News: UCLA Taser, Jake and Reese, Penguins, Seattle Gays

road.jpg Gay group Soulforce launches letter-writing campaign to Ted Haggard: “This is obviously a moment of personal, familial, and professional crisis for Rev. Haggard. We want to make sure that the voices of intolerance and homophobia are not the only voices that he hears during this difficult time. Through the Soulforce web site, members of our community can share their own experiences and affirm that LGBT people can and do live lives filled with faith, love, and happiness.” Pen a letter to Pastor Haggard here.

road.jpg SHOCK: UCLA student tasered by police for not showing ID. (via AmericaBlog)

road.jpg Fund set up to benefit Ted Haggard’s gay escort Mike Jones.

road.jpg Gay penguin book And Tango Makes Three ruffling parents’ feathers again: When it came to the point where the zookeeper saw that the penguins were in love, I redirected (my daughter). That was the end of the story for her.”

road.jpg George Michael thanks nurses who cared for his dying mother with free concert: “Almost 10 years ago, during the last week of my mother’s life, I told my friends and family that if I ever played my own concerts again, I would make sure to do a free one for NHS nurses. The nurses that helped my family at that time were incredible people, and I realised just how undervalued these amazing people are.”

road.jpg Looking for some new threads? “The One” T-shirts designed by Steph & Alek at Oh La La will benefit people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in developing countries .

road.jpg Seattle has the second-highest amount of residents who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual: 12.9%. That’s 57,900 people.

road.jpg Meet the cast of the Broadway version of Legally Blonde

Jakereeseroad.jpg Jake and Reese?

road.jpg Record shop Davey’s Basement in small Michigan town boycotted after it sponsors Homecoming parade float for local high school’s gay-straight alliance: “Ever since the parade, the record store’s business has been non-existent. Several of our regular customers, who previously ignored the fact that we carry gay pride stickers and other (similar) items, now have informed us that they will do everything in their power to boycott and hurt our business. We are now known amongst the town as the store that publicly ‘promotes queers.’ These ignorant people have been spreading vicious rumors about our store and a mass-scale boycott has come into effect, courtesy of these parade-goers. We cannot financially deal with this. We are struggling daily to even make a couple sales. This boycott is founded on ignorance, and because of it we literally will shut down in a matter of time. That is not the message we want to send to the community; that hatred and homophobia, if in the majority, will accomplish its intended destruction.”

road.jpg Marc Jacobs still with boyfriend, and cleans up well!

road.jpg Larry King has never used the internet: “I wouldn’t love it. What do you punch little buttons and things?”


  1. woodroad34 says

    UCLA (and hence, the State of California) is in for a major lawsuit for excessive force. That is the most disgusting, jack-booted thing I’ve seen outside any filming, real or reel, of Nazi Germany. Those thugs ought to be fired and sent to prison.

  2. Buster says

    Andy — As I’m sure you know, “amount” is not the same as “percentage.” Seattle may have (at least according to the article) the second highest PERCENTAGE of GLB residents but the AMOUNT of GLB residents in places like Los Angeles, Chicago and (as you can see if you just look out your window) New York is clearly much larger than Seattle’s 57.9k.

    My pedantic point for the day.

    P.S. – I agree with WTF about hating links to Pink is the New Blog — but more because he’s kind of a childish, star-fucker than any problem with the coding.

  3. Jack says

    WOW! Marc Jacobs looks great. I barely recognize him. His boyfriend is delicious.

    Many of the top banned books in America have gay people or characters in it.

    Ted Haggard will one day admit he’s gay. Hopefully soon.

    I hope Davey’s Basement makes it. That kind of stuff happens all across America. Leland what are you going to do about it?

  4. M says

    If you do not follow Police demands. They have the ability to use whatever force required… Tase away ! that guy is an idiot… Wrong time to try and make a statement.

  5. WTFPart Deux says

    Can someone explain why a fund is being set up for Mister Jones. Was Ted Haggard his sole customer and now he has no income? Has he no more Mojo after the scandal and now has no means of income?

