Brian Dunkleman Wishes AIDS on Ryan Seacrest

You likely barely remember Brian Dunkleman, the rather unfunny sidekick to Ryan Seacrest on the first season of American Idol. Dunkleman’s contract was not renewed for the second season, leaving Seacrest to rise alone to fame on the ratings juggernaut. It appears Dunkleman is still bitter over his rival’s success.

DunklemanTMZ reports on a sour rant from Dunkleman at the Laugh Factory in L.A. last week:

“During his set, Dunkleman, now an alleged comedian, poked fun at his stint on ‘Idol,’ but when he began making inappropriate comments like, ‘If wishes came true Ryan Seacrest would have AIDS,’ the laughter stopped faster than it does at a screening of ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.’ We’re told the sad sap went on to spew that Seacrest ‘probably already has AIDS.’ Because, really, what’s funnier than incurable life-threatening epidemics?! Luckily, once Dunkleman was done with his vicious diatribe, other comics like Godfrey brought life back into the room by actually being funny!”

Sounds like the Idol producers knew what they were doing.


  1. Brian says

    Clearly this dude is a douchebag. American Idol isn’t exactly chock-full of insightful comedy, but it’s no wonder he was canned if this is the best that this guy can do. How dumb do you have to be to think that AIDS jokes are going to go over well?

    You know you’re a schmuck when you make Ryan Secrest look thoughtful.

  2. BVC says

    I have to say I am appalled at Mr. Dunkleman’s lack of basic humanity. It has never been nor will it ever be funny to wish a dreaded disease on someone, no matter who that person may be. I myself don’t particularly care for Mr. Seacrest and have been know to refer to the Dick Clark wannabe as a Him-bot but I would never even think of wishing anything as ravaging as a fatal illness on him. The limits of my funny making usually falls somewhere around Ryan having premature baldness or his having another uncomfortable date with Teri Hatcher, nothing more.

    Being bitter is one thing but proclaiming yourself a viscous washed up has been is another. Just ask Courtney Love. So with that in mind Brian might want to police his mouth a little better before he finds himself serving up fries at the local Burger King.

  3. Rad says

    And today we mark the offical, complete end to another morons lack-luster and non-discript career in the enterainment industry.

    Of course, his diatribe is a final plea for yet 15 more minutes of fame that I hope he never obtains… unless of course, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, etc… have their way.

  4. Chris says

    It’s true that jokes about AIDS are tasteless and this Dunkleman person would be better off getting over it rather than stewing in his bitterness. But he’s human and given how much better his situation would be if he were still on American Idol, I’d give him a pass on this one.

    People are jumping to conclusions that he was let go from American Idol because he was a horrible host. (From what I remember, both of them were pretty forgettable.) But the fact that they did not replace him with someone else indicates that it MIGHT have been because they needed to cut costs and/or they felt they didn’t need two hosts (so perhaps they picked the better host, or the more sycophantic one, or they just flipped a coin). For example, on Top Chef, the producers didn’t just eliminate Billy Joel’s wife as host after Season 1, they replaced her with that Padma woman – because they needed someone in that position, judge and host.

    So before you cast the first stone, consider this: say you landed your dream job, as co-host of a reality show that goes on to become wildly successful. You find out after the end of the first season that the producers might make some changes, might cut one of the host decisions, but they’re not sure if they will or who yet and it’s pretty much a toss-up. Then you find that the other co-host has been campaigning to be the one who stays and the decision is made on the basis of something irrelevant to the show. Years later, that guy is making millions, having parlayed his host position into multiple other jobs while still making bank at the reality show, and you’re struggling to make ends meet by doing lousy stand-up comedy gigs. I would bet you’d be pretty bitter, too. I’ve certainly seen people stabbed in the back and/or horribly slandered by supposed friends for a HELL of a lot less than that!

  5. says

    poking gay jokes at ryan seacreast is crude and desperado enough, but to cross that dirty minefield into AIDS territory is just plain moronic.
    dunkleman is a loser, certified.

  6. tony the tiger says

    SARAH SILVERMAN made a highly inappropriate AIDS joke on her HBO special that was showed over and over again on HBO which I thought was tasteless and awful (about telling her neice that every time she lost at soccer an Angel died of AIDS). Why didn’t anyone get pissed at that? Was I the only person furious at that?

  7. Charles says

    Maybe…I think anything is fair game for a joke-yes, including AIDS. But his crime to me was being mean-spirited and not funny. To me that Silverman joke is closer to being funny-it’s not like she was wishing it on a real person.

  8. says

    I was at that show and while he started out funny, he completely bombed by the end. His downward slide started with a joke that went something like, “I don’t know if Ryan Seacrest is gay, but he didn’t complain when I fucked him.” Bitter, bitter, bitter.

  9. JLS says

    You all need to lighten up. It was a goddamned joke.

    Take the 9 inch dildos out of your asses and stop taking yourselves so seriously. Sometimes humor is all we have to cope.

