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FOX News' Bret Baier: I Pulled Out of Anti-Gay Catholic Conference Because It Doesn't 'Line Up With the Loving Church I Know'


As we've been reporting, the rabidly anti-gay Catholic group Legatus found itself at the center of a controversy after activist and Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper highlighted the extreme and disturbing views held by the organization including labeling same-sex attraction as a disorder and recommending conversion therapy. As a result, three individuals slated to headline the group's annual conference, actor Gary Sinise, Fox News anchor Bret Baier and MoltonCoors Chair Pete Coors all pulled out of the event. 

At the time of Baiers' withdrawal, Fox News released a statement saying Baier "was unaware" of anti-gay articles published by Legatus' magazine or "the controversy surrounding them.” 

Now, in an email addressed to hatemonger Peter La Barbera of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, Baier confirms that while Fox did ask him to pull out of the event, he also backed out due to his own views on sexual orientation and faith, views that for Baier are diametrically opposed to Legatus':

I pulled out of the speech at Fox’s request — because of the controversy surrounding some of these articles and editorials that have been published in the Legatus magazine [...]

I am a lifelong mass attending Catholic – I’m a lector at my parish. I consider myself to be in line with my Church on most things. This isn’t about me.. but, describing homosexuality as a ‘disorder’ and talking about ways to ‘cure’ people from it – does not seem to line up with the loving, accepting Church that I know. Nor does it match up with how Pope Francis has talked about the issue recently. 

I couldn’t speak because of that – I don’t wish the group any harm, but after Gary Sinise pulled out.. as a newsman, Fox agreed that I could not be surrounded by that controversy… as much as I would have loved to have talked about my book, my faith, and my son’s battle with congenital heart disease. 

That is the truth. 

I hope you and others can understand. If not.. I wish you well with your viewing. 

Peter LaBarbera meanwhile was none too pleased with Baier's response, blasting Fox News for "directly [financing] and [sponsoring] pro-”gay” media events that promote homosexual behavior and ideology–including same-sex 'marriage'–condemned by the Catholic Church." 

[h/t Jeremy Hooper]

Janet Mefferd and Peter LaBarbera Whine Anti-gay Bigots Are Being Forced Into The Closet For Their Beliefs: LISTEN


Speaking with conservative talk show host Janet Mefferd, Peter LaBarbera, the head of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, lamented what he sees as a growing trend of anti-gay right-wingers being “forced into the closet.” In particular Mefferd and LaBarbera’s conversation focused on Kelvin Cochran, a former Atlanta fire chief, who was fired after self-publishing his homophobic theology primer “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

Labarbera“It’s kind of like what Michael Brown said,” Mefferd lamented, paraphrasing the noted wingnut. “What they want is to shove us in the closet now.”

Have yourself a chuckle and listen to Mefferd and LaBarbera’s discussion AFTER THE JUMP...

[via Right Wing Watch]

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Anti-Gay Activist Calls On GOP Governors To Deploy National Guards To Stop Same-Sex Marriage


Sensing an inevitable, ultimate defeat in the federal courts, a leading anti-gay activist is calling on Republican governors to do everything in their power to prevent same-sex marriage — including deployment of their National Guards to county clerks' offices to stop licenses from being issued. 

Rght-wing news site WND reports that Randy Thomasson, president of the Campaign for Children and Families and, believes Republican governors in states with marriage amendments are being too soft in defending the bans. Thomasson says the standard approach of appealing pro-equality rulings to higher federal courts and issuing press releases in support of man-woman marriage simply isn't good enough. 

In a lettter to the leaders of "pro-family" groups across the country last week, Thomasson implored them to demand that GOP governors go further:  

Each governor also has an administration that serves his/her pleasure that is in charge of the state’s marriage forms (licenses and applications) that county clerks use. And each governor is authorized to call out his/her state's militia or National Guard to enforce written laws and maintain public order against foreign and domestic enemies. ... 

In view of the current crisis on marriage, a constitutional governor can and should do the following:

• Announce he took an oath to obey the constitution, not to obey a judge’s unconstitutional opinion.

