Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a “Faggot”

At the Conservative Political Action Conference today, which was attended by 2008 Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), former Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) as well as Vice President Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter referred to Senator John Edwards as a “faggot”.

Ann_coulter_2After being introduced by Romney, who said “I am happy to hear that after you hear from me, you will hear from Ann Coulter. That is a good thing. Oh yeah!”, Coulter took the stage and said:

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards.” (video)

Coulter’s comments were met with an audible gasp and then a smattering of applause and cheers. Disgusting.

It’s not the first time Coulter has used anti-gay slurs as a form of insult. Last July she called Al Gore “a total fag”.

HRC’s Joe Solmonese issued this statement: “To interject this word into American political discourse is a vile and disgusting way to sink the debate to a new, all-time low. Make no doubt about it, these remarks go directly against what our Founding Fathers intended and have no place on the schoolyard, much less our country’s political arena. It is clear that some in the Republican Party plan to run in 2008 the same way they did in 2004, by using discrimination to divide the country and rally their base. But, 2008 is not 2004, and this time the politics of fear and smear will not work. The American people are tired of those who would rather divide than unite.”

Solmonese also called on Republicans to come forward and condemn Coulter’s hate speech:

“We demand that every single Presidential candidate in attendance at this conference, along with Vice President Cheney stand up and publicly condemn this type of gutter-style politics. If not, then their silence will be deafening to the vast majority of Americans who believe this type of language belongs no where near the discussions about the future of our country.”

Full video at Think Progress [think progress]
Cheney, GOP prez candidates, called on to condemn Ann Coulter for calling John Edwards a “faggot” today [americablog]


  1. Becks07 says


    Did she go too far this time?

    Nahhh…it’s Anna Nicole’s burial day so the media are not paying attention.

  2. MW says

    Who cares what Ann Coulter says?

    She is just like Michael Savage.

    They do it for attention, since attention for them means cash.

  3. Greg says

    Yeah, I’m not even slightly outraged by this. What a sad attempt by an uninteresting person to get some ink.

    To me.. this just looks really bad for her and that’s about all.

  4. Dave says

    Ann’s MO is to make hateful, “controversial” statements in order to gain more publicity for her books and live appearances. It clearly works.

    Andy, you are falling into her trap and promoting her. Please ignore her.

  5. Traci says

    GO ANN, GO ANN, GO ANN!!!!
    Remember folks, there is a thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Ann is exercising that freedom just as you are. There is not a law that we must accept the gay lifestyle! I dont agree with all Ann says but it is her right to say what she believes. Sooooooooooooooooooo, GO ANN, GO ANN, GO ANN

  6. Cory says


    The problem most people don’t realize is the actual effects Ann and the Bush administration have on society. It is fact that hate crimes against homosexuals have more than doubled since the Bush administration took office, and sometimes tripling after speeches in which Bush addressses the “Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage”.

    What the media does not report are the numerous deaths and beatings in hate crimes against homosexuals, with dozens happening weekly. Andrew Anthos was a 72 year old African American senior citizen who was followed of the bus in Detroit and beaten to death with a lead pipe outside his home on Feb 13th because someone on the bus asked if he was gay. On Tuesday a man was followed from the PATH train from Manhattan to Hoboken, NJ and beaten by two men because he was wearing pink pants (they caught one 19 year old assailant). Dozens of hate crimes against homosexuals happen weekly but do not get reported in the main stream media, because after all they’re only “fa**ots”.

    If Ann Coulter used the word “n****r” she would face a media storm, but using the word “f****t” sells her more books and gets her applause. Great country America.

  7. Eric V says

    She’s nothing but a stupid, irrelevant cooze. She makes Rush Limbaugh look like a MENSA member. How stupid are Republicans for even putting her dumb ass in front of their candidates. Way to go, geniuses!

  8. FunMe says

    This is the HATE that crystal meth addict spill out.

    The bitch needs to be ostracized forever!

  9. Pandora says

    Cory..please explain to me how the Bush Administration has caused more hate crimes against gays.
    The fact is, you cannot..The Bush Administration doesn’t CAUSE anyone to act in any way. People act how they choose to act.. Maybe the fact is more and more Americans are sick of the gay agenda being shoved down their throats, therefore, when they hear ANY politician make a speech about the gay agenda, they get angry.
    You can blame the media or anyone else you want to for all the violence, but I’m telling you that people have their very own views on gay marriage, etc.. and there isn’t a damn thing you or any politician can do about it.

  10. asdr says

    Anne Coulter is marching towards 50, if she’s not that already — imagine your mom or SO acting like her. She’s never been married/had kids/been in the military/Peace Corps/etc. — never acted genuinely concerned about any human being not in her sphere. She has helped to degrade the Republican party BEYOND REPAIR (with their full consent). When she “transitions” and has to look back upon this lifetime, what on earth will she be able to look back at and be proud of???

  11. RB says

    So now I have to break away from Ann and disagree with what she says! Unfortunate as I think she often times says what many people are thinking! However, I have NO use for anyone that uses the F-word! I do believe that she crossed the line and it PISSED ME OFF!

    And to Traci’s comments, this has NOTHING to do with free speach! Really, re-evaluate your priorities. Usage of this word in any capacity is wrong, hurtful and unacceptable!

  12. FunMe says

    Traci … you ignorant slut!

    Oh yeah, it’s ok to call someone the “N” word just because it’s “freedom speech”. Please!

    There is freedom of speech.

    Then there is HATE speech.

    Ann’s words do not belong in a civilized society, let alone in a place that is supposed to be the “smart set”.

    Ann sounds like any stupid school yard bull that needs to be slapped big time.

    AMERICA … love it, or get the hell out of it!

  13. Tracy says

    Howard Dean Blasts Coulter; Calls on GOP Presidential Candidates to Denounce It:

    “There is no place in political discourse for this kind of hate-filled and bigoted comments. While Democrats and Republicans may disagree on the issues, we should all be able to agree that this kind of vile rhetoric is out of bounds. The American people want a serious, thoughtful debate of the issues. Republicans — including the Republican presidential candidates who shared the podium with Ann Coulter today — should denounce her hateful remarks.”

