News: Norman Korpi, Seattle Pride, Britney Comeback, Don Imus

road.jpg Deposed radio host Don Imus says he’s suing CBS for the $40 million remaining in his contract: ” Imus has hired one of the nation’s premiere First Amendment attorneys, and the two sides are gearing up for a legal showdown that could turn on how language in his contract that encouraged the radio host to be irreverent and engage in character attacks is interpreted, according to one person who has read the contract. The language, according to this source, was part of a five-year contract that went into effect in 2006 and that paid Imus close to $10 million a year. It stipulates that Imus be given a warning before being fired for doing what he made a career out of – making off-color jokes.”

Britneyroad.jpg Britney stages San Diego comeback. And then follows it up in Anaheim.

road.jpg Scott Schweickert, a Florida man who in 2003 used drugs to rape and torture two young men, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

road.jpg Bette Midler, setting up shop in Las Vegas, says she’s a bit intimidated by the scope of it: “The stage is so enormous there’s a terror that you might not be able to fill it all by your lonesome, you know, a little person in high heels. And it’s got the biggest (video wall) in the world, and you say, ‘What the heck am I going to put on that? My baby pictures?”

road.jpg The story behind New Paltz mayor Jason West’s re-election loss.

Korpiroad.jpg I know you’ve been wondering what The Real World‘s gay housemate Norman Korpi has been up to. He’s been preparing for a show of his paintings, and they’re now up at Creative Galleries in the Helms Building in Los Angeles.

road.jpg Seattle’s The Stranger takes a look at the mess that is Seattle Gay Pride: “The annual paroxysms of doubt about whether the event will even happen at all. The ensuing existential crises within the gay community “leadership.” The announcement, this year, of a bankruptcy filing by parade organizers—and then the subsequent announcement, just hours later, that the bankruptcy filing would not be happening. And of course, the all-out war between gay factions over the parade’s location, with the supporters of a downtown parade in one camp and the supporters of a Capitol Hill parade in the other. Angry words and recriminations fly back and forth between them, in private and in public. It’s enough to make a homo want to stay home on parade day.”

road.jpg People in the world are walking 10% faster than they did 10 years ago, according to a new study. Singapore is the fastest city. NYC ranks eighth.


  1. KJ says

    I rather suspect that Bette will have no dificulty filling a stage and video screen. She certainly does not need backup dancers to detract from her singing.

  2. mark says

    From what I’ve read, what Britney did was nothing different than any drag queen on any given night in an given bar in the world.



    (and I mean no offense to Drag Queens)

  3. says

    A point about The Stranger’s story on Seattle Pride. Although it’s an interesting summary that hits on some of the event’s many problems, it is hardly a report from a disinterested source. The Stranger is the primary proponent of a downtown parade. The Stranger is propping up the incompetent group that couldn’t manage to do what it set itself up to do.

    And while one tiny part of what the sponsoring group did last year actually worked (a free Sunday outdoor festival), just about everything else was a major flop. Hence the $130,000 + debt they collected.

  4. Schlatty says

    @ ROBINEV (and anyone else who cares)

    The actual problem with Seattle Pride is that everything done in the last 7 years (that I’ve lived here) for Pride (the lame, lame, riduculously long Broadway parade, and the mildly ok, but way overcrowded festival in Volunteer Park) has not only cast Seattle Gays as a ghettoized neighborhood group beholding to a few bar-owners and the Broadway merchants crowd, but has totally lacked the creativity and originality that is so prevalent in Seattle elsewhere (e.g. local music and art, underground theater groups, Fremont Solstice Parade…need I go on?). Why the heck do the gays come off as the most boring people in this city?

    Not that I’m always a Stranger fan, but I’ll give it to them for encouraging our “community” to bump it up a notch and create a Pride that not only celebrates that GLBT folks live all over our city, but is something fun, unique and relfective of Seattle itself. This is a great city. We should have a great Pride (I’m guessing you agree with that part).

  5. says

    I have awful memories of the Seattle Gay Ennui parade. They straggle so much that you could fit Sydney Mardi Gras between the first two participants, and Rio’s between the next. I’m not sure if anyone stays around to see if a third group is going to wander into view.

    I wonder if it’s a symptom of so many of Seattle’s gays working long hours at high-tech companies: little energy for much else.

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