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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1026

HIV/AIDS VACCINE: Canadian vaccine ready for human trials.

SAM WORTHINGTON: Wrath of the Titans.

COSTA RICA: Encounters with orphan monkeys.

FIREPROOF MATERIAL: Anybody volunteer to test out the torch?

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News: True Blood, British Columbia, Sarah Palin, Jackass, Coffee

 roadSenate passes health care reconciliations. Back to House.

Teddy  roadThere's a reason it's in a jar.

 roadThe school that denied lesbian Constance McMillen her right to go to prom suspended a transgender student back in January: "People were talking about him all day, trying to get a look at him," said McMillen. "It was insane, it was ridiculous, it made me so mad. They said he was causing a distraction with what he was wearing but it was a half day of school and people didn’t have time to get used to him."

 roadSarah Palin reality TV show to happen.

 roadMajor student anti-homophobia conference to take place in British Columbia: "Called Dare to Stand Out, the all-day conference will include workshops and discussions about creating gay-straight support groups in high schools, dealing with homophobia and gender stereotyping and recognizing the work of "advocacy heroes" who have promoted change."

 roadCher: Don't read my lips.

 roadDustin Lance Black-penned J. Edgar Hoover biopic to address FBI head's rumored homosexuality.

Oltl3   roadOne Life to Live fans plan rally in support of Scott Evans - Brett Claywell gay storyline outside ABC studios in Times Square on Friday morning.

 roadActor Robert Culp has died.

 roadGLAAD takes action against Ticked Off Trannies with Knives: "The film, its title and its marketing misrepresent the lives of transgender women and use grotesque, exploitative depictions of violence against transgender women in ways that make light of the horrific brutality they all too often face."

 roadDark roast coffee makes your stomach happier.

 roadGay activist Alan Roskoff confronts anti-gay NY state senator Ruben Diaz Sr. at City Hall Restaurant: "Roskoff, who is not known for his subtlety, stood up at a City Hall News breakfast held (where else?) at City Hall Restaurant and challenged Diaz Jr., saying that if he indeed plans on running for mayor in 2013 he's going to be treated 'just like Harold Ford.'" 

Trueblood  roadTrue Blood tease: that ain't coffee.

 roadSteven Klein reportedly shooting Lady Gaga's video for "Alejandro".

 roadHelicopter-penis stunt got 'Jackass 3D' greenlit.

 roadWATCH: Sam Worthington in 'Clash of the Titans' trailer.

 roadNovelist Nicholas Sparks talks to Movieline: "I don’t know that I could [write a gay love story]. I’ve been asked about it. I have no moral qualms about doing it. I don’t know if I could do it well. Asking that kind of question is like asking, “Could you do a love story with more of a thriller element, like The Bourne Identity?” Enh. I’d have to read a lot more in that genre. I don’t know that I can write a western, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t write science fiction — my science isn’t strong enough."

 roadAnn Coulter speech in Canada cancelled after 2,000 show up to protest it.

 roadGOP Senators invoke obscure rule in retribution for health care reform passage. Won't work past 2 pm: "Making good on Sen. John McCain's threat to withhold all Republican cooperation from Democrats in the Senate in retribution for the majority party using reconciliation to pass health care reform, the GOP used the rule that states committees can only meet when the chamber is in session with the unanimous consent of all members."

News: Gay Books, Uzbekistan, Anderson Cooper, ENDA, Twitter

 roadBetrayed: Why Hiram Monserrate must go today (and will)...

 roadMixner: Campus campaigns against Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli just beginning.

Rocklobster roadHow "Rock Lobster" helped save a gay student's prom.

 roadYes, I would.

 roadMichelangelo Signorile on DADT: "Haven't we been here before?"

 roadFinalists announced in 22nd annual Lambda Literary Awards: "Winners will be announced at the 22nd Annual Awards, May 27 in New York at the School of Visual Arts Theater, 333 West 23rd Street."

 roadSam Worthington: next generation's man's man?

 roadDCCC unveils target list in "Red to Blue" program: "The selections are a guide to where the party senses it may have opportunities to play offense this cycle, despite the difficult environment and the fact that it already occupies the vast majority of competitive seats on the map."

