the Obamas have made by allowing Sasha and Malia to listen to her tracks. 

You can watch Huckabee speak for himself AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mike Huckabee: Claim That Gay Marriage Destroying Society 'Greatly Overstated'


It was only last November that former Arkansas Governor and potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee argued that same-sex marriage threatens the "foundation of our society and culture." However, in his new book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, Huckabee states, “The claim that same-sex marriage is destroying society is actually greatly overstated." Gays are still at least partially to blame of course but, as The Washington Blade reports, so are Christians who divorce or allow divorce to go on unchecked. Huckabee writes,

“Christians who themselves abandoned the primacy of lifelong marriage to follow the divorce and remarriage customs of a secular society have as much to answer for as do those who militantly push to redefine marriage."

Huckabee notably took the Republican party to task for their tepid reaction to the Supreme Court's decision to let stand rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans rather than review them:

"If Republicans want to lose guys like me and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people, go ahead and abdicate on this issue and while your at it go ahead and say abortion doesn't matter. Because at that point, you'll lose me. I'll become an independent. I'll start finding people that have guts to stand. I'm tired of this."

While some have credited Huckabee's latest comments as a sign of progress, Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, points out all the ways that isn't true:

“Progress is the last word to come to mind when reading Huckabee’s latest swirl of insinuations and anti-gay smears evoking pedophilia, repeating the empty talking-point that gay couples seeking the same freedom to marry as others are somehow trying to ‘radically redefine’ marriage, and lumping inclusion in marriage with destructive forces on the family,” Wolfson said. “And that doesn’t even take account of his contempt for the separation of church and state and other bedrock constitutional guarantees that keep Americans free.” 

In the meantime, Huckabee continues to wait for a definitive sign from God as to whether he should run for president. 

Mike Huckabee Quits Fox News Because God Might Tell Him to Run for President in 2016: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.55.36 AM

After six and a half years together, Mike Huckabee and Fox News are parting ways - a devastating blow to anyone who enjoyed getting their misinformed Republican Party propaganda in a neat little 700 Club-esque wrapper.  

Said the Pat Robertson-lite on Huckabee last night:

"I've never had so much fun in my life. I've met people I never dreamed I'd meet and I've played music with legends in the music business. But I also realize that God hasn't put me on Earth just to have a good time or to make a good living, but rather God has put me on Earth to try to make a good life. There's been a great deal of speculation as to whether I would run for president. And if i were willing to absolutely rule that out, I could keep doing this show. But I can't make such a declaration."

Huckabee added that he wouldn't make a final decision on 2016 until late next spring.

Watch the farewell address, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage Threatens 'The Foundation Of Our Society And Culture' - VIDEO


Former Arkansas Governor and likely 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been on a tour of Europe entitled “Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II Tour: God Raising Extraordinary Leaders for Extraordinary Times.” As hate-monger Matt Barber notes, Huckabee invited "evangelical pastors from the states of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada on special 10-day tour of Europe... to study the lives of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II  and understand how these three individuals were 'used by God to change the world’s history.'" So essentially, this is the Grand Tour re-imagined for right-wing wing-nuts.

Huckabee's final stop on this tour was to Auschwitz and Birkenau, which, as The New Civil Rights Movement points out, provided Huckabee the perfect opportunity to compare Nazi Germany and present day America. The horror that was Hitler's Germany was the natural by-product of "systematically [removing God and religion] from their culture and their society." Drawing a parallel to America, Huckabee said, "The soul of America is a sick soul... because it has forsaken and forgotten its God." How exactly has America forsaken and forgotten its God? By providing equality to the gays, of course:

"The foundation of our society and culture, marriage, not only by which we produce the next generation but it is the entity through which God has chosen for us to create the next generation and train them to be our replacements, and when we tinker with its definition and we decide that it can mean anything we wish for it to mean and that rather than to take a biblical perspective we will take a very human one and we will base marriage on human experience and desire as opposed to biblical standard, then I fear that we will pay the consequences for having upended the very foundation which is the essence of how a civilization survives. So the soul of America is in real trouble."

Governor Huckabee has obviously not seen how Biblical arguments against same-sex marriage and homosexuality can rather easily be debunked. 

The Arkansan seems hell-bent on continuing to prove worthy of Megyn Kelly's special pet moniker for him. Well done, Governor.

Watch Governor Huckabee's latest anti-gay diatribe, AFTER THE JUMP...

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