USMC Begins Inquiry into Matt Sanchez

AmericaBlog has posted a new audio clip of Alan Colmes interviewing Matt Sanchez. AmericaBlog: “Sanchez claims, among other things, that he’s not gay, and that his male prostitution clients weren’t gay either. He also said that he hadn’t done gay porn or prostitution in 15 years. Holmes corrected him, pointing out a ‘massage’ ad for Sanchez’ services placed only 3 years ago. I’d also point out that IMDB says that Sanchez’ last movie was 1999, that’s 8 years ago, not 15.”

Matt_sanchez2And according to the Marine Times, the USMC has begun an inquiry into Matt Sanchez and his gay porn past:

“As a member of the IRR, Sanchez falls under the authority of Marine Corps Mobilization Command in Kansas City, Mo., where the commanding general’s staff judge advocate, Lt. Col. Michael Blessing, has begun an inquiry into the revelations about his past, according to command spokesman Shane Darbonne.

“We’re looking into it and we’re going to verify facts and determine if any further action is warranted,” Darbonne said.

As of Friday afternoon, officials at Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans were unable to confirm whether Sanchez had enlisted prior to the end of his film career or if Reserve Marines were prohibited from doing porn when not in a drilling status. Sanchez has not returned phone calls seeking comment. He joined the Corps May 14, 2003 and is a refrigeration mechanic.”

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    All right, the man is a hypocrite, and even worse, a right-wing Republican; but he doesn’t need to be tortured. Leave him be. Besides, he’s starting to look more and more Latino with these latest photos and news videos, and that means more and more handsome. Leave him be.

  2. Jesussaves says

    Andy, you left out the best part. The Fundies are embracing Sanchez, claiming the “diabolical liberals” are angry at him because he “stopped having homosexual sex,” thereby proving that homosexuality is a choice. They claim he’s undergoing a religious conversion, like Mary-Magdalene. And Sanchez, shameless whore that he is, endorsed the article on his blog.

  3. amanda says

    i hear through the grapevine that columbia university admissions is also going over his application with a fine-toothed comb making sure there are no falsehoods. things that make you go “hmmmmmmmmmm…”

  4. Scientitian says

    Leave him be? So he deserves special treatment as a gay defector to the right wing fundamentalist community? Wouldn’t that set a horrible precedent? Immunity from DADT only if you denounce your sinful homosexuality – such a lovely bribe for backstabbing.

  5. AMS says

    Listening to that interview made my head hurt. It was like a primer on ‘double-think’ from Orwell’s “1984.”

    “The men I had sex with for money were in the closet and didn’t consider themselves gay, so that means I wasn’t gay when I had sex with them.” This guy makes a PERFECT right-wing fundie, because they aren’t connected with reality either.

  6. 24play says

    I’m sure I’ve seen Mateo’s ad for a “No Regrets” massage in the back of HX or Next within the past year.

    I remember thinking, “Didn’t he run off to join the Marines? Guess it didn’t work out.”

  7. Howard says

    I didn’t realise that “drilling status” in the Marine Corp Reserve and gay pornography were mutually exclusive. I thought one was sort of predicated on the other. I would also like the time line for the wife, 2 girl friends, 0 gay lovers. I, too, was married, had many girl friends (and still do) and currently have no gay lover. Oh my God!!! I’m STRAIGHT! Now I get it!

  8. Nick says

    To me this is a good example of why amatures should not try to enter the politcal arena. especially if you got such a checked past that could have a profound impact on you life today.

    If it is found that he was doing sex for pay after he joined the marines he is going to dishonorably discharged. that sucks….

  9. Jake says

    Sanchez was allowing comments on his blog up until today. Presumably too many good questions were being asked that might put his military career in jeopardy. He’s supposed to be on Signorile’s radio show this afternoon.

  10. Jack! says

    The point is he says he’s straight when he’s not. It’s the down low culture that is allowing him, a masculine gay man, to get away with it. Many masculine gay men declare themselves straight because they don’t want to deal with everything that comes with being openly gay, mostly it’s their masculinity. Gay men know that they are automatically thought of as less masculine or less of a man if they say they are gay. Instead of trying to break that stereotype they hide.

    At the same time Matt Sanchez trashes gay people for his own benefit. He needs to learn a lesson.

  11. 000000 says

    So other people are using his picture in ads. Ok, it happens. But WHY would they want to use his PHONE NUMBER too? The same number Colmes contacted him on! I really wish Colmes had gone for the jugular and just stopped the whole interview if he was going to go on lying. Andy Towle can be a real patriot and blog a blow-by-blow account of their dating experience. I think the only real nail in the coffin now will be a group of his male suitors coming out with tales to tell. “Not gay” my ass.