 roadTwitter announces @anywhere program to embed itself all over the web.

 roadGay life in Shanghai, China coming out of the closet.

 roadThere's one place in the world where you'll find lots of cats.

 roadMaryland attorney general Douglas Gansler finds the attention back on him after his announcement that the state would recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere: "The announcement put Gansler back in the limelight, helping to solidify the impression that he's the front-runner to succeed Gov. Martin O'Malley as Maryland's Democratic flag-bearer in 2014. But the timing of the news conference also produced a backlash in Annapolis, reviving the image of Gansler as a lone wolf with a passion for media attention."

 roadNot only is Betty White coming to SNL, she's getting her own TV series.

Dog roadDog joins Austrian troops on parachute jumps: "Far from panicking at the experience of hurling themselves out of a plane at 10,000ft, the Austrians' Belgian Shepherd dogs appear to be perfectly calm both before and during the jump. One handler explained: 'They don't perceive height difference the same way humans do, so that doesn't worry them. They're more likely to be bothered by the roar of the engines, but once we're on the way down, that doesn't matter and they just enjoy the view.'"

 roadMan with big dick turned away at NYC New Museum.

 roadUzbekistan AIDS advocate jailed: "'Maxim Popov was convicted for writing a brochure which was funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and UNICEF as an effort by international donor organisations to raise awareness about the disease in the country,' said an AIDS activist who worked with Popov. Prosecutors argued that the brochure, which called for the use of condoms during sex and sterile needles when injecting drugs, was promoting immoral behaviour, the activist said."

 roadPaula Abdul in talks to head up reboot of Star Search.

Cooper  roadAnderson Cooper: Life Outside.

 roadMike Tyson to host pigeon-racing show on Animal Planet?

 roadReligion and gays.

 roadNJ hits D.C. for lobby day on ENDA passage: "Fifty Garden State activists just descended on the nation's capital to lobby our Congressional delegation to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act and provide LGBT folks with legal protection in the workplace. Presently it's perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay in 29 states. It's worse for transgendered Americans who are unprotected in 38 states. Passing ENDA would make it illegal to an employee based on his/her sexual orientation or gender identity."

 roadThe Soulforce Equality ride comes to Alabama.

 roadGay Swedish man ordered off bus.

 roadJessica Simpson may one day carry gay man's baby.

 roadStars on Ice Tour denies it is discriminating against Johnny Weir: "We are disappointed that there is untrue and inaccurate information being disseminated. Please be assured that the `gender identity and sexual orientation' of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers."

News: Sam Worthington, Dubai, Arthur Cores, Rwanda

 road California Assembly Speaker-to-be John Perez talks with the L.A. Times: "This means there's one less barrier for people. When I grew up, there were only a handful of Latino state elected officials and there weren't any openly gay ones. So I never thought I would be in office. . . . It speaks to the fact that California has a sophisticated electorate that struggles with issues of gay rights but really is driven by an overwhelming sense of fairness."

Gaymp roadGay Canadian MP flooded with support over Christmas card controversy. "Letters and phone calls of support, including one from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, have been pouring in for an openly gay Nova Scotia MP whose Christmas card ignited controversy this week because it showed him with his partner."

 roadMadonna and George Clooney went on a very unsuccessful date.

 roadRwandan Justice Minister denies plans to criminalize homosexuality.

 roadChemistry: Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

 roadHate crime assault reported in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

 roadDustin Lance Black vs. Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

 roadJames Franco does SNL: The skits.

Cores  roadArthur Cores, who founded Boston Market restaurant chain, dies of cancer at 52. "Arthur Richard Cores was born in Brookline, Mass., on Aug. 11, 1957, one of three children of Sidney and Rose Meister Cores. Besides his sister Michelle, of Brookline, he is survived by his spouse, John Yee, whom he married in a legal ceremony in Massachusetts in 2004; and his brother, Steven, of Bradenton, Fla."

 roadBritain's top footballers told to stay in closet: "Britain's foremost PR advisor, Max Clifford, told The Independent on Sunday last night that he has represented two high-profile gay Premier League footballers in the past five years and has advised them to stay in the closet because football 'remains in the dark ages, steeped in homophobia'."

 roadBaggy pants get revenge on killer.

 roadScientists: Earth on track for epic die-off." The study of the fossil and archaeological record over the past 30 million years by UC Berkeley and Penn State University researchers shows that between 15 and 42 percent of the mammals in North America disappeared after humans arrived. That means North American mammals are well on the way - perhaps as much as half way - to a level of extinction comparable to other epic die-offs, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs."