  14. John says

    I’m sorry, I agree with all of you who are saying that all she wants is attention, because, in the words of one of you, attention=money. And I suppose I’m just “falling into her trap” and I kind of hate myself for it.

    But I can’t help it: I’d fucking bludgeon her to death on live television with one of her enormous shoes if I could get away with it.

  15. Pandora says

    Wait a minute! Some of you seem to be saying that free speech doesn’t mean you can say this, or that.. What? Doesn’t free speech mean that you are free to say anything that you want? Ah, yes you are..but here is the rub; People are just as free to stop reading your books, turn off the TV when you’re on, etc.. So, pay her back by not watching her, reading her, blah, blah, blah..but don’t say that she isn’t allowed to say it at all, because here in America, she is..

  16. Leland says

    Hey, Joe! Yes, YOU, Joe Solomnese! Why don’t you get up off your little ass and do something besides issuing press releases that have all of the effect of a paper airplane thrown from a window high in HRC’s Emerald City in DC. What the fuck do you DO to earn your, no doubt, $200,000 plus annual salary?

    You, and too many other gay “leaders,” fit the colloquial definition of mental illness perfectly: repeating over and over something that failed every time you tried it before—in this case meowing your impotent righteous indignation. She’s been writing and saying hate and violence spawning crap for years and nothing you’ve tried so far has succeeded in changing her.

    Do you have some kind of light sensitive disorder that keeps you inside your Fortress of Solitude? Are you too good, too white, too rich, to organize and join a picket everywhere she appears? Have you never heard of the power of nonviolent civil disobedience? Are you afraid of scuffing your Cole Haans?

    Ann Coulter is not the problem. Witless, idealess, ballless gay “leaders” like you are. LEAD, goddamn it, or resign!!!!!

  17. busytimmy says

    Pandora, sounds like a drag name, huh? You do not understand the concept of free speech. The “You and the Law” class you took in high school should have explained that one is not “free”to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theatre. Get educated. Hate speech such as this should not go unchallenged.

  18. Joshua says

    Ann exquisitely fits both narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders. I really don’t think anymore need be said about her… at least, I won’t waste any more of my time on her, which is exactly what would drive her insane.

  19. Greg says

    The first time I saw Ms Coulter, I was struck dumb by the dichotomy between her vile views and her good looks. I was, of course, also appalled that someone who gave the impression of being intelligent was blinkered and twisted by such hatred. These days I’m satisfied that Nature has stepped in to address this gulf. It’s said that we all get the face we deserve, and it seems to me that Ms Coulter is looking more and more drawn and haunted, more insane every day. It’s like all that hatred is hollowing her out. I try hard to find sympathy in my heart for her future pain.

  20. Rob says

    Pandora, hate crimes against homosexuals have statistically risen since Bush has been in office, and especially after his State of the Union Addresses (fact). Casaulity, yes, is different. You have a point that people will do what they want and that blaming another person for their actions is ludicrous. I think what Cory is saying is that their can not be any good coming out of Coulters and Bushes actions and that they should take some responsibility for inciting hatred against homosexuals. That’s common sense.

  21. What? says

    This just goes to show that some of you need to read up on the Constitution. While Freedom of Speech is one of the Bill of Rights, there is fine print that explains how hate and provoking speech is not tolerated. Her remarks should be taken just like someone using the N-word.WRONG. I am a Republican and people like this make me sick. This kind of speech should not be tolerated especially “if” these leaders want a better America.

  22. brwnIgirl says

    This is completely inappropriate. What does someone’s sexual preference have anything to do with politics? Say what you will but I am more of a conservative. It is people like her who give others a reason to hate republicans. There are so many faults with both sides these days and too much pride to compromise.

  23. Cory says

    Brdnigirl, I agree 100%. My parents are both Republican, but these days they seem to agree that the Republican party is what the Democratic party was years ago, and that the Democratic party resembles the values that they hold dear to their hearts.

  24. Kit says

    I agree with Leland. Why don’t gay leaders actually get out there and call press conferences and hold rallies and stuff except when its like “freedom to marry day”. We would still have slaves plowing our fields if black people sat on their asses and “issued statements” like our gay leaders do. My father, who has 3 gay children mind you, asked me the other day if there even was an organization that supports gay rights because he never see’s them on tv or anything.

  25. jimmyboyo says


    I am glad to hear that you are denouncing Ann

    I was about to post that gay republicans should all denounce her…and you did it already. ^5

    pandora…Free speach is great….with free speach also comes in equal measure….CONSEQUENCES. The consequences of saying what you will. The republican elite only use anti-gay retoric for political power while behind closed doors they all love and party with their gay brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, and staff members. Ann will feel the cold shoulder affect from the elite of the party for her going too far. Just watch and wait.

  26. kate marks says

    ann coulter, you are really truly ignorant. so therefore i will feel sorry for you. you don’t have a clue what is going on in the “real” world ie. poor people or lower class people. i knew your kind in high school-mean and shallow. some day i hope you will get what’s coming to you. you are most definitely NOT a christian. i pity you.

  27. phill ill says

    This is neither about freedom of speech nor so it is about a need to quash so-called hate speech.

    It’s about how we react to free speech, and most of all it’s about recognizing that there is no right to free speech without responsibility for what you say and even more so the responsibility for amplifying, spreading and giving credence and respectability to that speech.

    An invited guest was given a sanctioned and promoted spot at a national-party endorsed event by every candidate for president of the most powerful country in the world and by all their supporters. It’s a simple matter for each candidate to say that was inappropriate and for the party to never invite her to another thing. They cannot be simultaneously be allowed to use her for chum and then say that a bunch of PC folks are too thin skinned. There need to be clear ramifications for hosting and endorsing her, especially since they don’t need her.

    Ann has freedom of speech to say what she wants in her home, inthe middle of the woods or most appropriately dishevled on a street corner.

    It is a whole other issue if she is invited and schedule to speak at a gathering of this sort. Do you have the freedom to speak to that assembly? I’d take it and use the time well. But that’s absurd. They wouldn’t have me there. Not just because i’m no one. But mainly because they don’t agree with me and they are exercising their right to choose who is there. Don’t let them wiggle out.

