Florida Governor Charlie Crist Has Beauty Queen Girlfriend


Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s new girlfriend, Kelly Heyniger, went public with their relationship to the St. Petersburg Times today:

Crist_foley“She’s blond. She’s tan. She’s a mother of two, a former beauty queen who auditioned for NBC’s Fear Factor by eating a live earthworm and hiding four lizards in her mouth. And now, it’s official: She’s the governor’s girl. Kelly Crosby Heyniger, 36, confirmed her relationship with Gov. Charlie Crist, 50, in an interview on WPBF-Ch. 25, the ABC affiliate in Palm Beach County where she lives. Heyniger and Crist met during a charity benefit on tony Jupiter Island early this year, after he traded life in St. Petersburg for the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee. Heyniger told WPBF, during the interview in her home, that they’ve been dating since February and see each other about every two weeks. ‘We’re just hanging out, enjoying each others’ company,’ Heyniger smiles.”

Why is this news? Last October, if you’ll remember, independent gubernatorial candidate Max Linn attempted to out Crist during a radio interview on National Coming Out Day in the run-up to the November elections.

Said Linn: “Charlie come out, come out from wherever you are.” Linn also reportedly said that “it is common knowledge in Tallahassee that Crist is gay” and it is time that his opponent acknowledged it.

Crist has repeatedly denied that he is gay. The then Attorney General called in to a radio show in 2005 to quell the rumors, and when the host asked him “Are you a homo?”, Crist replied, “No, man. No. I love women. I mean, they’re wonderful.”

In October, 2006, New Times writer Bob Norman claimed that Crist had an affair with 21-year-old Jason Wetherington, the field director for Katherine Harris, based on two different anonymous sources who claim that Wetherington bragged to them at dinner parties that he and Crist had sex at a Tampa area hotel while he was working on the Harris campaign. One of Norman’s sources also said that Wetherington named Bruce Jordan Carlton, a convicted felon who also worked for Katherine Harris, as Crist’s long-term partner. Norman’s claims remain just that, as no sources have publicly come forward.

Bush_cristA question about Crist’s sexuality from a reporter last November inspired a swift rebuke from Governor Jeb Bush, who told the reporter: “Put a smile on your face and don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Crist’s campaign for governor was built on an anti-gay platform. “I support a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriages, and I oppose adoption by gay couples,” said one phone call put out by the Crist campaign. Crist also appeared to flip-flop on the eve of the elections, withdrawing his previously-stated support for civil unions.

There is one positive note in Crist’s recent positions on gay issues. In February, Crist said that the Republican Party should not spend any more money funding groups pushing for a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in Florida.

A few more notes on Crist’s new girlfriend:

“[She’s] a former tomboy who says she always preferred fishing and motorcycles to dolls and makeup. She told the Palm Beach Post in 2004 that in Fear Factor’s psychological evaluation, she tested ’78 percent masculine.’ She says she’s still a blue jeans gal, but now she’s more likely to don a dress for her dates with Charlie. She lets him wear the jeans instead. ‘Charlie loves jeans, she told WPBF. He is a great guy, a lot of fun. He’s real.'”

We wish her the best with his realness.


  1. Chesnut says

    He looks like the creepy mayor that Gaby just married on “Desperate Housewives”… in fact, it’s the same plot: slimeball hooks up with beauty queen for political reasons.

  2. anon says

    Oh the pain! Oh the humanity! Where’s Jim McGreevey when you need him? All Wetherington has to do is remember a few pointed details and Crist will be crisp (toast).

  3. Brian says

    Stewart… lol… hehehehehehe… that was pure gold.

    Yeah, nothing says “straight” like an all-of-a-sudden beauty queen girlfriend. The only way Crist could be more lame is if he told everyone he had a girlfriend in Canada.

  4. Leland says

    “Florida Governor Charlie Crist Has Beauty Queen Girlfriend”…worms on “Fear Factor”…motorcycles…. Whew! At first glance, I thought Reichen had found a new celebrity sugar daddy.

  5. sam says

    DWF, bl/bl, 36, “aspiring actress,” looking for publicity before window of opportunity for blonde babedom closes, seeks Famous male, orientation unimportant, who can get my picture in the blogs. Tall and tan a plus.

  6. Luke says

    I don’t know what bothers me more, that he is being asked, or that they are saying she is “beauty queen” upchucking at this moment. Unless he has been an enemy of the gay community in Florida, I find it out of line to even ask the question. I guess I am of the train of thought, your private life should be just that, private, not at all for this kind of “outing.”

    Putting on shied of armor for onslaught of mean posts directed at me for that one, LOL!

  7. Luke says

    Oops! My bad, I read it too quick, he is a jerk, but, his line is that of just about any GOP candidate wo usually run on the anti gay agenda started by the “man” in the WH now, so, who would want him to be gay anyway? Outing him will do nothing, he seems to be quite popular in that state.