  6. Leland says

    Having a great deal of respect and admiration for much of the work of Soulforce, which I have often plugged on Towleroad, and having spent much of my childhood in “holy roller” churches, I can only hope that their Haggard letter writing campaign is just a kind of Trojan Horse attempt to get public attention to the futility and destructiveness of “conversion” “therapies.”

    Trust me, even dethroned, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that Rev. Ted opens his own mail, or even sees any of it before some assistant sorts what he/she determines to be the wheat from the tares. Were this not true, if he open all of his own mail, there is a REMOTE chance that some of the good, supportive, gay-affirming words they’re soliciting MIGHT soak in.

    But one doesn’t have to have read his pathologically self-loathing apology to his flock [and, in effect, the world] comparing gays to “dirt” to know that he is HIGHLY invested in exposing himself only to those who reinforce that belief and reassuring them that he is not going to further subject himself to temptation, even as simple as reading progay letters.

    The moment his mail handler sees the return address from Soulforce, five, fifty, 5000, whatever, letters will be immediately tossed into the trash—UNOPENED—or stamped “Return to Sodomite” and given back to their postman. On the other hand, they might decide to use them as props, burning them in a dramatic, public bonfire with singing and praising Jesus name for protection against the godless homosexual agenda, Eli, Eli.

    For a public action group, I’m surprised and disappointed that they aren’t demonstrating instead in front of Haggard’s megachurch, in the same way they have twice, in the same town, at the doors of Focus on the Family. Much of what Soulforce does, particularly their Right to Serve campaign, deserves our support, but this letter campaign is a waste of time and money and the good will of good people.

  7. westvill says

    M- these were not police, they were campus police…totally different story. We should tase the hell out of the rent-a-cops…Im surprised that there wasn’t an all out beat down by the students. should’ve been

  8. says

    Re: UCLA

    What I’m reading is that school policy required him to have his ID with him in that area, to prove he was a student. He didn’t, so technically he was trespassing. What I see on the video is someone breaking the law, screaming like an utter lunatic and refusing to cooperate with police officers. Why WOULDN’T he be tasered?

    It looks like UCLA kids would have a hard time in NYC, or anywhere in the northeast, for that matter. Freakin’ hippies….

  9. says

    well, what I saw in that same video was a guy being repeatedly tasered, then being told to “stand up” immediately after said tasering… Sort of a physical “catch-22,” imho. Irrespective of the man’s jerk quotient, he did emphatically say he was leaving and could, quite likely, have left, escorted. It looked to me as though the security guys were enjoying their power (and their spankin’ new tasers) and the exercising, thereof. I think the guy has a case for excessive force, at the very least.

    And, I join you in the hating of the Pink Links. Is it me, or do all other links go directly to the referenced topic; while the Pink Links force one to slog through all that starfucker crap to get to the subject…?

  10. John T says

    You’re right Rich, anyone who’s committing the heinous crime of trespassing should be immediately punished with severe pain and electrically-induced convulsions. Tasers can, and have, killed people for lesser infractions — and hippies (especially hippies who scream like lunatics) deserve to die, I’m sure we can all agree on that.

    Freakin’ uniform-fetishists…

  11. jon luddite says

    Those screams show unbearable pain. At best, those cops should be fired. At worst, put in jail for a couple of decades. (after a fair trial of course).

    On a lighter note, I won’t go to a trent/pink link. His stuff is way too juvenile and much of it seems made up. Whoever said star fucker had it right. But it’s AT’s blog and he seems to like it. So be it.

  12. Mike says

    re: UCLA

    If you read the article, and listen closely to the video, when the other students begin arguing with the cops, they ask them, “Do you want to be tased, too?”

    Sounds like excessive force. Yes, the student wasn’t supposed to be in the lab. Yes, he refused to leave. However, he started leaving once the police officers got there. There seemed to be no need to even touch him. The problem escalated only once the officer grabbed his arm.