    It’s hard for me to say that this is speech that incites physical violence like yelling Fire, though. And i’d defend the right to use a lot of words particularly if they set out more clearly for me how people honestly feel . Then i don’t have to guess which party to support or how someone in the workplace really feels.

    I can make sure they don’t get elected and ensure that it sticks to every one of them who doesn’t come out against it.

    …and yet there remain people who call themselves gay republicans, always here to remind us of the right to self loathe

  28. Terry F says

    All I can say is, if he’s a fag, I’d do him! As for her, who cares? If she died tomorrow nobody would miss her.

  29. BJ says

    Info: Ann Colters column is syndicated through Universal Press Syndicate – an Andrews McMeel Universal Company – research them and stop doing business with this company until they have her apologize or she looks for another job…we have to show them we won’t stand to be treated this way .. I for one have totally stopped watching Greys Anatomy – have you? Stop supporting the people who support Ann Coulter she is the enemy your mother warned you about – she is the bully in high school who picked on you – take a stand.

  30. zinc alloy says

    Frankly, the more Ann speaks up like this in connection with Republicans, the better! C’mon Ann, that was mild. And speak directly into the mic, please.

  31. Deborah says

    That she uses the “F” word as a slur is ridiculous. That kids say something is “gay” as a slur is ridiculous.

    That people think it’s clever to complain that some imaginary “gay agenda” is being shoved down their throats, and thus their ridiculously hateful speech is validated is ridiculous.

    Dude, if you think some guy is shoving the “gay agenda” down your throat either stop sucking dicks, or accept that YOU are uncomfortable with your sexuality. As a straight woman I don’t feel like anyone’s agenda is being forced on me, so I am comfortable with other people doing whatever they want. But I can see how closeted self-hating gay people would feel their precarious paradigm is threatened by people like me not taking issue with homosexuality.

    And go ahead and call me a lesbian, or whatever you gay derivative you like. It’s sort of like saying I have blue eyes. I don’t, but it wouldn’t make a bit of difference if I did. So it’s not an insult to me.

  32. Lara says

    This is something that’s been pissing me off for a while, when reading this site – what the hell is with this derogatory attitude towards ‘breeders’?

    I’m a straight girl, but I am completely in support of equal rights, gay marriage, freedom from institutionalised homophobia, the whole shebang.

    Yet so often I see contemptuous people sneering at ‘breeders’ on here. I’m a breeder I suppose, though kids scare the living shit out of me, and i’m a little tired of this hypocritical “we want freedom from discrimination and equal rights, but we’ll sure feel free to throw the hate and contempt around the same way homophobic people do” bullshit.

    How in the hell do you rationalise that? I support gay rights to my last breath, but I don’t support assholes who throw it right back in my face.

  33. Cory says

    LARA, I agree. I think it’s a lot of people who get upset and angry over the homophobic and hateful things are are written. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, but after being the heterosexual community’s “punching bag” for a long time, it can make someone snap and say things they don’t mean.

  34. FizziekruntNT says

    Amen Cory! I have no issue with another’s sexuality and do keep that in mind before I open MY trap, but at times, vitriol as gut reaction can be misplaced even by us, your loving homos. Pay no attention to that idiot, it’s people like Colter that actually achieve media exposure that are the dangerous ones.

  35. Cory says

    oh, and I thought your line was funny, “though kids scare the living shit out of me” lol 😉

  36. Lara says

    Heh, it’s true though, they really do. Inscrutable, screaming little bundles of squidginess, I just don’t know what to do with them. Conveniently, my sister is gay so I won’t be asked to babysit any time soon.

    Fizzie, you’re right of course, though.

  37. FizziekruntNT says

    Okay okay, the reverse trolling is cute, but let’s ease up on the sociopath and other assorted psycho associations with homos. I’m quite well-adjusted personally.


  38. matt says

    To be honest, I just find her funny. Of course I find her revolting and disgusting, but mostly I see her as a joke. She is desperate for attention. Does anyone actually care what she says or take her seriously?

  39. Just Me says

    As a non-American – this woman is the reason women like me fear your country. Fear her influence on your ignorant masses.
    I can go so far as to say it is the reason I fear reproducing – because I fear bringing children into a world influenced by women like Ann Coulter. She is one of the reasons your country is so maligned.
    Why do you allow your media to provide her with an outlet?
    How can you stop her? How will you stop her?

    It is as though she gets off on the notoriety of her own loose cannon, at the price of people’s dignity.

    I only take comfort in the fact that one day she will pay for the suffering she inflicts. Karma is quite the bitch.

  40. just sayin' says

    Methinks Ann is actually a blessing in disguise. Let her spew more hate-filled gibberish: it’s like a twisted mirror image for those who harbour secret homophobic thoughts, except now they get to see, and hear, how unattractive and ulg, those thoughts are when they are articulated aloud.

    Maybe these people will then re-examine their beliefs and, hopefully, wish to draw a line between themselves and the likes of Coulter.

  41. Dean says

    I detest Ann Coulter… however, I’m all for her saying whatever she wishes and the more public, the better. THIS is the true face of the current RepubliCON regime and it’s high time more people realize that. It’s also a matter of fact that I’d just as soon have an open enemy than a hidden one.

    Oh, and as a gay man, I, too, am offended by the term “breeder”. While straight folk haven’t suffered because of their sexuality, that doesn’t give anyone the right to use derogatory terms about them. Wrong is wrong.

    On a personal note about Ann… it must really get to her that their are millions of gay men who have a better chance of having a man than she does.

  42. Nate says

    There are several people here that seem to defend her speech and words. They are saying that by others’ attempts to bar her speech from getting out (censoring), we are not granting free speech.

    The truth is, several Supreme Court cases have created categorical exceptions that bar different forms of speech like fighting words and libel/slander. Read: Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire.

    Hate Speech is most definitely one of those categorical exceptions and Ann Coulter has violated the words and guidance of several courts and justices.

    There is absolutely and positively no reason for Ms. Coulter to speak the way she does…

  43. Dean says

    GRRR… that last paragraph should read… “there are millions”, not “their”. It’s late and I’m trying to type too fast.

