Officials Investigate Possible Sexual Assault at Frat Hazing

Hazing_1The Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Central Florida is under investigation after police raided the frat house during an apparent hazing exercise and discovered pledges in diapers, fairy wings, and women’s panties:

“An incident report indicated that a male in the fraternity was spotted wearing pink fairy wings and women’s underwear and was not able to walk on his own. The report also said the officers found a man wearing a pink tank top, women’s underwear and a blond wig who was lying on the floor and vomited several times. Another male was sobbing on the floor wearing a rainbow-colored wig and a diaper.”

Three students were found so drunk they had to be rushed to the hospital.

Evidence of the sexual assault was not named, but a slide show attached to the local news story noting the presence of “mangled hot dogs” may offer some clue.


  1. Shorty says

    I think men have been convicted of rape with less evidence than this.
    Mangled hot dogs, women’s garb and rainbow wigs? Are there truely no straight men left?

  2. says

    My SAE chapter in Pittsburgh was suspended several times for alcohol related “incidents” and I can tell you that my pledging, while never including actual sexual assault, had a tremendous amount of sexually implicit acts. There is a difference between the two although neither are approriate. The thing that irritates me is that stupid graphic. It’s a blatant attempt to sensationalize a rather disturbing story by implying something which may or may not have actually occured.

    Also, there are many other refrigerator accoutrements that would make better “tools” than a flacid hot dog. College guys aren’t that dumb, are they?

  3. patrick nyc says

    Also, there are many other refrigerator accoutrements that would make better “tools” than a flacid hot dog. College guys aren’t that dumb, are they?

    That comment itself is pretty dumb, and funny.

  4. patrick nyc says

    As long as they were kosher Hebrew National. Frat hazings were the rage of news shows for a while and they were all going to be shut down. Not as long as men feel the need to be in power. I wonder what they shoved up GW’s ass?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Y’all laugh, but these are the kind of activites that leading conservatives use to participate in when they were young college lads: Representative Foley, Reverend Haggard, Republican kingpin, Ken Mehlman. These are the kind of activites they did before they became ANTI-GAY, FAMILY VALUES, conservative, white male supremecist,Republican motha’ f__ka’s.

    Forgive me , y’all. We had an office party , so I’ve started drinkin’ a little too early… God,I hate wine-it’s so superficial. Oughtta’ go straight on to hard liquor. None of that Sissy stuff! Patrick NYC, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

  6. pierre says

    I loved seeing ‘mangled hot dogs’ in big black letters on that news posting. It kind of leaves nothing to the imagination except whether they were hot or cold. I think they were nuked in the microwave.

  7. Robert In WeHo says

    If they do that to their pledges, I wonder what they do after hours with those two lions out front of their frat house on the lawn. That SAE chapter is in trouble now. Particularly since most of the National Fraternities have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of crap. I know TKE’s did…

  8. Jason says

    I’m majoring in PR here at The University of Miami, and let me tell you, this past Halloween had some BIZARRE SHIT.

    First and foremost, the amount of guys in drag was staggering. And not just old granny dresses–we’re talking all-out slut wear: booty shorts, high heels, wigs, some even featured dollar bills in their waist bands.

    As for Greek life, what’s even creepier than alleged sexual assaults is the fact that here on campus many are pretending to be “outstanding young men” with “dignity and ambition”.

    OK folks, this sent a chill down my spine. Now whenever I see them walking to class in suits and ties I think that of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho; wondering how many whores he disembowled the previous night while listening to Phil Collins is usually my first trend of thought.

    Creepy, creepy shit. Yet for someone like me who has creative writing as a 2nd major… the inspiration is endless.

  9. says


    When I was at FSU it was (allegedly) because of SAE that fraternity house parties were banned on campus because of sexual assault. I actually tried to join SAE until I heard that. It’s a cool fraternity known for partying hard and hot guys who walk around like hardasses. But I had heard their hazing was really difficult, which doesn’t mean it was horrorfying per se, just that it might have been hard. I pledged TKE instead and there was basically no hazing. It was like child’s play. But I used to live on Alafaya Trail right down by UCF and the Sigs did party hard there, too. I just can’t believe it would get out of hand, in this day and age of campus crackdowns on binge drinking, to the point where some kid is vomiting repeatedly. That’s so risky considering the chapter could lose it’s status if caught.

    Altho, I don’t miss having to get up on Saturday morning at 4:30 to clean the house with a box of toothbrushes. grrr.

  10. says

    While I agree that there seems to be a lot of homoerotic behavior in an all-male fraternity, let’s not conflate this sort of sexual assault with homosexuality. It truly does sound like sexual assault, and the ways of belittling and demeaning new recruits by sexual humiliation and feminine clothing is misogynistic and homophobic. It’s also violent and wrong. This isn’t “hot” or “sexy” at all. This is disgusting.

    Now, if we’re talking about the lacrosse team engaging in circle-jerks together (which I heard rumors of at my school when I was an undergrad), that’s a sort of homoerotic activity that’s both sexy and fascinating, because it’s behavior among a group of ostensibly straight men that is completely voluntary and deliberately sexual.

    But forced degradation and molestation is totally disgusting, and we should not let people call this “gay” behavior. It’s no more “gay” than pedophilia.

  11. Jaesin says

    I attend UCF and chances are this is their third strike.

    Better than Pike, they got in trouble for forcing pledges to rape goats with dildos.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    and UCF Is one of the biggest engineering colleges in the nation, and one of the best. It’s hardly a podunk community college, somewhere in the 40K+ student range. Wonder what made Martin so bitter…

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