• Announce that no homosexual “marriage” licenses will be issues, and no county clerk is permitted to issue marriage licenses to anyone other than a qualified man and woman.

• Utilize the support of the state attorney general (if that constitutional officer is willing to stand alongside) or use the state’s National Guard to enforce the law at county clerk’s offices.

Thomasson has posted contact info for the 31 governors in states where voters approved marriage amendments, and the WND story singles out several of them — including Oklahoma's Mary Fallon, Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Florida's Rick Scott — for capitulating too easily:    

“It’s worse than criminal, because criminals usually hurt one person at a time, but the governors, if they betray the people by their cowardice in the face of a constitutional crisis, then they hurt many people by being AWOL,” he said. “The casualties will be the children. These Republican governors, by their own actions, are telling impressionable boys and girls ‘you can aspire to have a same-sex marriage for yourselves.’

“We have self-professing pro-family, conservative governors who are actually responsible for permitting homosexual marriages in their own states,” Thomasson continued. 

Last November, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer wrote a column in which he made similar demands. Thomasson also has the backing of Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, who told WND he believes a governor who heeds their advice would become a hero:   

Labarbera“Standing up to these courts would, I think, be good politics on the right. I would love to see it happen,” LaBarbera told WND. “It’s a difference between being a politician and being a statesman. I think if someone stood up to the homosexual lobby and the courts, they would achieve hero status. We keep waiting for someone and it, unfortunately, never happens." 

As ridiculous as these anti-gay bigots sound, they have their share of supporters among Republican lawmakers, particularly in Southern states where marriage equality hasn't arrived. As we reported last week, a Texas Republican has filed a bill that would declare the state sovereign on the issue of same-sex marriage. It will be interesting to see whether that bill or a similar one in another state passes, and whether a governor decides to become the new George Wallace

Peter LaBarbera Writes Poem About Michael Sam Kissing His Boyfriend: READ


Peter LaBarbera (above), virulently anti-gay nutjob and leader of listed hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), has written a wonderful poem about being forced to watch Michael Sam (right) kissing his boyfriend, reports Right Wing Watch.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a511deafc6970cExplaining that his poem - which refers to “‘sex’ in the anus” as the cause of “so many diseases” - is just “a little fun” to usher in the new year, LaBarbera says that he has played “loosely off the lyrics, rhythm and meter of Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” (you know, the one with “Sam I am”).”

As he has done so before, LaBarbera also suggests that Sam seek “ex-gay” therapy.

Keeping to the light, humorous mood, he adds:

“Public celebration of perversion is indecent - and another harmful and obnoxious by-product of ‘gay’ and ‘same-sex marriage’ advocacy. Sure, I’ll be chided by humorless homosexuals and ‘progressive’ hacks who bristle at anything characterizing homosexuality as immoral, destructive and changeable. But who cares: LGBTQ activists attack, slander and lie about AFTAH all the time anyway. So enjoy…or not. Happy New Year!”

Just to be clear - if you don’t like nutjobs like LaBarbera attacking you in public, you need to grow a sense of humor. Who cares, indeed.

The poem itself is excruciatingly bad but worth reading in full just to take in the full scope of LaBarbera’s ignorance and stupidity.

Read I Saw the Kiss by Michael Sam. It Made Me Mad. He Kissed a Man!, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Peter LaBarbera Found Innocent Of Mischief In Canada, Says He's 'Sorry To Disappoint All The Nasty Gay Activists'


Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera was found not guilty in a Canadian court Monday of a mischief charge stemming from his arrest in April for protesting at the University of Regina.

LaBarbera, of Illinois-based Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, and Canadian anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott were arrested after they refused to leave campus despite an order from police.

Officials alleged LaBarbera and Whatcott were violating the university's Respectful Workplace Policy, because students said they felt discriminated against during previous protests by Whatcott. Police asked LaBarbera and Whatcott to leave because they were in possession of graphic anti-gay materials, including a large sign saying "Sodomy is sin" and T-shirts showing a woman who was murdered by a gay man. 