  44. says

    Ann Coulter lost respectability and she just remains a shrill on the conservative scene. I hope people write to local newspapers to dethrone her off the editorial pages. You can disagree with the left in politics, you just need a bit of class with your arguments.

  45. Ron Jefkins Canada says

    Just ignore the stupid bitch. It is the unkindest cut that will hurt the most. She only says what she thinks will give here the most publicity.
    What a sad and tragic figure she is.

    Ignore her !

  46. Terry says

    I love seeing all the homo hating straight people who post comments and obviously follow a gay blog. Just can’t stop thinking about us, huh?

  47. peterparker says

    I would say that I wished someone would pop a cap in Ann Coulter’s ass, but frankly she’s such a nutjob that she is the best thing that ever happened to liberals and to the gay community.

  48. Dillon Calkins says

    All I have to say is that Ann Coulter is insane! and I guess kinda (and by kinda I mean a lot) dumb.

  49. Derek says

    Being Canadian, her lack of tact is not all that upsetting. What I mean is, let her say it, infact put her on every single american station saying it over and over agian. Why?
    Because the more she is associated with the Republican party, and the more hate she as a figure head spits out, the more true, loving americans will stand up to a party, or system, they nolonger support.
    She just clearly shows people the question, that needs to be answered. Does this party, and these leaders truly have the good of the nation in mind, or do they bully, and attack the people with emotional terrorism.
    I bet if she was left with Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh, on a desert Island, they’s show there true colors, and exhibit the fact that they aren’t living in democracy, but in pure hate! They’d back stabb one another for $20 (or a cheeseburger in Rush’s case)

  50. Rob says

    Such intolerant comments! Such hate! Shame on you all. Her popularity apparently isn’t affected by your verbal antics. “Popping her”, “shoot her” ??? Please…I hope you’re not serious. That’s the way two-bit dictators do things where free speech and desent is illegal. GROW UP!

  51. RudyLostHisBalls says

    Rudy should object. He claims to be be pro gay and “some of my best friends are gay” oozes from his shiney domeness. But, he has no principles left. The mascara applicator he married wants the Whitehouse, so fuck anyone and anything on the way to victory. Republicunts suck.

  52. Will says

    Cory, I love you.

    When Ann speaks you can smell Condi on her breath

    Posted by: Cory | Mar 2, 2007 7:13:48 PM

  53. patrick nyc says

    Sadly by reading these posts I can only come to the conclusion that Coulter is succeeding in what she has set out to do. She has fired up both the GOP faithful and gotten under our skin.

    Rather than post remarks to the trolls who come here to piss us off (Murphy’s Law, never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference) I copied and pasted Andy’s post and sent it to all my GOP family members.

    The reason I did not say GOP family and friends, is that I have no GOP friends. You are stuck with the family you are born with, my friends earn that right. I do not just get outraged at Coulter, or any GOP mouth piece, when they say homophobic comments, I get angry when they say almost anything.

    So rather than just getting pissed off and vent,send her hateful remarks to anyone you care for that backs the GOP. And try to ignore the trolls. As my Nana’s sister always said ‘Don’t pay him any mind, he doesn’t have any.’

  54. Bobby says

    HOWEVER, we must look at it like this. The more their homophobia is exposed the more the world will catch on and realize what bigots the fucking republicans truly are.

  55. mark m says

    You come to Towleroad, you read the articles,you read the posted responses. You see a remark by a conservative reader and you must respectfully disagree, so you engage that reader in an idealogical debate. Both of you disagree strongly with one another but you are respectful in your disagreement.

    Then someone comes along and slurs one side with an inflammatory comment and then disappears from the discussion.

    That is what Ann Coulter is. When she could only get so far on her looks, she decided to go farther on her reputation. And it sure works.

    Though I would have to echo what others have said about how her hateful persona is now beginning to gnaw at her looks. She has a hollowed out skull for a face now and it’s not just bad lighting folks. She’s an ugly human on the inside and finally it’s beginning to show on the outside.

    You think she’s bad now? Just wait till her youth and looks are COMPLETELY gone. Hateful and BITTER. That’s truly going to be an ugly sight.

  56. mon says

    Love her or hate her, it doesn’t really matter. She doesn’t care. Just by getting on this website talking about her is just furthering her career by creating controversy. I don’t think she cares if some politically inept American gets on this website and says she’s a “cunt” or “ugly”. So you all can keep slinging YOUR hateful words towards her but none of you are any better than her and you just proved that….

  57. JMix says

    I thought Coulter dated only women,really,so why is she slurring her fellow homosexuals?Is she a bitter LESBIAN or perhaps she CAN’T get a date.Where’s Rosie when you need her??

  58. JFK says

    I applaud Anne for exercising her right to free speech, and even her right to hate. Where are the gasps and disgust when our glorious commander in chief is labeled with hateful, demeaning labels such as “stupid” or “war criminal?” If you don’t like America, it’s Constitution, or the God-given rights (including hate) bestowed upon its citizens, maybe you’d be happier living in North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Russia, etc.

  59. says

    Note from Andy: I’m sorry that many of you had to spend your time reading and responding to some of the hate that was spewed in this post overnight. I’ve gone through and deleted many of the hateful comments that were posted here and banned some of the commenters. You may notice that even some of the comments that directed venom towards Coulter were deleted as well. This is because I believe they were just inciting the trolls to post more and creating an atmosphere not of discussion but of pure mudslinging. Also, many of the more hateful comments in this thread were being posted by the same person, based on their IP address. That person has now been banned. Thanks to those who alerted me to the trolling in this post. I’m not always able to monitor every comment in the comments section because there are so many. I am open to people expressing differing opinions as long as the discussion is kept civil and not inflammatory. I understand the feelings that Ann Coulter inspires in people. She’s obviously a pro at pushing buttons. I think it would serve us all well to not buy into her disgusting, childish, ugly game.

  60. ECR says

    I love the Bush administration. Bush is based in traditional family values, and I don’t understand why the gay community demands rights and consideration of their lifestyle when they won’t tolerate the rights and consideration of heterosexuals. I don’t agree with how Ann presents herself and her beliefs in public, but I don’t agree with the way that some gay individuals express themselves either. Does that mean that I’m condemning either side? NO! I’m sure there are many people out there that would have something to say about me…but people, you need to live your own life and not be so concerned about others UNLESS it threatens yourself or your family. That’s not too likely to happen in these situations, is it?

