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Start Your Day Right with These Happy Twerking Snow Bears: VIDEO


Coming at you from Wellfleet, just south of Provincetown on Cape Cod, are a couple of happy twerking (well, their version of it) snow bears, and a special guest.


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'Touralouralay', a Musical Tale of Gay Love, Marriage, Booze, Drag, and Betrayal: VIDEO


Singer-songwriter Billy Hough presents "Touralouralay", a unique musical tale of gay love, marriage, booze, drag, and betrayal shot in Provincetown, Massachusetts and Buffalo, NY entirely on an iPhone.

The video features members of the indie band The Albrights along with a cameo by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Why is a Giant Grindr App Wandering Provincetown? — VIDEO


You see a lot of things wandering the streets of Provincetown, Massachusetts, but it's not so often that you see a giant Grindr app handing out test tubes of (fake) blood and semen.

Watch artist Tim McCarthy's project on HIV transmission, AFTER THE JUMP...

2_grindrSaid McCarthy, in a press release: “The concept is meant to be disturbing. We want to engage guys—especially young guys—in a conversation about HIV that seems to have lost momentum.”

McCarthy adds that the video title and Grindr handle, 'R U the 1?', is intentionally equivocal: "Are you the one I’ll spend a night with? The rest of my life with? Or the one who gives me HIV?"  He adds that the reverse label on his handouts includes information about the rise of HIV infections and the use of social apps for bareback sex. It also includes tips for making sex safer with online partners.

Added McCarthy: "The Internet and smartphones have changed gay culture and how we meet one another. There’s no shame in meeting online for sex. But if guys knew about the prevalence of new HIV infections, they might do more to prevent its transmission.”

Watch public reaction to McCarthy on the streets of Ptown, AFTER THE JUMP...

In related news, a recent study of over 1,300 gay and bisexual men in the New York City area who use Grindr revealed that 1 in 10 men on Grindr in NYC had never received an HIV test.

Further analysis showed that the proportion of older men getting tested for HIV was notably higher than that of the younger men, with 1 in 5 young MSM between the ages of 18-24 having never received an HIV test. Comparing these men to the overall population of NYC MSM indicated that a higher proportion of men onGrindr had never been tested for the disease (10% of Grindr users versus 2.6% of all NYC MSM).

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Alabama's First Out Gay Lawmaker Patricia Todd Marries in Provincetown

Rep. Patricia Todd, Alabama's first openly gay legislator, married her longtime partner Jennifer Clarke on September 14 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, reports:

Todd“It was beautiful. It was perfect,” Todd, D-Birmingham, said of the afternoon ceremony on Cape Cod.

Clarke's 25-year-old daughter, a third-year law student, officiated the ceremony. Clarke sang a love song to Todd during her vows. The Birmingham legislator admitted that she got teary when they went to get their marriage license in Massachusetts.

“I sat there and thought, 'My God, we can get married. Everybody accepted it and it’s no big deal,’” Todd said.

The paper adds:

The couple met eight years ago when Clarke clicked on a pop-up ad for the social side of a political web site. After dating for a year, Clarke moved to Alabama after Todd was elected to the House of Representatives in 2006.

“I call her my Renaissance woman,” said Todd, noting Clarke’s two master’s degrees and singing and drawing talent.

Clarke said in Todd she saw, “a tremendous person who lived into the integrity of her convictions.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

Joe Biden Visits Provincetown, Praises Gay Rights Advocates

(image jamie citron twitter)

Vice President Joe Biden visitied Provincetown, Massachusetts at the tip of Cape Cod for a fundraiser on Sunday morning at the base of the Pilgrim Monument.

Politico reports:

Vice President Joe Biden thanked gay rights advocates Sunday for advancing not just their own civil rights, but also the “civil rights of every straight American.”

“You are freeing the soul of the American people,” Biden said to loud applause during a stop in Provincetown, Mass., according to a pool report. Biden honed in on the LGBT issues during his campaign speech at the Pilgrim Monument and Museum, which is located in a prominent gay community in Cape Cod. “If I had to use one adjective to describe this community it’d be courage," Biden said. "You have summoned the courage to speak out, to come out. We owe you.”

Naom Scheiber at The New Republic says Biden is positioning himself for a 2016 run:

First, Biden is going to extravagant lengths to ensure his boss’s reelection while putting his own ambitions on hold, in the hope that the Obama brass will reward this selflessness when the time comes. There is, quite simply, no speech Biden won’t deliver if it advances the White House cause, no attack on Mitt Romney he won’t wage, no annual convention of Pacific Islander flight attendants he won’t attend on the president’s behalf. “To some extent, he’s put himself in a challenging position [for 2016] by playing by the rules of the Obama political operation and not doing a lot of the prep work, particularly around fund-raising, you would ordinarily be doing by now,” says the adviser...

...Step two of the master plan is leveraging Biden’s deep ties to traditional Democratic constituencies, such as labor, trial lawyers, and African American, Jewish, and gay groups and donors, the last of which were thrilled by his plug for same-sex marriage this May. The vice president cultivated some of these ties for decades as a senator, but has strengthened them significantly during his punishing tour of Holiday Inn ballrooms over the past four years. “Biden has a special call on a lot of people’s loyalties, starting with the president,” says the adviser. “That’s why you’ve got to take him seriously. And he’s serious.”

Dolphin Rescue in Provincetown: VIDEO


I'm working up on Cape Cod for a few weeks and was out biking yesterday in the National Seashore when I made a swing by Provincetown's Herring Cove Beach and noticed a commotion. A space had been cleared on the beach for the arrival of several Atlantic White Sided Dolphins which had stranded themselves early in the day several miles down the coast at Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

A protected bay, Herring Cove is apparently a much safer place for the rescuers to release the dolphins back into the water. There were six which had beached themselves. Two apparently died in the process, and the four remaining were examined and brought up to Ptown for release.

I arrived at the beach moments before the dolphins were trucked in and shot some video of the release. Notice at about 3:00 you can hear the dolphins start communicating as they are first submerged back into the water.

Really a joyous thing to witness. Thought I would share.



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