    Aren’t tasers supposed to be used only when people are being dangerously disobedient? Yeah, the student was being an ass, but he was LEAVING, and he was not threatening anyone.

  13. says

    John T: I’m far from an expert on tasers, so I won’t argue whether they are cruel or unsafe.

    The guy certainly did sound like he was in a lot of pain. Perhaps we should outlaw tasers. Seriously.

    In the meantime, I assume the officers were issued tasers by their department as an approved method of subduing uncooperative perps.

    Based on the first :30 of the video, the guy was screaming like a lunatic and sounded quite uncooperative BEFORE the taser was used. I can’t SEE what happened during that part, so perhaps it didn’t happen the way it sounded.

    The guy might have said “I said I would leave”, but from the beginning it’s clear that he was refusing to leave. Toward the beginning, his response to “stand up” was a very loud and clear “fuck you”. Nice.

    My point is that I’m not comfortable just blaming the officers without knowing whether they were following their training and procedures. If the problem is police policies, training and procedures, make it about that, not the officers.

    What I see in the video is a guy who’s acting pretty crazy, possibly breaking the law, and not only refusing to cooperate with police, but doing so in a very confrontational way.

    I’m against excessive force, of course, but surely police need tools to handle people like this guy.

  14. Jack says

    “Jack: Leland better keep his hands off of Davey’s Basement…that’s in my neck of the woods. Shit, I could walk there!”

    What are you saying? Are they not a good store?

  15. says

    I’d be curious to know why the guy felt the need to be so confrontational up front. He made the situation much worse than it needed to be.

    I also agree w/Rich. From what we hear, it sounds like they tased him because he wasn’t cooperating. while the first time might have been warranted, the repeated tasings were unnecessary and do show a use of excessive force.

    Tasing does interrupt the bodies normal electrical signals and it is possible he simply could not get up. The officers should have known that. We could not see if he was struggling or fighting w/the officers but we do hear him yelling BEFORE he got tased quite loud and then several times after.

    He’ll sue, win, and everyone’s tuition will go up as a result.

  16. says

    I like Pink blog. I don’t read it everyday, but I like it in small doses, just the way Andy links to it.

    I don’t like that he posts everything as one long rambling post, so Andy can’t link to something specific. It’s annoying scrolling through five pages of Britney-watch to find the interesting bit Andy linked to.

    But that’s Trent’s fault, AFAIK. Andy please keep linking to Pink!

  17. jimmyboyo says

    tasering an unruly student??

    1 time might, stress MIGHT be called for

    5-6 taserings is excessive

    It is very difficult after being tasered to imediately get up and walk

    Many brands of tasers allow for different settings. From stun to pain

    The guy obviously was being tasered all 5-6 times on the extreme setting. Those are not faked screams of pain.

    Anyway; this and the you tube video of the guy getting beat by cops last week…plus the you tube stuff that afected 2 elections (Allen in virginia and Burns in Montana)….all show that people will not and can not get away with the crap they used to. It is amazing. Cell phones with cameras and video + the internet is making fascism and foolishness impossible.

    On the gay front, sadly we will probably soon see a gay bashing filmed on a camera phone and put on you tube. It will impact the gay rights movment for the positive, but someone will be getting hurt.

  18. Angelo says

    My $.02…

    1) We know that these particular officers are jerks (at the very least), which is demonstrated by the fact that they tasered the student repeatedly, when it was not necessary. Even if you believe the first tazer was acceptable, surely the subsequent ones were not. Keep the “jerkness” of the officers in mind…

    2) We know that the BEGINNING of this altercation is not caught on tape. Obviously, the girl/guy with the cell phone did not immediately wip it out and start taping as soon as the cops approached the student and asked him to leave. Thus, the student’s response of “Fuck You” when asked to leave may be slightly more appropriate when you consider the action that might have taken place prior to the camera being turned on.

    I mean, the cops have already demonstrated that they are jerks. Do you really think they approached the student and politely asked him to leave? Or, do you believe it’s more likely that they approached him in a very rude, condescending, obnoxious or nasty way, thus prompting a series of actions that eventually led the student to say “fuck you” and eventually led to the cops tasering the student. I would imagine by the time the student said “fuck you”, the alteraction had escalated enough for one student to deem it worthy of taping.