  61. Robert In WeHo says

    Ann “Adam’s Apple” Coulter is an unethical, needy, ignorant shameless demagogue and proven liar who, like all other soulless “conservatives,” believes that achieving their “ends” justifies their deceitful, “take no prisoners, win at all costs by any means necessary” methodology…

  62. Seann says

    “they won’t tolerate the rights and consideration of heterosexuals.”

    I didn’t know people had the right to call a person a slur and not receive condemnation. Because you must be talking about the Coulter ordeal.

    Ann Coulter has every right to say the hateful and disgusting things she says (which some republican commenters don’t take issue with) and in return people here have every right to take her to task on her hurtful speech (which some republican commenters do take issue with for some reason.)

    Free speech goes both ways. You have every right to say what you want, but you better be prepared for the consequences (being called a bitch or cunt by someone who can’t express themselves without looking like an idiot).

  63. Seann says

    “For those of you that are at least semi literate go pick up a copy of 1984 .”

    I wouldn’t mind if Ann Coulter was the subject of my Two Minutes of Hate.

  64. femme says

    Ann Coulter makes me feel ashamed to be a woman. She is a hateful, pathetic excuse for a human being.

  65. That's Life says

    Nothing will come of it and Dean is making a mistake by going after her. Most people I know don’t like her but most use that word all the time and sided with “poor” Isaiah Washington when he used it.

    She isn’t running for office and she can say what she wants just like everyone else.

    The p.c. culture will do more harm than good in the end.

  66. patrick nyc says

    Andy, good job once again sir. I think many loose sight that making a post or comment is discussing ideas, not as you so well put, slinging mud. They also forget that you have a life outside of this very well put together site, a ‘real’ job, family and friends, et et et…

    Speaking of family…

    “I love the Bush administration. Bush is based in traditional family values, and I don’t understand why the gay community demands rights and consideration of their lifestyle when they won’t tolerate the rights and consideration of heterosexuals.”

    Posted by: ECR | Mar 3, 2007 10:54:30 AM

    ECR … sending men and women to a war and possible death over a made up reason is far from ‘traditional family values’. As for us not tolerating the rights and considerations of hetrosexuals, that is so sad it’s not funny. Unlike heterosexuals we do not have the right to marry, they are not beaten like the 72 year old man last week for being straight.

    I do live my own life but that kind of thinking does threaten my life, that of the man that died, Matt Shepard, and many of my gay friends, who sir are my family.

  67. thomas williams says

    she’s just another shapeshifting reptilian humanoid, who shows her true reptilian blood. Someone should shoot this terrorist or at least take her to guantanamo bay and feed her to the dogs.

  68. Gregg says

    I’m amazed that people refer to Ann Coulter as good looking. Yes, I’m being obnoxious and personal, but it just amazes me because I find her so beastly. Anyway…

    To those of you complaining that the “gay leaders” aren’t leading in a way that satisfies you – how about this –

    Get off your ass and lead yourself!

  69. Joshua says

    If she said nigger the FCC would fine her. I say that we fine her for indecency. She is spreading HATE. Hate kills people. Starts wars. Like President Bush’s hate for sad’dam. We found Sad’dam but where the hell is Osama?….I don’t want to go into it. To much energy will be lost.

  70. Andrew L says

    I agree she says horrible, hateful things to get attention but the reason I think this story needs to be covered is the audience’s reaction to her comments. They gave her a huge ovation. Obviously some people do agree with what she says.

    That is also why her comments need to be condemned. This is not about political correctness. It is about hateful, bigoted language being used from the same podium from which Giuliani and Romeny spoke. Since they need to immediately condemn these comments.

  71. Statistics says

    There’s a white woman calling someone a faggot.

    Where is Joe T. ?

    He’s not talking all of the sudden, I don’t know why.

  72. Chuck says

    Its amazing how gay people react to being called gay or a fag or the use of the word. If you are so secure in the fact that you are gay then why is it being called that offends you . Also this notion that only certain people are allowed to use certain words is laughable, there is no law saying you cant say anything you wish to (or does that only apply to certain people). It amazes me that people will condemn her for using the word faggot while at the same time saying they wish she would die, or they want to kill her ,shes a cunt , shes a bitch , she spews venom , shes hateful, hello do you see the hipocracy here. You are behaving in the manner that you claim to be denouncing.
    I only hope she is allowed to continue to speak her mind, because when the time comes that a person cant speak freely we enter a 1984-esque era . We are already headed in that direction w/ people throwing around terms like , hate crime and hate speech . For those of you that are at least semi literate go pick up a copy of 1984 . In it you will find such terms as newspeak and thoughtcrime and groupthink . Sounds a lot like hate crime , hate speach, and PC to me .It is a dangerous road we travel when we start telling people what they can and cant say.
    Posted by: liz | Mar 3, 2007 8:48:44 AM

    Liz, I have to disagree with you that any words used to describe someone should just be accepted and not offend you. I do believe Ann Coulter has every right to say hateful things. She can say what she wants. But to say people shouldn’t be offended is ludicrous. I happen to be of Korean lineage, and when someone uses the term “gook” to describe someone, I am extremely offended. I am secure in my racial heritage, but am offended just the same. The use of the word “gook” is to invoke hate. I also happen to be gay, and when someone decides to use the term “faggot”, I am equally outraged about it. The use of the term is used to invoke hate, specifically by Coulter. What if Ann Coulter had been talking about an Asian dignitary and called him “gook, Jap, or Chink”? Do you think that would be acceptable? “But he IS a gook.”, is not a intelligent response to this by any means, so why would, “But his IS a faggot.”, be any better when someone used the term? People can say all the hateful things they want, and I respect Ann Coulter’s right to say hateful things. But you have to be a bit ignorant to not understand why people would be offended. I find it a bit ironic that you would bring up the novel 1984. Ann Coulter is trying to use her words to oppress other people and dehumanize them. And your comparison of “thoughtcrime” to “hate crime” is simply ridiculous. Perhaps once you have been beaten with a 2×4 and sodomized with a beer bottle, like I have, simply for being something I am, a gay man, then perhaps you can come and tell me if you think your logic still stands, Liz, alright?

