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Sheriff Babeu Requests Investigation of Ex-Boyfriend's Deportation Threat Charges: VIDEO


Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu has asked for an independent investigation surrounding deportation allegations made by his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco, The Republic reports:

BabeuPinal County's top prosecutor has asked a special panel formed to investigate alleged violations of public trust to review claims made against Sheriff Paul Babeu, and Attorney General Tom Horne said he will investigate Babeu at the embattled lawman's request.

Pinal County Attorney James P. Walsh said Tuesday that the matter will go before the southern subcommittee of the Public Integrity Task Force, a little-used team formed by the Prosecuting Attorneys' Advisory Council in 1992 to handle cases when local prosecutors had a conflict or wanted to avoid the perception of one. The chairwoman of the subcommittee has agreed to take the case, though no time frame has been set.

Walsh said he felt the independent and bipartisan panel would appropriately handle the allegations and "take the politics out of it."

Horne said he's also going to investigate "abuse of power" allegations.

In a letter dated Tuesday to Gila County Sheriff John Armer and County Attorney Daisy Flores, Babeu asked for the scope of the investigation to include "allegations of human-rights violations, threatening and intimidating, misuse of public resources, theft of property, theft of identity, fraud and impersonation."

ABC15 talks to Jose Orozco's roommate Kyle Monaghan (above), since they're working all the angles. Monaghan says Orozco never brought anybody home.

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HeinzMeanwhile, questions have arisen about Babeu's relationship with Tucson state Representative Matt Heinz, who is running to fill Gabby Giffords seat in Congress. They stem from an item in the Phoenix New Times story which mentions Heinz:

Openly gay Tucson state Representative Matt Heinz was one of two Democratic lawmakers who broke ranks with the party in March 2011 and voted to give Babeu $5 million to combat border violence. Other lawmakers opposed the measure, in part, because Babeu's county is at least 70 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The measure finally was pared down to $1.7 million and passed by the Legislature.

About a week after Heinz's nod to Babeu, the sheriff spent the night at Heinz's home, text messages that Jose shared with New Times show.

"I'm at Mat Heinz and his boyfriend for dinner & ice cream . . . we are going out to bar and . . . to their house. [Am] staying over," Babeu texted to Jose at 1:04 a.m. last April 2.

Heinz didn't immediately return a phone call seeking confirmation of the sleepover.

The Village Voice's Steven Thrasher posed a question directly to Heinz on his Facebook page:

Rep. Heinz, Steven Thrasher,Village Voice staff writer here. My colleagues at the Phoenix New Times have implied that you and your boyfriend had three-way sex with Sheriff Paul Babeu. Is this true? I am gay and do not think consensual acts of gay sex (or three-way sex) are unethical, wrong, or frankly anyone's business beyond the parties involved. However, it looks bad for an elected official to have a "sleepover" with a government employee after helping steer $1.7 million in funds their way. As one of just a few openly gay people running for congress at a time of great trial for LGBT Americans, how do you think this looks?

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Arizona Stations Reveal Face, Identity of Sheriff Babeu's Ex-Boyfriend Jose


A local Arizona station has revealed the face of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's ex-boyfriend, Jose Orozco.

ABC15 also released Orozco's identity, in a report on how a Latino rights organization has formally requested the U.S. Department of Justice investigate Babeu for abuse of power:

In the document submitted to the Department of Justice, Respect Respeto says Babeu made “text messages, pictures and threats that are unbecoming of an elected sheriff.”

On their Facebook page , the group complains Babeu ignored helping Latino victims of crimes in the past.
They call his recent accusation "the last straw."

Respect Respeto’s director, Lydia Guzman closed the document by saying, “It is my feeling that neither an elected official nor a law enforcement officer should abuse their positions to make such threats upon an individual in exchange for their silence and this is why I am respectfully requesting an investigation into this matter."

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Orozco gave an interview to CNN's Miguel Marquez yesterday, but news outlets have so far concealed his identity. The Sheriff also spoke to CNN in a lengthy interview with Wolf Blitzer.

In related news, Babeu's outing has reportedly made Arizona the state with the highest number of out gay candidates running for Congress:

Experts say that appears to be more than in any other state in the country, where they count a total of just about a dozen openly gay candidates currently running for Congress. In Arizona, gay or bisexual candidates are now vying for three of the state’s nine congressional seats.

"It’s pretty unusual," said Donald Haider-Markel, a political science professor at the University of Kansas. "As a percentage, I can’t think of another instance where it’s been so high."