    I certainly believe in respect for the the law and lawful orders. I even believe in respecting security guards. However, the law or policy of a library does not give individuals, even security guards or police officers the right to be disrespectful and it certainly does not give them the authority to tazer someone repeatedly (without cause, of course). What I see is a clear example of excessive and abusive force. Now, my inclination is to say that the kid was a jerk too (obviously not to the same degree), but first, I would need to know whether or not the officers instigated the escalation through unprofessional conduct other than tasering him.

    I know we want to be fair, but before we chastise the student for saying fuck you, let’s at least find out why he said it in the first place. If he was just saying it to bust the cops chops, then yea, shame on him (although he certainly didn’t deserve to be tasered). If he was saying it because the cops were total assholes leading up to that point, then he certainly shouldn’t be attacked.

  19. jimmyboyo says

    Amnesty International

    lists 90 cases where tasered people died from the use of 1 particular brand of taser.

    One police officer during a taser training experiment tells his experience of it and how it destroyed one of his vertabrets making it impossible for him to work as a polcie officer ever again

    1989 Canadian study found TASERs caused heart attacks in pigs with pacemakers

    A 1999 Department of Justice study found an electronic device weaker than the TASER can cause cardiac arrest in people with heart conditions

    A 2002 study by the British government concluded, “The high-power Tasers cannot be classed, in the vernacular, as ‘safe.'”

    Most recent department of defense study shows According to media reports, the study actually found TASERs caused heart damage in pigs

    Until there is, Amnesty International has called for a moratorium on the use of stun weapons until a rigorous, independent study of their use and effects can be completed. Failing that, AI recommends law enforcement agencies establish policies limiting use to situations in which the weapons are an alternative to deadly force, and create mechanisms for oversight and accountability when officers violate these policies.

  20. Thor says

    As a college student at a university where the police officers are “fully accredited” and “academy-trained” (they even get cars with lights and sirens!), this worries me a lot. For those of you who didn’t read the Daily Bruin story, “the police confirmed he was a student.” He had every right to be in that library.

    For those of you who didn’t bother to read further, this from KTLA News: “A UCLA police spokeswoman says Mostafa Tabatabainejad…”


    “…went limp and resisted officers as they tried to escort him out of the Powell Library computer lab.”

    Well, this complicates things a bit, doesn’t it?

  21. So Left I'm Right says

    OK, I finally watched that video, and that makes me sick. While it is not possible to know the circumstances immediately preceeding what was captured on video — and who knows? maybe the guy was being a total jerk off — this is a public University! The guy is a student who pays to go there. It is a school policy, not the fucking law, to have a student ID on you. I am a UCLA grad and “hippy” (who, incidently, in answer to the obnoxious comment above, has managed to survive the mean streets of NYC for 15 years) and I can tell you the UCLA cops are NOT rent-a-cops by any means. They are a real police department for an urban campus community occupied by up to 40-50,000 people daily. The LAPD does not have jurisdiction on campus because it is state property. The UCLA PD do, however, give the LAPD a run for their money in the asshole department, and there has always been tension between the students and campus police. They routinely stop African-American students at random and ask for IDs.

    Regardless of the circumstances, this is not acceptable conduct, and those guys had better be investigated, and hopefully fired.

  22. Antaeus says

    Interesting. We may find out that this kid was up to no good. I also think that the slam of “rent-a-cops” may be a MITIGATING factor here – are campus cops trained for people being that resistant and unruly? Perhaps not. This may well have been an extreme case for them.