  73. Guanin says

    Well lets be real on this shall we, she looks like a dyke and for the most part dykes do not care for “fags”. I mean, look at her, If you looked like that wouldn’t you hate the world as well?

    Ann, stop playing, rock out with your cock out. You look like you have a penis anyways!

  74. mark m says

    Guys and gals, look at it this way….

    If Ann wasn’t spewing so much hate, it would mean she was relatively at ease with the current political landscape. Now THAT is a scary proposition.

    I don’t want Ann Coulter quiet and satisfied with the status quo.. it would mean we were living in a Nazi state.

    I like my Ann pissed and hateful and inflammatory.

    It means my side is doing something right.

  75. resurrect says

    while virtually anything on the net is open to anyone who wants to read it, what’s with the indignation of straight people against how gay people want to refer to themselves — on a GAY blog! it’s jaw dropping the level of entitlement so many straights think about the world — see Liz/Deborah/Mary’s posts above. ENOUGH! if you don’t think that most gay people who have made it through this world so far – living under YOUR straight hegemony — deserve a space and the right to be called by whatever name they decide – then you need to sorely get your privilege card revoked. Yeah – be all you want for gay rights, but stand aside and listen before you get sanctimonious about “free speech.” The gall – like going on an African-American oriented site and wondering why anyone would be upset w/ the use of the n-word.

  76. poodle says

    the problem with just ignoring people like ann is that your silence equates to acceptance. unless we let her and other know this unacceptable it will continue.

  77. says

    “…With liberty and justice for all.” “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we’re free at last.” – But not Gays.

  78. Tiaras says

    A.) I don’t grasp the idea behind people who have a negative frame of mind on a certain group of people (in this case, Gays) then coming on a gay oriented site, where the subject matters are gay issues, the blog is gay driven and your audience is gay as well. Then going off on gays? Our lifestyle? and telling us on OUR board that we don’t even have freedom on OUR board to denounce someone who had sickening things to say about us? Break that down, give it a second and think about that. If there was a gay rally in D.C that burned pictures of the Republican logo, Republican candidates, and it was a hateful demonstration against republicans (which I wouldn’t approve, or care for, but am making a point here) you better BELIEVE that very day of…Republican message boards would be yee hawwing and y’alling away throwing gay slurs, gay hate speech, and using hateful words against gays. You better believe that. Then when WE condemn a vulgar, rancid (inside but and especially out) sick, sad excuse for a “human” being on our board…we are doing exactly what we are condemning her for? I don’t understand that logic. Naturally, when someone has something hateful and vengeful (and out of line) to say about you, be it in your face or not, you will stand up for yourself and defend your own rights, unless you don’t have a back bone and are a wet noodle. In that case, don’t bother reading this. Just as rANNEcid Coulter has a right to say what she wants and how she feels, we surely have a right to exercise or thought proccess..and you better believe we will. I swear homophobics will justify their hate, hate speech, and fellow “haters’ anyway they know how…even by using the blanket of “Freedom of Speech” Freedom of speech is not meant to devalue human beings, but enhance our minds and expression. Don’t hide the fact that you choose to be ignorant, biggoted, and backward behind “Well, y’all I’m practicing ma freedom of speech” Yeah…well guess what, just like opinions, which we are all entitled to…comes a consequence with that opinion, especially when it’s ahateful one…so don’t sit there for a second and pretend “OH my word, well I never…How DARE you come at me for calling you all a faggot, using the word fag losely, and hating gays. How dare you?!”…And that’s precisely how the anti-gay posters on here coming at us for naturally gaurding ourselves and protecting our rights are coming off. Just as she’s allowed to exercise her “freedom” of speech…which is more to do with spewing hate vomit…then “speech”, we will disagree with her. And this freedom of speech…don’t abuse it…if we all go around without a filtration and walk into a mall and call someone “ugly” in their face and say…”Well, heck it’s America lady…if you dont’ want to be called ugly in your face, out in public, at a local mall by a complete stranger…well, go to Iraq! I’m practicing my freedom of speech” Just to put it in prespecive for all you on here harboring hate.

    and…on that note…

    B.) WHY *are* you on a gay oriented site when you dislike us, our lifestyles, our way of thinking, living, breathing so much? Me thinks you are fixated, and can’t get enough, and pursue our (fascinating) ways of living (not really…normal is more like it, but you wouldn’t know) and wanting to know what we have to say on gay topics that concern us on a daily basis, looking for it, searching for it, and logging on every day….now, you tell me…who is shoving the gay agenda down their own throat?

    Yeah…PSST…(come closer) this is a gay site!

    GASP~~ Applause~OVATION!!!!!

  79. TheRedheadedNinja says

    In reference to our dear friend Liz and her outrageously ignorant remarks:

    A.) I am in total agreement with Chuck. How Liz cannot differentiate between the labels “gay” and “faggot” is mind-blowing, (or mind-numbing, because I fear her dumbness may rub off on others.) Faggot is a word derived from hate, it is a blatant insult, and it is obviously “anti-gay” slang. The word “gay” is the word commonly used in the English language to describe those who are same-sex oriented when it comes to sexual preference. One word is functional, one is hateful. Only an idiot would not understand that.

    B.) Thank you Liz, for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all day with your disgustingly smug, condescending statement: “To those of you that are at least semi literate (sic)…” Wow. Your arrogance in regards to your own verbal intelligence is in direct contradiction to your written words. “Semi-literate,” not “semi literate.” Duh. That’s just one of the many, MANY mistakes I found buried within your narcissistic little diatribe. Your entire statement is ripe with grammatical errors and misspelled words. Next time you talk down to us “illiterate folk,” maybe you should spell-check first. Perhaps you need a review of high school English, Yoda.

  80. A.S.B. says

    the problem with just ignoring people like ann is that your silence equates to acceptance. unless we let her and other know this unacceptable it will continue.

    Posted by: poodle | Mar 3, 2007 3:42:34 PM

    Damn straight! No pun intended. =P

  81. Jimmyboyo says


    Mark M ^5 Good point.

