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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Just Wants To 'Shake It Off' - VIDEO


Out Modern Family star and marriage equality advocate Jesse Tyler Ferguson took part in the Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE event in LA and decided that Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" was an appropriate anthem to perform at the event, reminding audience members that even though there are haters in the world that are gonna hate, hate, hate, sometimes you just got to shake it off. Because after all, instead of getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, you could have been getting down to a sick beat.

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, who is close with Swift, shared Ferguson's performance on Instagram which quickly gained the seal of approval from Swift herself. 

Watch the performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Joe.My.God]

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Billy Eichner Sings His 'Glitter and Ribs' Taylor Swift Parody Song on 'Conan' - VIDEO


In these troubled times, Billy Eichner looks to Taylor Swift. Appearing on Conan last night (where he's been a regular since his Madonna-themed Super Bowl spot), Eichner confessed that he's a Taylor super fan and how in the midst of all the current national and international crises Swift can remind him that the most important thing in life is getting a text back from a boy. After some faux cajoling, Eichner then presented a live version of his Swiftian song "Glitter and Ribs", which ribs the popular songstresses style while also being a heartfelt homage as well.  

Eichner's song actually debuted on the website Funny or Die last summer as a music video in which he did Taylor in drag. But now that Swift has taken over the musical universe with the inescapable hits (and parodies) from her current album 1989, this newer version seemed to work even better along with a very enthusiastic, clapping-along audience. Eichner, whose own star has been rising with a recurring role on Parks & Recreation, will soon be starring in a new comedy series on Hulu called Difficult People, produced by Amy Poehler. 

You can watch his Conan interview and the full Swiftian song AFTER THE JUMP...

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DJ Earworm's United State Of Pop 2014: VIDEO

Picture 11

DJ Earworm, known for mixing the year's greatest hits into one, yearly mega mash-up, is back again with a mega-mix of 2014's top songs from Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Sam Smith, Pharrell, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, John Legend, Lorde and relative newcomers Meghan Trainor, Bastille, Tove Lo and Magic! among others. Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Movember-Themed Taylor Swift Parody Implores You To 'Shave It Off' - VIDEO


Bears and facial hair enthusiasts beware, comedienne and singer Michelle Glavan is out to denude men of their man fur. Movember is over and Glavan has had enough. Riffing on Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" she recreates Swift's original video but with a variety of hairy men, all of whom she implores to "shave it off."

Watch Glavan's appeal in favor of the razor, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Spoofs Taylor Swift In Thanksgiving Themed 'Shake and Bake' - VIDEO


In honor of Thanksgiving week, Daniel Franzese has posted a food-and-family themed "Shake It Off" spoof on YouTube called "Shake and Bake." The video features Mean Girls-fave Franzese leading a bevvy of boy and girl dancers in some hot moves involving chicken, Ziplock bags and, of course, Shake n' Bake. There is even a Taylor Swift drag-a-like who Franzese pushes out of the way to get the song started. He also shows off some sexy moves himself, including some Thanksgiving-themed twerking.  

The music video is Franzese's second collaboration with Beyonce spoofer Adrian Anchondo (pictured below), who was likely responsible for the fun choreography and diversely sexy group of dancers. (Take notice of a young Jake Gyllenhall-esque chorus boy in a tight 'n revealing leotard @1:40). Their first project together was an October spoof of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" that has received nearly a million hits on YouTube.

Recently, Franzese joined the cast of HBO's Looking and is featured in some teaser scenes from the upcoming Season 2. You can watch the full "Shake and Bake" spoof (along with a special guest appearance by one of his Looking co-stars playing a Pilgrim) AFTER THE JUMP...


[top photo via Twitter]

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Todrick Hall Covers Taylor Swift, Warns of Social Media Perils In 'Alice In WeHoLand': VIDEO


Todrick Hall (whom you may recall from his musical spoofs Mean BoyzSpell Block TangoCinderoncé, and The Wizard of Aahs) is back with a lesson in social media and public safety in his cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", reimagined as Alice in WeHoLand. Todrick and the City of West Hollywood want to remind you that your tweets, your wall posts and your GPS apps can wait while driving and crossing the street. The video has enough eye candy to give you a tooth ache, with Willam Belli as Alice and cameos from Davey Wavey and Steven Dehler among others.

Go down the rabbit hole, AFTER THE JUMP...


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