  23. jimmyboyo says

    (german accent)…”Ve vant to vee your papers”

    shades of fascism past

    Maybe someday soon to solve this whole ID thing we will all have to start wearing colored triangles on our clothes so we can be identified by the police. Oh, maybe us gays for census purposes can wear pink triangles (sadly too many do not know the pink triangle came from the german concentration camps as a way to identify gay prisoners)

  24. Maclimo says

    Re: UCLA

    What I’d like to ask is where are all the people who reasoned that “all Rodney King needed to do was to stop resisting…”. Well, this little idealistic prick, like so many (but not all) college kids who think they are at the untouchable level of society got precisely to real world demo of the days we’re living in. You need an ID everywhere theses days. Right or wrong, helpful or hindering, it isn’t up for debate.

    He set his own table… let his dumbass feast up!

  25. Cory says

    Wow, LA Cops being dicks, that’s new. Sadly, there is no escuse, NONE, for their behavior. A student who is unarmed, sitting in a computer versus cops with weapons, it is inexcusable for them and quite frankly I have never been to any institution in which if a student doesn’t have an idea requires police to escort them off the campus. As I have studied full time in various degrees at Stanford, Hamilton College, University of Rochester and Columbia I would be stunned, STUNNED if this ever happened. This fascist state initiated further with the Republikkklans/Bush agenda (hi, any one remember Bush signing away law a few weeks ago allowing anyone to be thrown in jail at any time for anything without due process?) is sickening and frightening…

  26. jimmyboyo says

    Maclimo said

    “You need an ID everywhere theses days. Right or wrong, helpful or hindering, it isn’t up for debate”

    Comisar Maclimo


    You see, in america……land of the free, land of the brave, and YES!!! land of the indipendent always question everything = EVERYTHING is up for debate. EVERYTHING can and should be debated.

    If you want, you can go to the former USSR and try to recreate the old soviet system if you want. Here in america QUESTION and DEBATE EVERYTHING despite what Comisar Maclimo thinks.

    hell, America came about because our founding fathers DEBATED what was not up for debate according to King George.


    PS, please scroll up to the post I submited covering Amnesty International’s info on the health dangers of Tasers.

  27. joshua says

    My God….there are some sorry assholes posting here.
    If you would bother to read the story as well as watch the clip and then read the local news story, you will find that the young man was asked for his Bruin ID….he didn’t have it, he was asked to leave. He finished his page, then was on his way out of the lab when the campus police arrived. He told them he was leaving….one of them grabbed his arm and he told the cop to let go of him, then 2 other cops grabbed him, thats when the shouting started. He went limp and told them to let go of him and he would leave, instead they kept man handleing him and threatened to taser him…thats when he said **fuck you** and he got tasered, then got tasered 3 more times for refusing to stand up….which experts said was probably impossable for him to do on his own after the first tasering. He also told them, before the first tasering that he had a medical condition and one cop told him **tough shit**. After the first tasering, 11 people recorded what took place and all of them heard an officer tell by standers they would be tasered as well, when they told the officers what they did was wrong and asked for their badge numbers(which is proper procedure for anyone seeing a confrontation, by UCLA rules, so their can be an investigation), these cops knew they fucked up.
    UCLA may be a state school, but parents still pay upwards of 16,000.00 a year for their kids to attend…..heads are going to roll…..this boy was guilty of the crime of being Arab looking.

  28. Seann says

    I think both the police and the student were in the wrong, more so the police I guess. The student should’ve gotten up, because he had no i.d. and was technically breaking policy, instead of partially causing a big mess. The police are at fault for using excessive force and should be reprimanded or even fired for their gross overuse of power. This situation could’ve been handled a lot better if the student hadn’t been a little smartass and the police had adequate training.

  29. Anon says

    Instead of a letter writing campaign, we should each send a few copies of BBM to Ted Haggard’s church for their viewing pleasure. Maybe it will change a few minds.

  30. jimmyboyo says


    Thanks for the info

    I want to go back to maclimo’s “not up for debate”

    Well, slavery was the law of the land at one time in our history. Comisar maclimo would have said back then “NOT up for debate”

    Blacks and whites were not allowed to marry at one time in america. Comisar Maclimo would have said “Not up for debate”

    We as gay men and women were forbiden by law to have sex with each other….Comisar Maclimo would have said “Not up for debate”

    We as gay men and women are currentyly not allowed to marry our beloveds. Comisar Maclimo would say “Not up for debate”

    Any and all things in America are up for debate. That is the american way. The american way is to constantly DISAGREE with something and debate everything. We are probably the most contentious and debate loving group of people in the history of mankind. “Not up for debate” BULL SHI@. I say BULL SHI@ as a proud debate loving contentious American.

