Mark Foley Attends Father’s Funeral in Shadow of Scandal

Foley_3Disgraced congressman Mark Foley said good-bye to his father Ed over the weekend in a eulogy that “started in the voice of a politician but quickly unraveled into sobs,” according to the Palm Beach Post. Said Foley to the gathered mourners:

“And most of all, I want to thank Daddy, for not losing faith in me these last weeks he was alive, even though I had disappointed him so deeply…I disappointed him so much. But he was so good of a man.”

Just days before, Foley left his rehab treatment at the Sierra Tucson facility to face an official criminal investigation opened by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into his relationships with congressional pages. It made Saturday’s funeral anything but ordinary:

“The funeral scene at the church could have been a simple portrait of grief: the flag-draped coffin, the organ requiem, tissue-toting mourners huddled in the pews, the family members in black. But on the street outside stood a battery of television cameras. And down the center aisle with the grieving family came the man in the eye of the national furor, a grimaced, wet-eyed smile on his face, congressional cufflinks dangling from the sleeves of his shirt.”

Foley’s father was 85, and had been battling cancer for three years.

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  1. resurrect says

    the closet is a terrible, horrible place. and tragic that the placement of this piece is just above that of the Romney anti-gay rally.

    what will it take to see how the lies and deceit of the closet only serve to further our self-hatred and suffering?

  2. Aggiecowboy says

    I have a really hard time condemning people like Foley and Haggard. Unfortunately, people like Dobson, et al. cannot see beyond their own (self-)hatred and egos (they love the power their hate-mongering brings them no matter who they hurt). Romney is nothing more than a political hack hoping to ride on W’s coattails using the same tactics of mobilizing the Religious Right on non-issues while ignoring the REAL issues. And, like Bush, he will try to run over the checks and balances built into the Constitution to prevent oppression of minority opinion.

  3. Ray says

    I still have no sympathy for this douche – if anything it makes him all the more reprehensible to put his father through this when he was dying from cancer. What a horrible way to die; knowing your son is a manipulative sexual predator.

    And Foley wasn’t burdened by the closet at all – he has a long-term live-in boyfriend at home in Florida. He’s just an ass who got-off on abusing his position of power to perv on teenagers whose parents had entrusted them to his care. He treated the pages like they where his own private stable of call-boys. He deserves all the misery that’s coming to him.

  4. brett says

    Hey Ray… your a ruthless asshole! Typical bitter heartless gay guy! dont respond to this, I wont be reading anything on this again so save your tantrums for someone else!