Gerard Butler Prepares to be a Spartan for 300


Scottish actor Gerard Butler put himself through a brutal work-out regimen for his role as King Leonidas, leader of a 300-strong army of Spartans in the upcoming adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300:

“We would do a lot of circuit training using a lot of primitive tools like kettle bells, medicine balls, rings and huge elastic things which attached to the wall. You would have to run and then stop and hold. I also worked with the stunt people in an non-air conditioned warehouse and that was like an oven inside. That was the stuff that really made you sweat. I was pretty much naked and the floor would be soaking wet with our sweat.”

Men’s Health takes us there in the latest issue. 300 premieres on March 9th. Check out the trailers here, and our previous coverage here.

Gerard_butler_2 Gerard_butler_3

And here’s Butler’s finished product:


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Posted February 21, 2007 at 10:09am ETC by Andy Towle
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