  10. nicole says

    You have to be truly moronic and heartless to think that an AIDS joke would be acceptable in any arena. And what exactly is he suggesting by stating that Seacrest already has AIDS; that only gay people (or people who are suspected to be gay) are the only ones who can get infected??? No wonder this misconception lives on, because of washed-up, has-beens like…whats his name?

  11. Billy says

    Not a “goddamned joke.” Just because it’s Brian Dunkleman saying it doesn’t make it okay. Especially since he was saying it for pure shock value. Just tasteless all around.

  12. Brian Dunkleman says

    This guy is a joke. Maybe his career (or 15 min of fame) would have lasted longer if his last name wasn’t Dunkleman. Dude, here’s some advice, get a stage name bro. Dunkleman..are you kidding me. No one wants a boner with the name Dunkleman hosting their show unless it some corny bit with people’s pets running through an obstacle course on the ABC Family Channel. So don’t take your frustration out on others with tasteless jokes, take it out on your dad for giving you the last name of Dunkleman. I think I might even replace the word loser with Dunkleman in my everday in…Dude, stop being such a Dunkleman and get a job.

  13. Tony the Tiger says

    I used to go to all of Brian Dunkleman’s comedy acts in NYC and even flew out to L.A. all the time to see his act.

    But after this I will NEVER go to another one of his shows!

    Sincerely, Brian Dunkleman’s FORMER no. 1 fan.

    P.S. Hey J.L….what is that “9 inch dildo” you are referring to in your message?? It is a full 12 inches baby!

  14. clinton says

    He and Tom Hank’s former bussom buddy Peter Sclarer???? should form a club on what to do when your sidekick leaves you in the dust.

    Dunc. was a comic before Idol and he was on friends as the guy who bought the ring Chandler wanted to give Monica.

    Doesn’t he know to get press these days, you only have to get a DUI or a pantiless crotch shot getting out of a car?

  15. Trihart says

    Maybe, just maybe, Dinkleman is ahead of his time. Maybe AIDS is the New leprosy and after all who doesn’t love a lepper joke? It doesn’t seem like it now, but maybe someday the scurge of AIDS will be relegated to being just a funny disease like Scurvy or Rickets and then we can all look back at Dinkleman comments in a new light and realize that the guy really and truely is not funny.

  16. Gregg says

    For the record, there are AIDS jokes that I find tasteless yet hilarious, ie: Sarah Silverman and South Park. But those jokes are different than bitterly wishing a fatal (manageable, yes, but debilitating and disfiguring) disease upon someone you are jealous of.

    I do wish fatal diseases on many Republicans, but that’s no joke.

  17. Joe in the OC says

    Amazing in this “enlightened” day and age that a person might still think AIDS is a gay disease and that it would be funny to make a crude reference towards someones sexuality using said false truth. His last name suits him well.

  18. says

    There is no excuse for this homophobic, persons with HIV/AIDS-ophobic, and people who have more charisma and success-ophobic, “joke”. What a pathetic little man. If you thik this deserves a pass you are a total dunkleman!

  19. Mark in LA says

    I wonder if Bryan Dunkleman has ever known anyone who has died from AIDS. I can’t understand why anyone would wish this on someone. AIDS is not a joke……….

  20. Mark in LA says

    I wonder if Bryan Dunkleman has ever known anyone who has died from AIDS. I can’t understand why anyone would wish this on someone. AIDS is not a joke……….

  21. says

    What an ignorant thing to say? Clearly this guy is insecure in his own skin that he would think such a horrific pandemic would be funny. Unless it is his own defense mechanism for dealing with it within his own self. Hmmmmmmm?

  22. Strepsi says

    The Sarah SIlverman joke – which is using AIDS as the most horrible disease, to parody the pressure parents put on kids in sports – made me laugh again just now reading it.

    The Dunkleman joke is saying “Ryan Seacrest is a faggot, I hope he dies.”

    See the difference?

    He’s back at the Laugh Factory, which is really square one. Good.

  23. Chris says

    So I guess there’s no compassion or mercy for Mr. Dunkleman.

    Towleroad is truly an amazing website – so many extraordinary readers, who have never themselves ever said anything inappropriate or hateful out of anger or bitterness. Who can now, without a trace of hypocrisy, sit in judgment of someone who made an error.

    There’s so many black-and-white, absolutist comments on this site, that sometimes I have to check to make sure I didn’t navigate over to by accident!

  24. GREGORY says


  25. says

    Damn, there are some crazy funny people on his site! Loved the Sarah Silverman joke AND the Dunkleman joke about fucking Ryan Seacrest. Granted, if Dingleberry had wished lepracy on Seacrest, people would have laughed probably more than they bitched about the AIDS joke. It’s only because he said Ryan is gay AND he wishes AIDS on him that makes the joke seem more ignorant. I guess I just think ignorant people are funny whethe they are faking it or not.
    P.S. Love the dudes comment about angels. For 1 sec I had to ask myself if be was serious but then came to my senses!

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