Gerard Butler Prepares to be a Spartan for 300


Scottish actor Gerard Butler put himself through a brutal work-out regimen for his role as King Leonidas, leader of a 300-strong army of Spartans in the upcoming adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300:

“We would do a lot of circuit training using a lot of primitive tools like kettle bells, medicine balls, rings and huge elastic things which attached to the wall. You would have to run and then stop and hold. I also worked with the stunt people in an non-air conditioned warehouse and that was like an oven inside. That was the stuff that really made you sweat. I was pretty much naked and the floor would be soaking wet with our sweat.”

Men’s Health takes us there in the latest issue. 300 premieres on March 9th. Check out the trailers here, and our previous coverage here.

Gerard_butler_2 Gerard_butler_3

And here’s Butler’s finished product:


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  1. jimmyboyo says

    I wonder if the movie will cover how children born in Sparta were evaluated within days for physical defects and non-perfect babies tossed off a mountain cliff to their deaths….Boys were then allowed to live with their mothers for 7 years at which time they were snatched away and forced to live in the mountains in clans of other boys like wild animals (homosexual liasons encouraged by spartan legal system because it made for better armies)till the age of 12 and then under the spartan legal system aprenticed off to an older soldier (male) to be their trainee and lover. A man with a beard could not be allowed to be buggered but was encouraged to bugger boys. Females were only for procreation as evidenced by men in Spart not living with their wives but rather living in barack set ups with other men.

    The Spartans held to “women are for babies while men are for love”

    This made for a tighter nit millitary…the slaves like slaves anywhere were lucky to live in a horse stable after working all day.

    I do not think the movie will cover any of that at all.

    The previews also look sucky historicaly in that quite a few characters look more out of Lord of the Rings than actual humans.

    Visualy though it looks stunning.


  2. Matthew says

    300 was originally a comic book by Frank Miller. It doesn’t have a lot of historical depth like you are suggesting Jimboyo. It’s more story orientated.

  3. says

    Quit stating the obvious about spartan soldiers that “we” already knew Jimboyo and get a life…(and get to a gym cause you sound a lttle fat and jealous……)

  4. David says

    Well, pardon me, but I didn’t know about that stuff about the Spartans. Guess that makes me fat, jealous AND stupid.

  5. dystop says

    Face it: Ancient Greek democracy was based on a slavery system which made it possible in the first place. Ironic, no?

  6. says

    Alan. Simmer. I hadn’t a clue about the Spartans so don’t throw me in your collective bag o’ knowledge…why be so aggressively mean and condescending?

  7. jimmyboyo says

    alan brickman

    Peace be with you child. Though you are probably 50 years older than me, you are a child raging against a mental, emotional, and spiritual giant compared to you.


    Send me some picks of you and I will gladly send you some of me…just click on my name. Then we can see who is the hotty…ME….and who is the nebish… YOU (don’t know what nebish means then look it up)


    A hot fuck with a brain though a horrible speller

    PS: The Spartans didn’t fight in clothes. Just Naked Flesh, a helmet, and a shield.

  8. says

    Message 1 to Jimmyboyo: Sorry to interrupt your pseudointellectual ejaculations, but there is no consensus among historians that either most Greeks, nor Spartans especially, actually, typically practiced “buggery” with their younger charges. There are more extant graphic representations of intercrural intercourse, also known as interfemoral intercourse, a variation of frottage in which one rubs his penis between his partner’s thighs from the front or rear, than of anal intercourse. Plutarch wrote that the Spartans adult/boy relationships were entirely nonsexual, though other records disagree.

    Message 2 to Jimmyboyo: Your shrink called and they think they’ve found a cure for your advanced case of a disease that also has historical Greek connotations: “Reichenesque Narcissism.”

    Addendum, particularly to those previously unaware of the legend of the 300 being composed of male partners and/or lovers: the selection of the lower case Greek letter lambda, in 1970 by New York City’s Gay Activist Alliance as a symbol for gay liberation was based, in part, in reference to the Lacedaemonians, another name for the Spartans, and, specifically, that some believe the lambda was on their shields. Of course, it has been mostly eclipsed by the rainbow flag, but its valiant history lives on in the name of one of our few worthwhile national organizations, Lambda Legal.

  9. 000000 says

    I’d definitely see the flick if someone else paid my way. This guy was wretched as the Phantom.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    Oh leland

    (The ephors fined any eligible man who did not love a boy, because, despite his own excellence, he failed to make a beloved “similar to himself.”[6] Likewise, for a boy it was a disgrace to not find a lover,[7]. By the time they reached the age of twelve “there was not any of the more hopeful boys who did not have a lover to bear him company.”[8])

    A quick internet search shows that the only sites/ so-called shcolars that debate the homosexual actions of ancient greece are xtian apologists who go and on about Glorious Jeebussssssss and the bible along with their trying to debunk the wide spread homosexual acts of Ancient Greece.