    Thomas….LOL You my boy have been watching too much sci-fi channel movies. “Anne is a shapeshifting reptilian” LOL This is from a sci-fi geek :-)

  82. Phill Ill says

    So many people do not agree that “faggot” is the same inciting violence, that I would rather protect the speech rather than have my right to express something quashed in the future under a similar disagreement.

    Unlikely? “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.”

    And in an age of “put it to the voters” and state after state bowing to the tyranny of the majority on gay marriage, i do fear waking up to no flaunting it law saying i can’t hold hands in public or not being allowed other civil rights for not believing in god.

    Even i will say that though “faggot” hurt when you got called it in school, and it clearly expresses clear disdain for a group of people, it’s not the same as saying “go and kill the faggot now.” And yet when endorsed by a political party can no more be ignored than we can ignore the marriage issue which we didn’t bring up either.

    (And none of this has anything to do with comments on this page. Andy can edit what he likes and if we don’t like it can discuss or leave. But it’s neither censorship nor anti free speech. It’s his experience to build.)

    Free speech should be expanded. And with it comes the responsibility to answer the “stupid” use of free speech or more “manipulative” uses playing to voters fears. And we have to respond every single time. It’s all a sometimes boring, but valuable investment in our own right to free expression

  83. bz says

    Keep talking….that’s what I say. Let Americans hear how horrible she is.

    John Edwards is far too classy to dignify “her”, I on the other NOT.

    Ann Coulter is an oooooozing, pus-filled herpe on the twat of life.

  84. Thomas Powers says

    So she calls Edwards a FAGGOT

    I wonder what name she has for Obama?

    Funny how it’s in fashion to openly hate homosexuals “homos” “fags” “faggots” “queers” “that’ so gay” but where have all the names gone for blacks?

    So Ann Coulter now says it was “just a joke”. Hate speech and demeaning people is a joke? Some family values there.

  85. Sandra says

    “OH, C’mon! Gays often refer to themselves as queers or fags. . . big deal. The truth is she was attempting to point out Edwards’ effeminate characteristics. It’s okay to call members of the administration nazis and compare them to Goebbels, etc., but not to call Edwards a faggot?

    You girls are hypocrites. You just hate her cause she’s conservative. . . not cause she used the word faggot.”

    Conservatives have denouced Coulter, as do many here, conservative or not.

    The girls and boys here are hypocrites perhaps, everyone has their demons, but losing control to the point of degrading a group of people who deserve dignity, that’s just cowardly.

    The threat to humanity is not hatred, it’s those who let hatred control them.

  86. gleeindc says

    African-Americans and Hispanics are being courted for their votes, Iraq is not popular with the voters so “Ragheads” is out, but faggots? Faggots are the last, safe punchline. As long as they stay in their place (the hair salon, the interior decorating firm, the Broadway musical and, much to the fundamentalist conservatives dismay, the rightwing pulpit) Coulter’s supporters won’t mind. They still need their hate. I would hope that members of the press ask the candidates who were at the event for comments on her joke but doubt that will happen since neither the NY Times or the Washington Post even bothered to mention it in their coverage. So the outrage will survive only in the blogosphere.
    I think gays should reclaim the word faggot like queer was taken back in the 1980s. I remember hearing years ago that gays were called faggots, actually a word for a bundle of sticks, because of the practice of burning heretics and witches in the middle ages. The question of how this word changed its meaning from Medieval England to 20th Century America is hazy and there probably is no connection, but it does support the fact that faggots are hot. So maybe poor Ann is just jealous of us.

  87. gleeindc says

    Update: NY Times page 16 of Sunday March 4 issue does cover the event, the candidates commented, denouncing Coulter’s comment. Ann explained it was just a joke. Yes, there was a joke involved. The comment was in poor taste. The joke is Ann.

  88. says

    Ann Coulter’s problem is — like all of “her” fellow trannies — that it has so rejected the gay lifestyle of it’s youth that it has become resolutely homophobic now that it is a purported heterosexual.

    BTW: to HeyTraci@yahoo: In honor of freedom of speech, you are a filthy little homophobic bitch. I pray that when the draft is reinstated you’re recruited to the frontlines under the toughest bulldyke in the US Army.

  89. gwyneth cornrow says

    i don’t hate ann coulter because she is a conservative. i hate her because she is fat.

  90. bambambam says

    Oooh! Ooh! I smell Snickers-level webroots action brewing! Here are Coultergeist’s advertisers…

    Fabulous prospect list for stapling Coulter’s hate permanently to Republicans and her corporate sponsors.

    Let’s not forget: “apologies” are not apologies…they are requests to the media for a pass until they use it again.

    Now is the time to tell people:

    When wingnuts say: “I’m not anti-gay,” they are really saying: “Faggot.”

    Let’s roll!

  91. John says

    The Republicans have the Mark Foley scandal so they resort to name-calling.

    Apologies if I’m repeating an earlier comment, but her comments show that Republicans are most afraid of John Edwards among the Republican candidates.

    I support John Edwards, because he is the best viable presidential candidate out there.

  92. RAS says

    I wouldn’t want her, or any of her co-horts to refer to gay people in any other way. Thats what they think anyway. And I wouldn’t dream of sending her to re-hab. I would suggest , though, she might want to enter into some sort of humor workshop. Her attempt (at even tasteless) humor,which CAN be fun, was totally LAME

  93. JACK says

    Isn’t going into rehab something conservative white guys do when caught enjoying the boys?

  94. Jimmyboyo says

    John and the reason the republican party fears Edwards is his pro-union stances. Hillary and Obama are enough DLC (as vs DNC) pro-buisness dems to not frighten them as much.

    They see edwards and imagine the masses arising with pitchforks against the oligarchy.

  95. says

    The funny thing about this, I think, is that Dick Cheney’s daughter is faggot (since everything queer is lumped together). I can’t decide which is more despicable, Ann Coulter and the crap that comes out of her mouth or Dick Cheney being such a lame father?

  96. tata says

    Anne Coulter is a desperate act. She ‘s one of those people who want to be on stage with the big guys but doesn’t really deserve it. As far as I know, she’s never been in office and is not an expert on anything but pretends to be.