  12. lee Gordon says

    He is repugnant, not for being a sex worker, but being so self deluded, and working with people that would take away your equal rights in an instant, or worse, and call you a faggot while they do it.
    It also highlights the Kinsey model, that there are many degrees in the human sexuality spectrum, between straight and gay. I had a lover I lived with, a boxer and pro-athlete, who defines himself as straight. I always wonder how he reconciles that with his passion for cocksucking.

  13. FunMe says

    What is even more interesting for me is to figure out what makes a person turn out to be such a liar and pathetic soul like Dirty Sanchez?

    I mean, there are military types that are gay, hide it, marry or have girlfriends, but at the end, are true to themselves and accept their God-given sexuality end up very happy.

    This guy is the reverse. He did not only porn but gay prostitution, but as he got older he loses his looks (well his youth) and decides to do something else. First the military. But then once he started to sleep with the enemy, yes the enemy of the CONservatives and religous fanatics, then all of a sudden he decides to do more harm to gays.

    What would his mother think of his past and what he is doing now?

  14. Smarter Than You says

    >>> Sanchez was allowing comments on his blog up until today. Presumably too many good questions were being asked that might put his military career in jeopardy. He’s supposed to be on Signorile’s radio show this afternoon.
    Posted by: Jake | Mar 12, 2007 12:38:47 PM

    There’s a very good why he took comments off his blog: He’s likely in trouble with his bosses!!

    Yesterday, Sanchez made another serious blunder by blogging a “conspiracy theory” I had a posted on Joe.My.God site, trying to dismiss it, but all he did was acknowledge that my analysis was too close for comfort and in need of swift dismantling.

    Hours later the post was mysteriously taken off from his site, and comments were shut down.

    What did the theory say??

    That Matt Sanchez/Rod Majors is part of an elaborate stunt put together by Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Newt Gingrich (all whom conveniently photographed with him in those leaked CPAC pics) to launch the imminent presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich.

    Here is what the Matt Sanchez’s entry said: (NOW DELETED)

    Elvis at Chipolte, and other Strange Facts.

    Elvis was sighted ordering a burrito at Chipotle! It’s not clear if he had the chicken or the shredded beef. There’s something funny about rumor mills online, with a complete lack of proof and gutsy innuendo, you can pretty much fake anything. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the details. If things look close enough you can just put it up and someone will believe it.

    Case in point….

    Here’s the thing: Matt Sanchez is a FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!

    He’s part of an elaborate “CPAC-porngate” stunt put together by Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin/the religious right to launch the presidential campaign of Newt Gingrinch.

    Everything else about Sanchez’s life thrown in the mix to confuse you and make you talk..

    1) Ann Coulter blurted the faggot word to garner the initial attention towards CPAC (though that backfired).

    2) Chosen photographs of Sanchez, alongside Malkin, Coulter, and Newt are then leaked online. And Sanchez/Majors gets “outed” on an anonymous gay forum, where posters are urged to forward the story to a written list of liberal media and gay blogs.

    3) This gives way to Malkin spinning the events as an attack by the liberals.

    4) Sanchez now does the talk show circuit, to get himself dismissed from the army; perfect springboard for a book in which he’ll attack liberals (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the porn business, the gay community, bloggers, etc..don’t be surprised if he mentions all of you in it). His other role is that of an attack dog in a “psychological warfare” against the gay community: he’s trained to distract, and attempt to break the will and ability to fight of enemies to Newt’s totalitarian agenda.

    5) Finally, Newt Gingrinch, long time ally of Coulter, is now ready to launch his campaign announced within days which will bear the name of his apocalyptic book: “Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America”.

    For more details about this hard to believe stunt, including all links found in investigation of “CPAC-porngate”

    And I strongly recommend you read the following article on Psychological-Warfare Tactics, and I promise you’ll get the complete picture of what they’re attempted to do here. It’s both hillarious and scary to think Newt’s camp would think such shit would fly today!

    “The Rise of Pseudo Fascism”

    Posted by Cpl. Matt Sanchez at 8:50 PM 15 comments

    Labels: Ann Coulter, GOP, Malkin, Newt Gingrich, Psy-op, Republicans


    And now here is what will happen with Matt Sanchez’s involvment with Newt Gingrich’s media machine from here on:

    His character will be written out, or his part severly disminished cause proven unreliable. End of story.

    But it’s too late. The Coulter/Newt’s camp made a huge error of judgement by hiring a guy with a sketchy past to lead their Religious Warfare (‘jihad’) against the gay community, and the repercussions of their snafu is only going to get worse from here.

  15. says

    Sanchez could have been both a postive gay figure as well as someone who could have been refreshingly unapologetic about his porn past. Instead he’s busy digging himself a closet in the dirt. Now he’s not even going to be a poster boy for Gay Republicans!

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