Australian Pop Star Anthony Callea Outed

Anthony_calleaAnthony Callea, a former Australian Idol contestant, was recently outed when a Sydney morning radio host was having a discussion about an old friend of his on the air.

Said Eye in the Sky reporter Vic Lorusso of the friend: “You wouldn’t know him. He’s a nice guy but his partner, which is Anthony Callea, didn’t want to know anything about anybody.”

Callea had no immediate response. While a contestant on Idol, Callea denied rumors that he was gay, saying, “I’m not gay. I don’t know why people say I am. A lot of people just make up rubbish.”

Anthony Callea Outed [samesame]

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  1. Luke says

    While I don’t care if you want to stay in the closet, coming out is a very personal choice, not one to be made as a joke or forcing out, unless you are like Haggard or other homophobes in the limelight. But, at least finally a cute guy after all the ones who should have stayed in lately.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    It is a shame that he was outed. It’s more of a shame that he felt pressure to stay in the closet. I hope it works out well for him.

    BTW Luke – I persoanlly find “Dougie Howser” to be rather hot.

  3. says

    It’s such a tough issue. I wish people just wouldn’t stay in the closet. If everyone left the closet, it would almost certainly end the debate and we’d win our rights everywhere in America in short order.

  4. anon says

    Grammar police here: the report should have been nice enough to say “who is”, not “which is” (unless he is being misquoted). As in, “Who is Anthony Callea again?”

  5. Zeke says

    I agree that everyone should be allowed to come out in their own time and in their own way. However, NOTHING takes the power away from others and gives a person more control over his own destiny than grabbing his balls and coming out, on his own, on his own terms, and before anyone has the chance to take that power and privilege away from him.

    When a person passes up the opportunity for self-determination they give that power and opportunity away to others, whether they want to or not. They can hardly be surprised when some asshole takes that power and uses it for their own selfish puposes; especially when they are celebrities or public figures. That may not be fair but it’s LIFE and it doesn’t just apply to the closet. Anytime anyone fails to seize the power of self-determination he has to accept the fact that he is voluntarily giving that power away to others. He also forfeits his right to cry about it when some gossip monger or charlatan takes that power and runs with it.

    I don’t care if people choose to stay in the closet but I take exception to people who flat out lie and go overboard to cover for themselves. To me, that seems weak, wimpy, un-masculine and unmanly; the very things that they seem to think that being “openly gay” represents.

    Note: Please don’t write me saying that I claimed that being weak and wimpy is feminine or that I claimed that females are weak or that I said anything negative about feminine men. I want to make it clear, right off the bat to those with poor reading comprehension, that I did none of these things. Some of the strongest and most courageous people I know, both male and female, are feminine, but none of them are in the closet.

    All I can say about stories about the latest celebrity to be outed or pushed to come out against their will is “YAAAAAAAAAAWN!”

    Give me a story about Joe Blow Nobody coming out, on his own with courage and self-determination, any day over the latest celebrity dragged out of the closet kicking and screaming.

  6. amanda says

    lying about your sexuality is not unmanly or unmasculine since that implies the opposite or in this case womanly or feminine and certainly not something neutral like androgyny. perhaps a more appropriate word would be cowardly. yes, lying about your sexuality is cowardly… or maybe it’s just none of your business. certainly not having the courage to say you are gay is one thing but not having the courage to say you are gay and then be complicit in the maintenance of the status quo is another a la ted haggard, mark foley and james mcgreevey, et al.

  7. Jack! says

    There have been rumors about Anthony for years. He’ll make it through I have no doubt. I think he’s adorable and a nice guy. I agree with Zeke in that it is ideal to come out on your own will. Unfortunately it may not be the best thing when your livelyhood depends on the admiration of the public. I really would like that to change so guys and girls can come out and live their life.

  8. Da says

    If lying or withholding information about one’s sexuality is unmanly/cowardly, then about 100% has been guilty of this crime at one point or the other.

    Not even defending the closeted, but that too is a fact.

    And I’m sick of fingers being pointed at homosexuals for being the only offenders in this domain, as it’s simply not true.

  9. Allen says

    I find the “looks-ism” in some of these posts offensive, but mostly disappointing. If someone finds the courage to come out, whether they are “cute” or not shouldn’t matter. It takes the same amount of courage whether one is “cute” or not. If I had the choice to live in a world where all the gay men were out but not necessarily cute, I take it in a second. Being courageous enough to be totally out is sexy in itself.

  10. sean says

    lol. yeah, i can count on one hand the number of straights who have lied or been coy about their sexual preference and i count one finger. guess which finger it is?

  11. EM says

    I wish him well but if he hadn’t have said being gay was akin to ‘rubbish’ being made up about him maybe he’d be in less of a pickle right now.

    Perhaps it’s best if you’re going to lie, to not run your own people down so much by embarrassed-sounding association.

  12. shaylee says

    i love anthony and it doesnt matter to me whether he is gay or not…
    for the record.. i think its a load of shit

  13. shaylee says

    i love anthony and it doesnt matter to me whether he is gay or not…
    for the record.. i think its a load of shit

  14. john says

    It is wonderful how so many gay men are in touch with their inner child. It is unfortunate to find that in many cases the inner child is a pre-teen girl.