Tyler Brûlé to Launch Men’s Title Monocle

BruleThe founder of Wallpaper magazine, Tyler Brûlé, has announced he’s got a new baby in the works. Monocle, to be launched mid-February, “will feature a mix of stories on global affairs and geopolitical issues, as well as culture, design, fashion and consumer goods” according to WWD.

Brûlé says publications must rise to the challenge that the competition from new media presents:

“I’m so tired of hearing from all corners of the media that print is dead. Well, it’s not. It’s a time when magazines should be pulling up their socks and turning out more fabulous, more confident, more robust products.”


  1. Michael W. says

    Geez, naming a new fashion/design/culture magazine after a piece of eyewear nobody but Mr. Peanut has worn since the 40s is a bit of chance-taking, isn’t it?

  2. Leo says

    Nice to see Tyler being his usual modest self.

    Tyler writes a column called “Fast Lane” in the Weekend edition of the Financial Times. Tyler spends most of his time travelling around the world, sampling the First and Business class products of long-haul carriers and staying at the likes of the Four Seasons and Park Hyatt.