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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Undergoes Heart Surgery

6a00d8341c730253ef01b8d06c011f970c-200wiSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, leader of the high court's liberal wing and beloved by many as the 'Notorious RBG' after her scathing dissent in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, underwent heart surgery this morning after experiencing discomfort while exercising Tuesday night. CNN reports:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 81, underwent a heart procedure Wednesday morning to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery.

A blockage was discovered after Ginsburg "experienced discomfort during routine exercise" Tuesday night and was taken to the hospital, according to a release from the Supreme Court.

Ginsburg is resting "comfortably" at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and is expected to be released in the next 48 hours.

As The Wall Street Journal notes, Justice Ginsburg is the court's eldest member and has also faced two bouts with cancer, having recovered from each. She previously balked at speculation that she would retire during President Obama's tenure so Obama could fill her vacancy with a liberal judge:

Who do you think President Obama could appoint at this very day, given the boundaries that we have? If I resign any time this year, he could not successfully appoint anyone I would like to see in the court. [The Senate Democrats] took off the filibuster for lower federal court appointments, but it remains for this court. So anybody who thinks that if I step down, Obama could appoint someone like me, they’re misguided. As long as I can do the job full steam...I think I’ll recognize when the time comes that I can’t any longer. But now I can.

German Shepherd Gets Down To Flo-Rida's 'Low' - VIDEO


They say timing is everything. And this German Shepherd has it in spades. Get your day off on the right foot, or ear, and watch this canine get down "Low" to Flo Rida, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Joe Wright's Peter Pan Origins Story With Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund Takes Flight: WATCH


Released Tuesday, a trailer for Joe Wright's latest film extravaganza, Pan, takes you into a re-imagined origins story for the beloved character of children's literature:

Offering a new take on the origin of the classic characters created by J.M. Barrie, the action adventure follows the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical Neverland. There, he finds both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny—to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan. 

Wright's previous films include the lush and lavish Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and Anna Karenina.

The film's A-list cast includes Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, hunky Garrett Hedlund as a young James Hook, and the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara, as Tiger Lily. Newcomer Levi Miller takes on the eponymous role of Peter.

Greg Berlanti is producing alongside Sarah Schechter and Paul Webster.

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Anti-Gay British Pundit: Gay People Live 'Deathstyle', Have 20,000 Partners In 'Short, Miserable Lives'


Anti-gay bigot Lord Christopher Monckton has taken to birther wingnut rag WorldNetDaily to defend an Australian politician who last week attempted to place a ban on the “promotion” of homosexuality, reports Right Wing Watch.

10374510_10152725157610279_5630085284282987900_nRight-wing Rise Up Australia counsellor Rosalie Crestani had called for the City of Casey near Melbourne to stop all diversity training and to put a ban on media releases related to sexual orientation. She also called for the removal of pro-gay signs on council premises and for pro-LGBT messages to be banned for discriminating against straight people.

Monckton, a member of British racist and anti-gay, anti-immigration, anti-EU party UKIP, argued that Crestani discovered during a consultation with “an expert in non-heterosexual lifestyles” that gay people have “an average of 500-1,000 partners in their sexually active lifetime, and that some had as many as 20,000.”

Continuing the tone of absolute hatred, he added that gay people lead “short, miserable lives” as part of their “deathstyle.”

Praising Crestani for her “Christian” beliefs and for being “so nice” to gay people, while promulgating the notion that being gay is a choice, he added:

“Councillor Crestani was so shocked by the official mortality figures for homosexuals that she proposes to circulate a memorandum to all councillors and staff giving them detailed statistics for promiscuity, prevalence of HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases, and for the consequently short, miserable lives and high death rate of homosexuals.

“As the experts she has consulted have pointed out, the QWERTYs [Monckton’s term for LGBT activists] – who represent about 0.5 percent of the population – have brilliantly promoted themselves by carefully shifting the debate away from what homosexuals actually do to each other (just ask any proctologist: all of them are heartily sick of trying to repair the gross damage caused by deviant sexual practices) and on to “celebrating” what is misleadingly presented as a “valid alternative lifestyle.” Deathstyle, more like.

“And why have homosexuals – most of whose partners last as little as a few hours – been so keen to promote the lifetime promises of so-called “gay” so-called “marriage”? The reason, of course, is that they cannot produce children, so they want to adopt them. Is this fair to the children? The answer is no.

“What makes Councillor Crestani so deadly to the QWERTYs’ cause is that she is so relentlessly nice to them. She is a Christian, so she is well used to the ancient theology that draws a clear distinction between hating the sin and loving the sinner. The key point she makes over and over again is that educating potential homosexuals in the medical dangers of their deathstyle will benefit the homosexual community first and foremost. For it is they that are most at risk, and we do them no favors by being over-delicate in refusing to educate them in the dire risks they run.”

Robbie Rogers Unleashes His Monster: VIDEO


Living in the closet "creates a monster inside you that you just want to get rid of," according to gay MLS star Robbie Rogers.