  31. A Ludwig says


  32. Eric O'Mallory says

    More american torturers…. not being able to stand up after getting tasered multiple times is now considered ‘resisting and obstructing’. What next? Being dead is ‘loitering’? And people wonder why the world HATES Americans as medieval barbarians?

    Contact information for UCLA’s thugs.

    Chief of Police,
    Karl T. Ross

    John Adams

  33. jimmyboyo says

    Thank you Eric ‘Omallory for the contact info.

    I put in Amnesty Internationals insistence that tasering even once is not acceptable except as an alternative to lethal force. I also mentioned that 90 deaths have been reported from 1 brand of tasers.

  34. says

    Joshua, Thank you for the update.

    Not all of that info was available via the links in this post – nor elsewhere (that I could find) – when this was first published here and I started responding. It seems the links and/or articles have been updated.

    “[He] was on his way out of the lab when the campus police arrived” is new info to me. If true, that changes things quite a bit. That was not what the initial reports showed or said at all.

    I am quite disturbed (and have been since the start) that bystanders were threatened with tasers. Obviosuly that’s not right.

  35. says

    It seems to me that in the wake of so many men in high profile positions, including very conservative members of the clergy that have been “outed” as of late, that condemning homosexuality that these “Holy Bullies” attempt to do does not work and never will obviously in preventing or stopping homosexual behavior. All they need do is look around at those that are in their midst that are just hiding behind these trumped up studies that would want us to think otherwise. The ones that shout the loudest against us are so often, as WE all know, the ones that are hiding. For this reason I believe it is high time that the phenomenon of “the closet” needs to be addressed and understood. I believe it is essential to discuss “the closet” to provide the necessary context from which to view some of these scandals. The closet, meaning the emotional place where people hide their true sexual orientation from others, whether one is a man or woman. Particularly now however I am speaking of men at this time because I believe men use the closet even more often than woman because of societies more narrow view and expectations of what behaviors are considered acceptable and “normal” for men. This discussion needs to be civilized, our knee jerk reactions and judgments held in check. We need to discuss this subject with compassion because there is a lot of emotional pain involved in living in the closet. We have to discuss this with a very sincere desire to try and understand why so many men are seemingly suddenly becoming gay. Of course this is an impression to some but far frin the truth. These men have been living extremely lonely double lives, riddled with guilt in “the closet”. Woman can be tomboys much easier than men can be sissies. Of course not all gay men are effeminate by a long shot but that is a stereotypical image of gay men and therefore many men attempt to cover up any behaviors they may have and believe may bring unwanted suspicion onto them. Therefore men, whether they be gay or straight, will practice stereotypical masculine behaviors to thwart any suspicion out of fear and/or necessity. This is especially true if they feel pressure to do so to protect their careers, career advancement, fear of social denunciation or they have difficulties reconciling their religious views with their natural inner feelings and same sex attractions etc. These are however the most common reasons for men to join the astounding numbers of other men that are also hiding in the closet.