CBC News reports on the not guilty verdict:  

Today, Bill Whatcott reacted to the not guilty ruling by saying he'll return to the campus some time next year.

"They need to be a free and open place that allows debate and so I hope they reconsider their position and that they welcome debate or at least tolerate it," Whatcott said. "People with views that differ from theirs have a right to try to make their case on a publicly-funded campus."

Peter LaBarbera is in the United States and didn't attend court.

At their trial in October, court heard they were asked to leave the campus because their activities violated the U of R's policy on maintaining a respectful work environment.

The Leader-Post reports that Whatcott, who'd been arrested before for protesting on college campuses, uttered "thank you lord" upon hearing the verdict from Judge Marylynne Beaton of the Regina Provincial Court:

At the time, U of R provost Thomas Chase called the materials "graphic" and "disturbing."

But "the validity of (their) beliefs are not in issue," Beaton wrote in her decision.

"I find that the purpose of (their) attending the University of Regina was to communicate information and their actions were passive and non-aggressive," Beaton wrote. "The university's response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers."

Whatcott said he plans to return to the University of Regina in January. No word on whether he'll bring LaBarbera. 

In any case, the not guilty verdict is probably a good thing, because it avoids turning this lovely pair into martyrs for free speech, which may have been what they wanted.  

LaBarbera, who spent the night in jail and was voluntarily deported the next day, said in a statement on AFTAH's website

“Hopefully, this ruling will open up door to a resurgence of true tolerance and freedom in Canada. The Left in Canada, as in the United States, does not want debate but rather control. They fear unfettered exposure to moral truth and compelling facts about homosexuality–hence their campaign to silence Christians and others who speak out against sexual immorality and gender rebellion.

“The very fact that I was detained and searched at length twice by Border police upon entering Canada–merely because I and AFTAH espouse historic, biblical, Judeo-Christian teachings on homosexuality–reflects escalating ‘thought tyranny’ and anti-intellectualism in Canada which, if allowed to take root, will only lead to more rigid repression against believers in this great land.”

LaBarbera also reacted to the news on Twitter: 


h/t: Joe.My.God. 

Read the judge's full decision here

Listen to The Leader-Post's video report on the not guilty verdict here, and watch video of the arrests, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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FDA Committee Inches Closer Toward Repealing Gay Blood Donor Ban

Picture 7The FDA Committee is meeting today to discuss proposals of removing the ban that prohibits gay men from donating blood reports The New Civil Rights Movement. Talks of repealing the ban appeared last month when The Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Blood & Tissue Safety & Availability voted to drop the ban for any man who has not had sex with another man in at least a year. A Williams Institute study finds that repealing the ban would save over 1.8 million lives.

However, the one-year abstinence stipulation is still considered discriminatory, and the few gay men that are eligible to donate would yield little increase in the amount of blood donated. Ryan James Yezak, found of the National Gay Blood Drive, finds the new stipulation discriminatory and absurd.

Said Yezak:

"The policies that are in place, the lifetime ban, perpetuates negative stereotypes and stigma. It assumes that all gay and bisexual men are likely to have HIV and therefore must be blanket banned and that's just not necessary in this day and age when they have the testing and other countries have moved to deferral time period."

Although Yezak is disappointed with the methods of the new stipulation, he agrees that it's at least a step in the right direction toward repealing the ban completely. Of course, the anti-gay right wing disagrees. Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, the head of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, staunchly affirmed his position on keeping the ban.

Said LaBarbera:

"First of all, HIV rates and sexually transmitted diseases are rising among homosexual-practicing men. So why would we be talking about softening the blood ban at a time when [STDs] are on the rise among men who have sex with men?"

The ACLU disagrees, saying criteria for becoming a blood donor should be based on science, not misinformed assumptions and discriminatory stereotypes. LaBarbera and his fellow constituents choose to ignore the fact that HIV is as much an issue for heterosexual people as it is the LGBT community. Fortunately, President Obama reaffirmed his support of those living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS in a speech the day before the observance of World AIDS Day this year. 


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