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'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Spoofs Taylor Swift In Thanksgiving Themed 'Shake and Bake' - VIDEO


In honor of Thanksgiving week, Daniel Franzese has posted a food-and-family themed "Shake It Off" spoof on YouTube called "Shake and Bake." The video features Mean Girls-fave Franzese leading a bevvy of boy and girl dancers in some hot moves involving chicken, Ziplock bags and, of course, Shake n' Bake. There is even a Taylor Swift drag-a-like who Franzese pushes out of the way to get the song started. He also shows off some sexy moves himself, including some Thanksgiving-themed twerking.  

The music video is Franzese's second collaboration with Beyonce spoofer Adrian Anchondo (pictured below), who was likely responsible for the fun choreography and diversely sexy group of dancers. (Take notice of a young Jake Gyllenhall-esque chorus boy in a tight 'n revealing leotard @1:40). Their first project together was an October spoof of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" that has received nearly a million hits on YouTube.

Recently, Franzese joined the cast of HBO's Looking and is featured in some teaser scenes from the upcoming Season 2. You can watch the full "Shake and Bake" spoof (along with a special guest appearance by one of his Looking co-stars playing a Pilgrim) AFTER THE JUMP...


[top photo via Twitter]

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Todrick Hall Covers Taylor Swift, Warns of Social Media Perils In 'Alice In WeHoLand': VIDEO


Todrick Hall (whom you may recall from his musical spoofs Mean BoyzSpell Block TangoCinderoncé, and The Wizard of Aahs) is back with a lesson in social media and public safety in his cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", reimagined as Alice in WeHoLand. Todrick and the City of West Hollywood want to remind you that your tweets, your wall posts and your GPS apps can wait while driving and crossing the street. The video has enough eye candy to give you a tooth ache, with Willam Belli as Alice and cameos from Davey Wavey and Steven Dehler among others.

Go down the rabbit hole, AFTER THE JUMP...


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New Music: Sportsman, LemuelG, Black Coast, Beans On Toast, Half Man Half Biscuit, Cash + David - LISTEN

Sportsman - Taylor Swift - Begin Again (cover)

New Music, brought to you weekly by Deadly Music!, will generally avoid most mainstream music - unless it's particularly deadly - to give new, emerging and fringe artists a chance. Most tracks are available on a Soundcloud playlist, some of them on a Spotify playlist....both of which are embedded at the end of this column.



Sportsman: Begin Again (Taylor Swift Cover)

SportsmanI never expected to write about Taylor Swift for Towleroad but when Sportsman - aka Per Magnusson from Sweden, an already-proven maker of beautiful, often downtempo electro pop - drops such a beautiful cover of "Begin Again" you’d be a fool not to.

Magnusson calls himself a “pop melody whore.” This proves he’s not joking.



LemuelG: Life Cap

Lemuel G Life Cap
Just occasionally you’ll hear a track from a new artist that even on first listening is miles above the rest and suggests something seriously exciting.

This first in quite a while to reach those dizzy heights is LemuelG aka Lemuel Wilcox.  

Currently recording his debut album his debut track "Life Cap" is an obviously very personal downtempo indie pop track that comes on like a heady mix of early Radiohead and Modest Mouse with a little bit of potential Martin Grech-level misery thrown in.

A genuinely stunning debut.


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Black Coast: TRNDSTTR (featuring M Maggie)

Black Coast TRNNDSTTRStan Rappaport used to be a member of New York-based electro pop outfit Prinze George but has recently branched out into a new solo project.

His first track as Black Coast is a collaboration with New York poet and songwriter M. Maggie.  

A downtempo, tender electro pop number with a wash of warm synth sequences, this is an instant classic that’s up there with the likes of Wet, Naomi Pilgrim and (tried to get through a week without mentioning them) CHVRCHES.



Beans On Toast: The Chicken Song

Beans-on-Toast-The-Chicken-SongBeans On Toast is an English singer doing what he calls "drunk folk" and what generally fits into the burgeoning mini-genre of anti-folk, which also includes the likes of Ha The Unclear, The Vinegar Tits and Half Man Half Biscuit (who probably invented the genre really).

Beans On Toast is something of a scene legend, having recorded with Emmy The Great, Mumford and Sons and Frank Turner among many others.

With a new album The Grand Scene Of Things out in December, he’s just dropped the lead track "The Chicken Song," a sing-along pub folk anthem about man’s enslavement and torture of chickens.

Potentially NSFW.

Check out some more acts and a killer playlist, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Kelly Clarkson Performs Soulful Cover Of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' - VIDEO


The original American Idol has turned in another noteworthy cover. No Sam Smith this time, Kelly instead sets her vocal sights on Ms. 1989 herself, Taylor Swift and her "screw the haters" anthem, "Shake It Off."

Watch and listen as Kelly shakes it off, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Taylor Swift Applauds Gay Fan's Grindr Promotion of New Album '1989'


Maybe it was a joke, or maybe Taylor Swift's success simply has no bounds. Whatever the case may be, Tumblr user 'ughstory' posted a screenshot (above) of his Grindr conversation-turned-album promotion for the young pop singer (with caption: "Honestly why am I single..."), and Taylor took notice. 

Take 40 reports:

Once Taylor saw this, she reblogged the image and wrote "CANT (sic) STOP LAUGHING. I Will be applauding you for decades to come for this."

This story comes one day after Taylor went to #1 on iTunes in Canada after releasing 8 seconds of white noise.

Is this just the beginning of a new form of advertisement? Will Grindr be overrun with T-Swift fans? Only time will tell...

Taylor Swift's 'Welcome To New York' Celebrates Same-Sex Love: LISTEN


"Welcome To New York", the latest single off of Taylor Swift's new album co-written by Ryan Tedder, celebrates not only the city that never sleeps but also the way the city is a place where you can be "who you want" and love who you want. Sings Swift,

Everybody here was someone else before 
And you can want who you want 
Boys and boys and girls and girls

Listen to a preview of Swift's new song, AFTER THE JUMP...

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