(h/t jmg)

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Sheriff Paul Babeu Talks to CNN About Gay Rights, His Ex-Boyfriend's Allegations, His Relationship Status: VIDEO


Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff and Republican congressional candidate Paul Babeu did a lengthy interview this afternoon with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the Mexican ex-boyfriend whose allegations of threats involving their relationship forced Babeu to come out of the closet over the weekend.

The full interview is about 10 minutes longer than this clip, which came near the end of it. Blitzer asks Babeu, since he now "openly gay", what his thoughts are about gay marriage and whether he might now join the Log Cabin Republicans.

Babeu says he "goes all Ron Paul" when it comes to gay marriage and says it's an issue that should be left up to the states. It's unclear whether he knows what the Log Cabin Republicans are, but replies "I'm sure" when asked if he would get involved with them. Blitzer also asks him if he's seeing anyone at the moment.

That clip, along with one about the allegations being made by his ex-boyfriend and another on his decision to leave the Romney campaign follow below.

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Sheriff Paul Babeu's Ex-Boyfriend Speaks to CNN: VIDEO


CNN's Miguel Marquez sat down with José, the ex-boyfriend of Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu in an interview:

"Jose" said his immigration status is current and legal. He said he travels back and forth home to Mexico on a 10-year, US tourist visa that allows multiple-crossings of the border. He also said he was running a business in Arizona called Website Results LLC and claimed it's legal to run the business in the country, even on a tourist visa.

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Sheriff Babeu's Political Future in Doubt; Watch His Press Conference: VIDEO


The AP took up the story of Paul Babeu, the anti-immigrant sheriff who came out over the weekend after it was revealed that he was having a long-term relationship with an immigrant named Jose and threatened to have Jose deported if he didn't sign an agreement to never reveal the nature of his relationship with the sheriff.

As Brandon noted yesterday, Babeu has stepped down as Romney's campaign co-chair in Arizona, and the AP notes that Babeu may have a difficult time now holding on to the evangelical conservative base he has courted as a rising political star:

He recognizes he is fighting an uphill battle, especially in a state where family values, as defined by a large evangelical Christian and Mormon population, often battle fierce, anti-immigrant beliefs to define conservatism. At a lengthy press conference, Babeu said he hopes voters will stick with him. His competitors think that's unlikely. Arizona Sen. Ron Gould says Babeu is sure to lose major support among the family-values voters who oppose gay marriage. Babeu previously avoided a public stance on gay rights, but came out in favor of them on Saturday.

Others agree:

"There is no question that his budding congressional campaign is over," longtime Arizona Republican political consultant Sean Noble wrote on his blog. "Because it is a Republican primary in a conservative district, it's likely that the thing that hurts him the most is that he was in a gay relationship."

Others aren't sure it's the end, but they said there's no doubt he will be hurt.

"It obviously has implications for a congressional race. There's just no question about it," said Bruce Merrill, an Arizona State University political science professor emeritus and a longtime pollster. "I don't see how any reasonable person cannot think that this is going to hurt him, particularly with the constituency that he has built, which is a very evangelical, right-wing, family oriented conservative constituency."

Senator John McCain, in whose campaign ad supporting a border fence Babeu appeared, is one of the few offering him support:

“Well of course  Sheriff Babeu is a friend of mine. I do not know the details except what has been published in the media and I am sure there will be a thorough and complete investigation if there is any allegations of wrongdoing,” McCain said. “All I can say is that he also deserves the benefit, as every citizen does, of innocence until proven guilty.”


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Sheriff Babeu Says He Is Gay, Isn't A Criminal, And Isn't Working For Romney Anymore

BabeauandJoseThe sad story of anti-immigrant Sheriff Babeu and his possibly-undocumented beau Jose went viral yesterday, and Sheriff Babeau had some stuff to say about it. From the Phoenix New Times:

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu ... announced at a press conference that he is a gay man and that he is no longer a part of presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign.

"I called the Romney campaign, and I told him I'm going to step away from the campaign," Babeu told a crowd of reporters. He says the campaign told him: "We support your decision, sheriff."

Babeu was serving as the Arizona co-chair of the Mitt Romney for President campaign.

... The sheriff and congressional candidate said his personal life was none of anyone's business, and said a couple times during the press conference that it was "almost a relief" for his orientation to be out in the open.

Sheriff Babeau still denies the central charge made by his former lover, Jose, in the New Times story: That he threatened to have Jose deported if Jose didn't sign an agreement to never reveal the nature of his relationship with the sheriff.


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