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What's Your Tail Tally? - VIDEO


The boys from the popular YouTube series "Steam Room Stories" are back and this time they discuss "your number," or as they refer to it, "the tail talley." 

Watch as the lads discuss quantity versus quality, AFTER THE JUMP...

The latest video also features something of a wardrobe malfunction. But don't worry, it's still work friendly thanks to an expertly placed happy face (pictured above).

And, in case you missed them, don't forget to check out their previous episodes about the gay birthday, bears, the hankie code, and Halloween.

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Gay Web Series 'Besties' Explores the Perils of Mixing A Co-Dependent Friendship And Online Dating: VIDEO


Besties, a gay web series from creators Kevin DeBacker & Eric Brown, looks at what happens when two male besties, one gay, one straight, take their co-dependent relationship to the next level by creating a joint OK Cupid profile and tackle the world of online dating together: "We're trying a new approach to online dating. We're looking to quad date. Yep. If you are gay man, and have a single bestie girlfriend, hit us up. If you are a girl with a bestie guy bud, hit us up."

The idea for the web series was inspired by DeBacker and Brown's real life experiences attempting to "quad date." They became something of an OK Cupid sensation in New York after creating their joint profile, "FalconNebula." The messages quickly poured in and what started as a joke turned into a reality. But what exactly was the appeal to the other bestie pairs that contacted them? A profile of DeBacker and Brown in New York Magazine's The Cut shed some light on the matter:

So Girls liked the concept because “Any straight dude who is besties with a gay man tells me he's comfortable with his own sexuality,” said Amanda Power, a hairstylist who quadded with Eric and Kevin last summer. And rather than reduce women to “fag hags,” the quad-dating arrangement celebrated their kinships with gay men. The men, for their part, seemed taken with the notion of the “bromance,” especially one that wasn't fraught with heterosexual anxiety.

After more than a few real life quad dates, it occured to DeBacker and Brown that their rarified experiences provided ample comedic gold for a web series. They were not wrong. And thus, Besties was born. 

Watch all four episodes of DeBacker and Brown's adventures in quad dating, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Animated Web Series 'McTucky Fried High' To Deal With LGBT Teen Issues - VIDEO

McTucky Fried High

Premiering in January, McTucky Fried High is a new animated web series that deals with issues faced by LGBT teens such as coming out, gender identity and bullying.

The series is made by Chicago-based film student, activist, graphic designer, feminist, vegan and animator Robert Carnilius.

Watch a preview clip of the series, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Go-Go Boy Interrupted' Breaks Character: VIDEO


Jimmy Fowlie's comedic web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted may have wrapped its season, but fear not fans of irreverent humor: Fowlie has released a blooper reel filled with funny outtakes from the show that follows ex-go-go Danny as he struggles to come to terms with life at 30 and leaving his former life as a boy on a box behind.

Go behind the scenes and see what cracked the actors up, AFTER THE JUMP...

And in case you're not caught up, be sure to watch episodes ONE, TWOTHREEFOURFIVE, SIX and SEVEN.


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New Web Series 'Swipe Click Bang' Looks At What Happens When Your Hook-Up Doesn't Get The Deal: VIDEO


A new web-series from writer/director Michael Sasso explores the perils involved in app-based dating and the tragi-comedy of errors that often ensues when strangers become lovers thanks to the ingenuity of modern technology. In episode four of Swipe Click Bang, titled "Hit It and Quit It," a naive unsuspecting young man gets his Grindr cherry popped and learns that a hook-up is often just a hook-up and nothing more. Unaware of "the deal" implied in many a Grindr encounter, he hilariously tries to turn his hook-up into a date. 

Casey J. Adler and Roscoe Brandon star in this story about a sexual encounter gone awry, AFTER THE JUMP...

Watch the rest of the season of Swipe Click Bang HERE.


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'Go-Go Boy Interrupted' Sobers Up (Sort Of): VIDEO


Your favorite go-go boy is back for the final installment of the hit web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted, and this time, he's finally taking a look at his life and his choices, wondering where he might have gone astray. As the dreaded quarter life crisis comes for Danny, portrayed by comedian Jimmy Fowlie, what lessons will he take away from his disastrous attempts to put his life together after leaving dancing on a box behind? To help him get on the not-so-straight and narrow, Danny decides to hit up AA. 

See whether the wisdom of the 12 step program sticks, AFTER THE JUMP...

And in case you missed them, check out Episodes ONE, TWOTHREEFOURFIVE and SIX of Jimmy Fowlie's irreverent web series.


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