    The fear of being discovered can be enormous and absolutely terrifying. These men will often then do whatever they believe society expects from them. They will marry and have children out of desperation in an always unsuccessful attempt at suppressing these natural longings and hoping that they will eventually go away. Since we have very conservative members of the clergy who are also unable to control these powerful inner urgings we perhaps need to at least try and understand these powerful feelings of attraction that we all know very well and have all experienced ourselves whether toward the same sex or the opposite sex, it’s all still the same. To Gays these attractions feel perfectly normal and are. Would we rather they try and unsuccessfully continue to hide by getting married and have homosexual secret liaisons with men and feel terrible guilt in doing so. They will do their very best to compartmentalize their lives the best that they can. However I believe and have found while researching my book that the longer one stays in the closet the more damage is done. It is generally very difficult to compartmentalize ones life for long without some emotional problems begin developing in varying degrees and manifesting in a variety of ways. Many closeted men develop coping mechanisms such as addictive behaviors of all sorts whether they are alcoholism, prescription or non prescription drug abuse. They may develop addictions to pornography, sexual addiction or other self-destructive ways of acting out. Once again unfortunately the longer one stays in the closet there will then also generally be more victims because of their closeted lifestyle choice. This is the only place where the word choice can be used correctly within the context of this subject. They can either “choose” to live in the closet or “choose” to live out their truth of who they really are. The victims may be their wives and children, their friends, parents and siblings. All feeling like they have been betrayed and deceived when the closeted individuals true nature is discovered as it was for ex-governor of New Jersey, Mr. McGreevy, ex-congressmen Foley and now the president of the Evangelicals, to name just a few of the staggering number of men that have also been hiding their true selves. I feel very sad for the victims as well as I very much understand the humiliation, despair, and profound depression that the closeted individual feels that soon follows once that door to the closet is flung open. For some, the shame and fear is just too unbearable and suicide seems like the only alternative to ending their unbearable pain and shame.

    Society needs to take some responsibility with this matter of the closet by being more accepting of alternative lifestyles. Without the closet, try and imagine how much less pain many people and families would have to endure. Not only the ones that feel that living in the closet is their only alternative, but for the victims that find themselves feeling betrayed and the breaking up of families that soon follows. We as a culture have some soul searching to do on this matter and not be so self-righteous. There are a variety of ways of loving and living. We need to accept the fact, that which seems to be normal for some is not necessarily normal for all. However, as I said the closet can cause deep and very troubling emotional problems that can eventually manifest in abhorrent behaviors. However, because there is still such a stigma surrounding issues of sexuality yet in this day and age in our rather hypocritical puritanical society, cause many gays not to seek help concerning issues they may be struggling with from the appropriate professionals. I generally do not recommend clergy because it can cause further damage due to their religious agendas which can deepen one’s guilt, shame and depression. This is a very complicated issue that society has to become more compassionate about or we will continue to shame many people with same sex attractions enough that will continue to inhibit many from being true to themselves from the beginning or it may prevent them from seeking the appropriate help for any specific personal issues in which they may be struggling with.
    Thank you, Aaron Fennville, Mi 49408

  36. Rob says

    Just wanna say congratulations on the sucess of your blog im a big fan and so i just wanted to point out that if your gonna use stories from the UK please source news from anything BUT the Daily Mail, that paper in my county is aimed at right wing bigets, the kinda folks you campaign against on your site, so please dont use them in futere the less press they get the better.

  37. says

    omg – I’m almost in tears now. How dare those police officers taser someone – TWICE!!!


    We couldn’t see what was going on the first time, but he was doing *nothing* to warrant a second taser. He wasn’t fighting, kicking or anything. HOW DARE THEY?

  38. JoeInSF says

    It appears to me that these UCLA campus policemen went overboard, forgetting common sense and decency, and will now be suspended, put under investigation and possibly fired. This situation could have been handled so easily. Karma is a bitch, though, and things now aren’t pretty for anyone involved…the student or officers.

    All of this goes to prove that unbridled testosterone can get you into trouble more than one way.

  39. Cory says

    These arent my words but i think it sums this situation up pretty nicely:

    ” I do believe Tabatabeinejad was foolish for refusing to show identification. But then again, an officer was asked for his name and badge number, and when he refused, nobody tasered him. ”

    -Alai Tchoi Ling Merz

  40. Malibu Boy says

    If police abuse is happening to UCLA students, imagine how much is going on to the poor and those without voices.

    Don’t become desensitized to seeing people being abused. People that say “oh, what did the student do to deserve it”? Uh, that’s a sign that we have become numb to seeing people being beaten down -cause or no cause. IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW PEOPLE.

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