  8. Leland says

    Outing him WOULD do the “good” of discrediting another Republican hypocrite who has aligned himself with GOP gay bashing, and weaken the Republican party in Florida which would be FANTASTIC. Further evidence of his true “character”—whether or not he is actually gay:

    The Rev. O’Neal Dozier, an “advisor” to Bush fils and Jeb Bush when he was FL governor, said publicly last year that Jesus had appeared to him in a 2004 dream saying that Crist would be the next gov. Crist’s response? “[T]he reverend has a very strong faith in his heart and he’s a good man. I’m very grateful for his help and his support and his belief.” And Dozier was a high profile member of Crist’s campaign. This was three years after, as GoodAsYou.net reported that, “Dozier referred to homosexuality as ‘something so nasty and disgusting that it makes God want to vomit’, and was quoted as saying: ‘Why is it one of the paramount of sins? Well, it is a very bad kind of sin because it really hurts society in so many ways. God, however, found a way to punish the homosexuals through HIV-AIDS. It is a type of judgment for such a sin as this one, homosexuality.’” Even Fartwell had stopped making that claim long before 2003.

    Compassionate Conservative Crist eventually dumped Dozier but NOT for his history of rabid homohate but because of anti-Islam commments he’d made.

    Yes, Chuckles Crist is a hymn to homanity [sic]…..that I can’t wait to see crash and burn.

  9. Zeke says

    Why is it that people use the term “affair” to refer to ANY homosexual relationship or encounter?

    In the BP executive “scandal” it was stated over and over that the man had a gay “affair” even though he was a single man carrying on a romantic relationship that was no different than the average heterosexual one.

    Then in this report we read:

    “In October, 2006, New Times writer Bob Norman claimed that Crist had AN AFFAIR [my emphsis] with 21-year-old Jason Wetherington…”

    Crist is not now, and was not at the time of the alleged sexual tryst, married. So why does the reporter use the word “affair”?

    Do these reporters not know what “an affair” is or is this just a deliberate attempt to sensationalize and scandalize these stories by insinuating that ANY gay relationship is tawdry, scandalous and a violation of the public trust.

  10. says

    I went to FSU and all of my gay friends still in Fla are very casual about the apparent “gayness” of Gov. Crist. “Everyone knows that,” they say. But, I mean, EVERYONE in Fla can’t possibly know or would he be governor?

    But that reminds me of when McGreedy was in office when I lived in NJ. EVERYONE supposedly knew he was gay, too. Or atleast heard the rumors. I dunno, I guess promises of lower taxes and all that trumps some rumors in those cases.

    Speaking of McGreevey, looks like Fla’s gov is turning out to be the “next big gay embarrassment” following ol’ Jimmy.

  11. PDQ says


    Why was Crist’s tryst with 21 year old Jason Wetherington called an affair you ask?

    American Heritage defines “affair” as:

    7. A matter causing public scandal and controversy: the Dreyfus affair.
    8. A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other.

    Okay, so we have a 21 year old Wetherington sleeping with a 50 year old Crist. Even if Wetherington had been female, that sounds like it fits the bill (for labeling it an affair) to me.

  12. Arthuer says

    I don’t know if he is gay or not, but, one thing I do not belive and that is that this man is 50 years of age, not bad looking for a homophobe, but, still hardly a day over 65. And nor do I think that this chick has ever won a beauty contest, unless she was the only one in it.

  13. Zeke says

    PDQ, definition #7 has nothing to do with the term used in these stories since there is a big difference between “affair” and “an affair”. The word affair in the Dreyfus affair is totally different from Dreyfus was having an affair. Besides insinuating that ANY gay relationship is “scandalous” and “controversial” is exactly what I suspected they were trying to convey with their use of the word. I think that is inappropriate.

    The definition in #8 says “between people who are not married to EACH OTHER” which indicates that one, or the other, or both of the participants IS married, just not to the person with whom he/she is having the sexual relationship. Otherwise it would have simply said “between two unmarried people”.

    I still say the use of “affair” in these cases is misleading and inflamatory.

  14. FunMe says

    Oh a beard, a beard, a beard … the guy looks so gay, it’s hilarious how anyone would believe he has a girlfriend.


    If you know what I mean.

  15. anon says

    I think affair is general construed to mean “a short hook-up predominantly for sex” as opposed to ‘relationship’, which construes a long lasting and loving relationship, but you forget there is the term “love affair”. This is not as bad as when newspapers decry that someone has been “accused” of being gay.

  16. tony says

    That Crist guy is a serious TANOREXIC. He always looks burned (and not a healthy burn–if there is such a thing). And that woman is 36?!?!? I remember the first time I went to Florida on business I was shocked at how much older than their age everyone looked from too much sun. The whole state is an advertisement for the dangers of suntanning. Good thing the whole state will be underwater in another 100 years.

  17. gr8guyca says

    If Crist has had relationships with men, isn’t there one who will go public? After all, Mike Jones brought down Ted Haggard. It just takes one guy with some proof to do it. I should add that I only support outing people when they have taken hypocritical anti-gay political actions. In that case, the voters have a right to know who they are electing.

  18. DrFitz says

    It always amazes me that these types can hinde being their denial statements. In St Pete among the gay community it’s the worst kept secret. But our homophobic society loves this veiled deception. How sad!

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