Calazans  roadMale model fix: Rodrigo Calazans.

 roadPolitico: Left feels left out under Obama. "The disillusion has produced a growing tide of organizing energy — and money — among liberals aimed at dragging the White House back to where many supporters believe Obama’s heart really lies. Union presidents have discarded their talking points and are openly sparring with the White House, while gay rights activists threaten civil disobedience, the ACLU keeps litigating, and congressional Hispanic leaders work to force their issues into the debate. But while those actions may actually create politically useful space to the president’s left, the other consequence of disillusion is what polls have found to be deepening apathy among Democratic voters."

Worthington  roadAvatar stars get LIFE.

 roadCameron sci-fi flick has $232 million opening weekend worldwide.

 roadA photo retrospective of newly-out Wales rugby legend Gareth Thomas.

 roadJohn Amaechi on what's coming for Thomas: "When people learn you are gay, often that can squash your definition so all the good stuff goes and you just become 'some gay rugby player', which is quite difficult for many athletes to deal with."

 roadGay in Dubai — one man's experience: "Walking back to the hotel from the festival’s opening night party I was definitely cruised by a group of guys, not to mention there were a good dozen questionables at the party itself.  Anyway, friend of friend informed that Dubai is actually quite gay, but it’s all underground.  And underground in this unromantic, contemporary way: It’s all sex via the internet.  Apparently Dubaisexuals have also discovered the Hotspot Shield (which I’ve been using for a good year to watch NBC and Hulu in Canada), a device that gives you an anonymous IP address.  Via the Hotspot Shield, all the porn and gay social networking sites in the world are available. "

Movies: Cat Fights From Another Planet

Picture 37

would live in a movie theater but for the poor internet reception. He blogs daily at the Film Experience.


There was reason to worry. What on earth was taking James Cameron so long anyway? It's been twelve years since Titanic, weighted down with Oscars and cash, sank into the ocean. For nearly a decade it looked like the reliable blockbuster director might never come back up for air. Was Titanic just too daunting to follow up? But, just as the negative buzz prior to Titanic's release evaporated when people actually saw the great big movie, AVATAR dispels any doubts within minutes. The old saying "if you rest, you rust" does not apply to James Cameron. He may have spent years geekily perfecting yet more groundbreaking cinematic technology but thankfully he didn't lose his love of fierce women, action sequences laced with emotion or his storytelling instincts in the process.

Avatar bombards you with backstory in its opening scenes but it's never weighed down by all the fantastical exposition (for a director so fond of lengthy movies -- this one clocks in at 162 rousing minutes -- his movies sure fly). With a series of quick scenes we get the basics: Jake Sully (Aussie hunk Sam Worthington) is an ex-marine who has lost the use of his legs, he's been recruited by bossy plant-loving Dr Grace Augustine (Cameron stand-in and Aliens survivor Sigourney Weaver) for an elaborate scientific and diplomatic mission to the planet Pandora. There, he'll be animating an alien body created specifically to be compatible with his own genetic code.


Picture 40

[Jake admires his fantastic new alien body... complete with tail]

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WATCH: Sam Worthington in Avatar Trailer


The trailer for Avatar has arrived. It's James Cameron's first return to filmmaking since Titanic, and stars Sam Worthington.

According to First Showing, "Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people."

More on Avatar from Cinema Blend: "Already people are complaining that Sam Worthington's Avatar doesn't look realistic, that the blue skin looks fake, because they haven't had enough time to see it move like a human, hear it talk, or see it respond to its world. Having seen it in Hall H, I promise it works. It just needs time to settle in, and just by showing one complete scene at Comic Con, they sold the effect entirely. Cutting together all the random scenes in the trailer just makes you more disoriented."


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