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Imagine This Chasing You Through the Woods: VIDEO


Boston Dynamics, creator of the Big Dog, and Big Mule, presents its first humanoid robot named Petman, which will stalk you in your nightmares.


According to Boston Dynamics: "It is used to test the performance of protective clothing designed for hazardous environments. The video shows initial testing in a chemical protection suit and gas mask. PETMAN has sensors embedded in its skin that detect any chemicals leaking through the suit. The skin also maintains a micro-climate inside the clothing by sweating and regulating temperature."

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Terrifyingly Strong Big Dog Robot Hurls Cinder Blocks: VIDEO


What's the latest skill Boston Dynamics has put to the test of its BigDog robot?

Get out of the way, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Massive Pack Mule Robots Will Follow You for 20 Miles: VIDEO


Earlier this week they showed off the cheetah robot that can run faster than Usain Bolt.

Now, check these robots out, which are more like draft horses or pack mules.

The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is a rough-terrain robot developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. It is designed to carry 400 lbs of payload and travel 20 miles without refueling.

How smart is it?

“Other improvements include the ability to go from a 1- to 3-mph walk and trot over rough, rocky terrain, easily transition to a 5-mph jog and, eventually, a 7-mph run over flat surfaces, showing the versatility needed to accompany dismounted units in various terrains,” Hitt said. “The LS3 has demonstrated it is very stable on its legs, but if it should tip over for some reason, it can automatically right itself, stand up and carry on. LS3 also has the ability to follow a human leader and track members of a squad in forested terrain and high brush.”



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Cheetah Robot Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt: VIDEO


Starting your week with a sprint, here's the latest from Boston Dynamics, a robot that can outrun the fastest man alive. Just hope it never has reason to come after you.


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Because Cockroaches Will Outlive Us All: VIDEO


As a follow-up to yesterday's amazing Boston Dynamics robot based on a sand flea, here's a companion six-legged bot the company has designed that is based off of the movements of cockroaches, called RHEX.

Controlled by an operator up to 650 yards away, it can also tackle slopes, stairs, and swim underwater while relaying video of its surroundings.

Both are scheduled for testing in war zones: "The Rapid Equipping Force is slated to deploy nine Sand Fleas and four RHex robots to Afghanistan for further testing once they complete ATEC trials."

Check it out in action, AFTER THE JUMP...

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