GOP Florida State Rep. Allen Charged in Gay Oral Sex Solicitation


Florida State Representative Bob Allen (R-Merritt Island) was arrested on Wednesday after offering to perform oral sex on a male police officer for $20.

Bob_allenLocal6 reports: “Investigators said Allen was acting suspicious and went in and out of the men’s restroom at Veteran’s Memorial Park, located on East Broad Street…Minutes later, authorities said, Allen solicited the male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20. Allen was then arrested. Officers realized he was a public figure after the arrest, a news release said. Allen, who is from Merritt Island, was scheduled to be booked into the Brevard County Jail Wednesday night.”

Allen is married and has a child.

The Miami Herald reports that Allen told a Central Florida television station the incident was ”a very big misunderstanding” and a “gross mistake.” Said Allen: ”I’m not in anyway associated with that they are saying, this is disgusting.”

He also has some interesting recreational interests, according to his House profile.

UPDATE: Joe.My.god has a wealth of information on this guy, including the fact that he’s “the author of failed Florida House Bill #1475, the ‘Lewd and Lacivious Behavior Act’ which would have made public masturbation in the presence of another adult illegal, whether the other adult consented or not.”

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  1. says

    Something is not clear: was he offering the officer twenty dollars for the privilege of performing oral sex on same officer, or, was he asking the officer to give him twenty dollars in return for which he would perform oral sex on same officer, or, maybe he wanted the officer to perform oral sex on him, for which he would pay same officer twenty dollars. Florida print reporters are notoriously bad writers.

  2. Joe says

    Father Tony: From the various accounts that can be found on a Google News search, it appears that Rep. Allen allegedly offered the officer $20 to allow Allen to perform a fellatory act on said officer.

  3. busytinny says

    Well, another one bites the dust. Unfortunately, I think incidents like these only reinforce the negative sterotypes of gay men in folks minds: sexually deviant & threatening. This helps no one.

  4. DC8 stretch says

    Damn. When I used to live on Merritt Island, blow jobs were only $10. Guess closing the dirty bookstore on 520 sent prices rocketing like a space shuttle.

  5. Paul says

    Not to sound rude, but what exactly is unclear about “Allen solicited the male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20″? And here I do mean to sound rude: I wouldn’t let this guy near me if he were paying me. Did he really need the $20? Unbelievable.

  6. Gitai says

    “It’s all a big misunderstanding. I was driving, you know how I like to drive, and I had to take the biggest pee in the world, and I wandered in and there were those types in there, those queens and queers, and one of them started kissing me, and he wouldn’t just quit goddamn kissing me!”

    Bonus points if you recognize the above dialogue.

  7. anon ( says

    The police are sometimes disposed to lie when setting up traps for gay men in public restrooms, so I would not believe either account for the moment. However, perhaps more stories about him will surface.

  8. So Left I'm Right says

    Don’t worry, he’ll “ask God and his wife for forgiveness,” (tm Sen. Vitter) and they will give it to him, and magically everything will be ok.

    So it’s a “gross mistake” and “disgusting” Rep. Allen? I believe you are referring to yourself. Another self-hating closet case. Suffer, bitch!

  9. Cory says

    He looks like John Candy and Jim Belushi’s love child…

    …and seriously, how many more closet case self loathing Repugnikkklan’s are going to be caught with their pants down? I’m surprised he didn’t pull out a snickers and ask the cop if he wanted to “share”…

  10. Tax Protester says

    I only wish I were 22 and HOT. I’d devote my life to trolling for Married Republicans online….then out the hypocrites. Me thinks me’d be VERY busy!

  11. 42N82BGAY says

    Aha! Yet another born-again homophobic “Christian” hoisted on his own hypocritical petard! What a pig! Republican, of course. This man loves to suck dick in public restrooms and yet voted against every gay-friendly initiative put before the Florida House during his term. Where have we heard this song before? Expect backpedaling for days by his cover-your-ass staff and all kinds of “Christ has forgiven me” nonsense in the days to come.

  12. nic says

    “anon (”, and the other little girl “shane” keep wanting to give the most vile people the benefit of the doubt. what i want to know is: when did the repugs afford them the same courtesy? isn’t a gay repug similar to a gay nazi?

  13. nic says

    oh, and to “father tony”: does it make a fucking difference? i cannot be the only one that is disgusted by these prancing, self-satisfied word-mincing sissies, can i? wtf?

  14. says

    Also, I want a photo of the cop involved, which drives another question: who at the station decides who gets “restroom duty”? Getting that assignment would have to be something of a beauty contest, would it not? And getting dressed for that assignment might involve some packaging that would elicit a twenty, would it not? Having these stories repeatedly show up on the evening news is the only way to build a generation disinclined to homophobia, disinclined to pay taxes for police shenanigans and disinclined to vote for self righteous politicians.

    Sarge to veteran cop: “Phil, I’m taking you off restroom duty. Our surveillance cameras show that in the last month, you got only one offer, and it was only five bucks, buddy. I mean take a look at yourself. A few too many donuts, a few too many gray hairs. Tomorrow I want you to bring rookie Officer Ortiz out with you and show him the ropes…”

  15. Boomer says

    Father Tony –

    Too funny about restroom duty…love yer blog btw. I would also like to seewhat the bait looked like to land a “big one” like the hot, hot, hot Mr.Allen. Ewww…I just threw up into my mouth a little. :)

  16. says

    My understanding of the report was that the Congressman offered to pay somebody in return for the favor of blowing that somebody. That is, “Let me blow you and I’ll pay you $20.”
    Another family-values desparado.

  17. nic says

    schadenfreude, indeed, especially when it’s inspired by the mischief of such a complete hypocrite. you know that, after his hamartia, will follow the sturm und drang of his ecxuses or mea culpas. if i were to believe in the concept, i wonder in which circle of dante’s hell this loser might end up.

  18. SteveMD2 says

    Those moral values family values good Christian people – a description for so many republicans – this is just another example of how they hate themselves for to whom they really are attracted. Filled with this religious hatred, but unwilling to come out of the closet because of their public position, they do the usual psychology 101 trick of reflecting their hatreds onto others, so those others will be as sick and miserable and they themselves are.

    All this is part of the “closet” phenomena. As we had Jim Crow laws and segregation for a hundred years after the civil war, as South Africa had Apartheid, the closet can be viewed as a form of “stay invisible or else aparthied / segregation. Just another cruel trick of the religious right whose only goal is power and continuing to terrorize people with their religious preachings about heaven and hell.

    And of course the great ‘moralists’ – so many of them are gay themselves. Gutless victims of their own selfhatred, terrorized into supporting their own terrorization.

    So much for Republicans. Thanks, Bush you Fxxxxxr – I finally understand how wrong I was. Dems are far from perfect, But the Bush adminsitration deserves “extrodinary rendition”.

  19. ken says

    besides the photo,there’s a video of him leaving jail…he’s a little dazed and he tries to suck on one of the cameras shoved in his face-he thought it was a cock.

  20. wak wak says

    Jano, sounds to me like he gets off more on humiliation than the act itself, and the thrill of getting caught, probably the guilt that follows as well. All of this press should give him major wood.

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