  97. Rick says

    Well what do you expect of the Republicans that were present. Like others can we call anyone anything we please. Sorry my parents taught me better than to use the n****r word. Along with other names for other races. How about developmentally disabled people do we call them R*****S. have we not learned anything from history. Isn’t this type of thing what caused the death of millions of Jewish people? Ann makes me sick as she should all Americans. And our Vice President allowing his own daughter to be degraded in this manner is a disgrace, what a lame excuse for a father. Shame on everyperson there for not getting up and walking out.

  98. Bob says

    It reminded me of that Sasha Cohen bit where he goes to the country & western bar or rodeo (I forget which)and starts singing the Kazhakstani song “Throw the Jew down the well” and calls for the crowd to join in and they do and with greater vigor as it goes on! Crowd phenomenon are shocking.

    Here a presumably educated crowd actually applauded her snidely referring to a respected former senator and leading presidential candidate as a “faggot”.
    The lowest common denominator can take over.

    Please consider John Edwards for President.

  99. Patrick says

    OMIGOD, How funny that Funme already mentioned about meth! I was just gonna say that’s EXACTLY what she looks like….and we ALL know how nasty they can get.

    And did someone say something about her “good looks?” Please! She looks like a worn-out, bitter old meth whore who has seen better days, and it is just a damn SHAME that it is not HER being buried today, instead of poor Anna Nicole.

    I for one would sleep a lot better knowing she’s 6 feet under (along with alot of other Republicans, but that’s beside the point), but without a stake through the heart, there’s really no way of knowing FOR SURE she’d stay dead.

  100. WileyJay says

    Are each of you willing to be held responsible for everything any liberal says? At least 99.9999% of the time that these objectionable words are used it is by those who object to them most. If you don’t like the words don’t use them, don’t promote them through popular music and comedy. Let them die. However, it is too late for the words “faggot” and “gay” because they have now taken on a meaning completely unrelated to actually being gay and are frequently used by the younger generation much as we used the words “nerd” or “geek” in the past. Their use has become mainstream amongst our teenagers as somewhat affectionate terms used between friends and are not meant to be derogatory to anyone. Oh, by the way, John Edwards IS a laughable candidate. Is he running as an anti-Republican?

  101. tc says

    I want to apopogize for any comments that had me bumped off this comments “breeders”

  102. Zlexar says

    Gosh, I kind of remember Larry Kramer calling the molecular biologists at NIH “murderering pieces of shit,” nazis, etc. during the ACT UP years, and getting a lot of applause for it.

    No one here will EVER admit that those poor lab dorks weren’t actually deliberately murdering people – but deep down we all knew they weren’t. And we knew they weren’t nazis. We just cheered at the venom anyway, because we liked to see Larry hurt them and score points for “our side.” Our cause was nobler than Coulter’s, but the spiteful motivation for verbal abuse was the same, and just as shameful. Ann Coulter is not as different from us as we’d like to believe.

  103. mark m says

    “Funny how it’s in fashion to openly hate homosexuals “homos” “fags” “faggots” “queers” “that’ so gay” but where have all the names gone for blacks?”

    Ann would love to call Obama the N-word, but she knows better than to drop that bomb in public. However, she’s had it printed on her custom Christmas Cards for 2007.

  104. Diane says

    GIVE ME A BREAK!! I agree it’s not a great thing for anyone to say! But I am real tired of being told what we can or cannot say. Everything in this country is all Political Correctness. I am so sick of all of it. It’s just funny how CNN and the rest of the left wing news media will play this like it’s the end of the world. People you have heard worse I’m sure JUST GET THE HELL OVER IT.

  105. anon says

    Isn’t there plenty to criticize about Ann Coulter’s words without over the top personal attacks and misogyny?

    It’s not right. It hurts our cause. And to insult whole classes of women (unmarried, not subserviantly pretty, even lesbians?)somewhat paralells her latest offense.

    Certainly personal lives are fair game to expose the hipocricy of a right winger or a closet case, but this is over the top and irrelevant.

    I won’t defend the woman. she deserves anything that comes her way. But why piss off others who should be welcome here? Also, being attacked by nasty, cliched women-hating and fearing gay guys is the one way Ann could pull sympathy..

    It’s just not an insult to call Ann a lesbian.
    It’s an insult to lesbian friends and allies some of you don’t even know we have out there; many powerful, many working hard for our freedoms as leaders, caregivers, friends and stunningly beautiful women.

    There are even unattractive people who are worthy of respect. Fat ones too. Some who are aging and some who have chosen to live alone.
    But this isn’t a load of PC speak, the overwhelming number of comments about this woman’s looks say more about the superficial concerns of gay men, and the condemning of someone for not living up to traditional gender destiny would sure seem to be a projection of unfulfileed fulfilling traditional male roles. what a mess.
    We should get over all this stuff, and at very least put out a more welcoming message .

  106. Kristen says

    You would think that someone who regards herself as highly as she does would have a better vocabulary of insults. This woman is awful.

  107. Heath says

    Ann Coulter is a bloody, shit filled cunt who needs to be burned to death on national TV. What a waste of flesh. Stupid horse faced skeleton looking shit bag!

  108. lisa says

    i truly hope that the things she says really are just ploys for more publicity and disgusting attempts at making more $$. the idea that any intelligent person would truly believe in the shit that she spews (and what’s even worse under the guise of a political platform) is far more frightening for me. i am all for free speech – but that bitch gives me nightmares.

  109. Justin says

    Now SHE’s someone a crazed suicide bomber should go after.

    Since she’s such a rabid Republican, maybe she’ll take a vacation to Iraq, but she’s too chicken shit…..she’s all words and no action. She could go with her girlfriend Condi!

  110. PriceTrow says

    I want the names of all the people who clapped. Can someone provide me a copy of that list. Everyone of them should denounce that slut.

  111. Ronald says


    look at all you fucking wankers bitching about someone calling someone else a name.

    fucking homos.

  112. kay hannah says

    edward jones, a fuck, cost me life savings, call me. do not trust famiacial planner. period.!!!!!!!!

  113. JD says

    She’s no worse than Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz. Both of whom are not only racists, but are more ignorant than a bowl of Frosted Flakes.