News: Hillary Exorcism, Iran AIDS Drug, Jeremy Piven

road.jpg Another gem from the new Karl Rove book: “Soon after Rove moved into his new office in the West Wing, previously occupied by Hillary Clinton, he invited three top Catholic priests to conduct a ceremony to purge the room of evil spirits. ‘It was an actual liturgical ceremony,’ says participant Deal Hudson. ‘We sat at the table, we prayed. A priest said a series of prayers, including a blessing.’

Mahmoudahmadinejadroad.jpg Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims Tehran scientists have developed “AIDS containment” drug, whatever that means…

road.jpg Arnold Schwarzenegger cozies up to GOP by “vetoing a measure that would have banned homophobic comments from school textbooks and curricula.” However, that’s not enough for conservatives, who want him to veto two additional upcoming bills: “One of those measures would require school districts to adopt policies that prohibit discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation. Districts that didn’t comply could lose state funds. The second measure would pay 10 schools $25,000 each to create pilot programs that teach tolerance.”

road.jpg Anderson Cooper interned at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia during his time at Yale: “He has kept the experience a secret, sources say, out of concern that, if widely known, it might compromise his ability to travel in foreign countries and even possibly put him at greater risk from terrorists. ‘He doesn’t want to be any more of a target than he already is,’ says one Anderson confidante.”

Waxing_1road.jpg Look who’s waxing

road.jpg Boy George “quite enjoyed” his stint as a New York street cleaner, according to the BBC: “At first I thought I would have to wear an orange boiler suit. I don’t look good in orange or a boiler suit with my short legs. People were jumping out of manholes to see me and being really nice. The trick is just to do your job. You get tea breaks and stuff. It can be a real laugh. New York is so clean now you could eat your dinner off its streets.”