Rogers made the comments to Today's Maria Shriver during an interview about his new book, "Coming Out To Play," which was released Tuesday. 

BookRogers also said that during his brief retirement after coming out in 2013 — it was working with young gay people through groups like GLSEN that inspired him to get back in the sport.

"I realized that just by playing and being on the soccer field, that's a symbol right there, and that can encourage and give people hope," Rogers said. "It was really those kids inspiring me that was kind of like my final decision — I need to sack up, I need to go back into soccer.'" 

In an interview about the book with the Associated Press, Rogers says he's surprised more pro athletes haven't come out since he was joined by the NBA's Jason Collins and the NFL's Michael Sam. 

"To be honest, I thought when I came out and Jason and Michael, I thought there'd be a chain reaction. It's been a lot slower. I guess that just reminds me how big a problem it is in sports culture with homophobia. They don't feel comfortable."

But the best way to combat that homophobia may be to come out, Rogers suggests. He told The Hollywood Reporter that while he used to hear a lot of gay slurs in the locker room, that's not the case anymore: 

"When I was closeted, I would hear the most ridiculous homophobic things…and now it’s totally different. People are more sensitive and more aware of what they’re saying. They’re very, very supportive, and we’ll talk about things like marriage equality. I would be petrified, so scared to bring up a conversation like that with my teammates, but my teammates come to me. We still have the banter and the jokes, and yes, there still are a bunch of naked men taking showers together, but it’s a very different atmosphere. I’ve been naked and had discussions with guys in the shower and them asking me, 'Is it hard for you to shower with guys?' I’ve been doing it for so long and…teammates become like brothers."

In the book, Rogers reveals that he went through a similar process with his family, which once ridiculed him for his interest in "My LIttle Pony" and for playing with dolls. Since he came out, his parents and siblings have become his biggest supporters. 

Rogers has several book-signing events planned on the West Coast if you'd like to try to catch up with him. 

On a side note, two days before the book came out, Rogers' LA Galaxy won the first leg of MLS' Western Conference Finals. They meet again Sunday.  

Watch Rogers' interview with Shriver, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Fights To Keep Stay on Pro-Marriage Equality Ruling In Place

6a00d8341c730253ef01b8d09a4e63970c-800wiTexas Attorney General Greg Abbott (right) implored a federal judge Tuesday not to lift his stay of a February ruling striking down the state's marriage bans. 

However, experts said they believe it's likely U.S. District Judge Orlando L. Garcia will lift the stay. It's unclear, though, whether such a decision would allow marriages to begin immediately in the Lone Star State. 

On Monday, attorneys for two same-sex couples filed a motion asking Garcia to lift the stay, which he put in place pending the state's appeal of his decision in DeLeon v. Perry

Abbott filed his response to the motion Tuesday. 

"The judge could decide something very soon," said Neel Lane of Akin Gump in San Antonio, which is representing the same-sex couples. "I think there's a good chance he'll lift the stay." 

Ken Upton, Dallas-based senior counsel for Lambda Legal, agreed. 

"Garcia will probably grant it," said Upton, who's not involved in the case. "It's a good motion." 

Abbott's office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Both Lane and Upton said if Garcia lifts the stay, it's possible he would allow time for Abbott to appeal the decision to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court before it takes effect. But if Garcia decides to make the decision effective immediately, same-sex couples could begin applying for marriage licenses. 

6a00d8341c730253ef01b8d09a4e37970c-800wiTexas has a 72-hour waiting period before marriages can occur, but the waiting period can be waived by any judge. 

In asking Garcia to lift the stay, attorneys for the couples argued that the basis for it is no longer valid, since the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review rulings striking down marriages bans from four federal appeals courts. 

But in his response, Abbott argued that the plaintiffs "misread the Supreme Court tea leaves" — arguing that the high court has never stopped a state from enforcing a marriage ban before the issue was considered by an appeals court. 

In their motion, the plaintiffs' attorneys said the stay should be lifted because, for example, one of them is pregnant and if something were to happen to her before their marriage is recognized, it could affect her partner's legal rights to care for the child. But Abbott callously rejected that argument. 

"These alleged harms are speculative; they are contingent on death or incapacity of one of the parties, but the plaintiffs do not allege any threat or expectation that these potential tragedies will befall them," Abbott wrote.

If Garcia lifts the stay, Abbott could appeal the decision to the 5th Circuit, where a three-judge panel would have to decide whether to allow same-sex marriages in Texas pending oral arguments in the case on Jan. 9. 

"You don't get a stay unless the court concludes there's a likelihood you'll prevail," Lane said. 

If the 5th Circuit were to impose a stay, Lane said he would consider appealing that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

"That's several steps down the road," he said. 

Texas is one of 15 states where same-sex couples cannot marry. The Lone Star State is home to 46,401 same-sex couples, according to the Williams Institute, more than any state except California or New York. 

Also Tuesday, a federal judge struck down Mississippi's marriage ban, but stayed the decision for 14 days to allow the state to appeal to the 5th Circuit.  

Read the state of Texas' motion asking Garcia not to lift the stay, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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