    Come on now, you are too smart to fall for xtian propaganda

    I personaly do not support pederasty, prefering for myself a man a year or 2 or 3 older than myself…anyway

    I didn’t bring this subject up for no reason. For a movie to claim to be about a historical people and then to be completly off base historicaly is assinine. They could have simply made this movie about some fictitous civilization that did not exist instead of one we know quite a bit about.

    On the narcisim schtick…..

    Dude, I have posted on Towleroad for close to 2 years..maybe more…and this is the first time ever that I have tooted my own horn about my looks due to someone first attacking me.

    reichenesque narcissim is better than your Reichenesque Obsesion borderline CRAZY

    otherwise you seem like a cool guy


    soulbrotha :-) LOL

  11. strepsi says

    Holy catfight!

    I think the point of the original post was “Lookit gerard Butler’s boobies”…

    However, gotta go with Jimmyboyo — especially after the best ALexander could show was “longing glances”… and that even after the casting director went to the trouble of casting Jared Leto even prettier and tinier than Colin Farrel…

    Film about the Army of Lovers? Made in the US which doesn’t even allow “gays” in the military? I’m there.

  12. Daniel says

    I hope that, unlike Sin City, there is some sort of substance or reason for doing it other than just bringing a comic book to life. I thought Sin City was dreadful, misogynistic blather and once you got past the striking visuals you were left with a surprising amount of posturing and really, really, bad dialogue.

  13. Alexiandra says

    Oh jeese. I am sorry. I didn’t realize I had stepped into the middle of a history lesson. What gives? Wasn’t this about Gerard Butler (who, coincidentally, looks pretty hot…although not with the triangle beard) and even with the alleged historical blunders, the movie looks pretty awesome. So how’s about we all get off the high horses (myself included in this) and get back to the topic. And for the record: jimmyboyo, that whole first post that you gave seemed like you were showing off just a little. I mean, good on you, but I don’t really care. Quoting a site that can be edited by anybody? (Wikipedia? Come on, you’re smarter than that!) That’s just not cool. And leland IS right about the historical facts, even if a little harsh –> I’m Greek and majored in Classics in University. Sorry for any callousness! It was unintentional… 😀

  14. mark m says

    Pseudo what Leland? Pseudo what?

    Um, paging Kettle, paging Kettle, black pot is calling.

    Jimmyboyo you keep spouting whatever you want. I enjoy your posts and I happen to know for a fact that you are neither old nor fat and a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than most of the bitter old queens who find a younger intellectual threatening.

  15. moi says

    Now moi really wants to see a pic of the sexy Jimmyboyo. “Hot” and “Intellectual” in the same sentence? Moi is SO there. :)

  16. says

    I have to agree with Daniel, I hope 300 has better dialog than Sin City. Sin City was a very visually appealing movie, but the whole band of whore/ninjas was too str8 boy porn fantasy for my taste.

  17. jimmyboyo says


    True, Wikipedia is not the best source. I myself have blasted people for citing Wikipedia. How about PBS

    PBS documentary (2004) The Spartans narated by noted historian Bettany Hughes . An excellent documentary which I recomend and you can learn more about at imdb
    It does go into the gay aspect. Debate PBS if you want……On the sounding like i was showing off. Sorry if it came across that way. That was not my intention at all. I plan on watching this movie for the visual affects and the visual affects only. I just get flustered about movies that show historical things and or people and are way way off. This isn’t the 50’s where you paint a white man red/ black/ yellow, stick a feather in his hair/ force him to talk in patos/ or squint his eyes, and call him an indian/ african american/ asian. This is the 21st century where we should expect nothing less than some historical accuricies in movies. On that note Gerard Butler though looking HOT is a Scots man through and through…not one drop of greek blood in him. Anyway; otherwise just do the movie about a fictitous civilization.

    Mark M

    Thank you

    Remember, I know what you look like as well and simply stated “Woof” 😉 nice :-) alan still hasn’t sent me any pics to judge his looks by and so I can send him some of me to see the “fat” comment doesn’t fly.

  18. DJ says

    before and after yeah that works for me for real. never heard of this guy before but now its a different story.

  19. Patrick says

    Sounds like it’d also make a really smokin’ porn movie, and to quote Paris Hilton….”That’s Hot!”

  20. all girl says

    God what is it about you gay people. Always trying to validate on of the biggest sins short of thow shalt not kill. Your disgusting and I think Gerard would kick your ass not penetrate it. Keep dreamin boy lovers ha ha.