Smell Like a News Anchor: Anderson Cooper to Get Fragrance?


Coop from Anderson Cooper? Janet Charlton reports that Tom Ford is hot on the tail of Anderson Cooper, trying to get him to throw his name behind a signature fragrance. Cooper has thus far resisted, but his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is pushing for it too. If you were to name a cologne after Cooper, what would you call it?

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  1. says

    I wish he would come out, but unlike most others, I don’t *demand* that he do so. If he, like Jodie Foster, doesn’t want to be a community leader — then he doesn’t have to be one.

    On the other hand, as a serious news man… and I’d say anyone who has done the sort of extensive reporting from war zones that he has deserves to be called a serious news man…, he probably shouldn’t be endorsing lines of clothing, or fragrances, or hosting reality gameshows.

  2. says

    So, among the rationales that I have seen for his not coming out of the closet is that he is a serious journalist who doesn’t want his personal life to interfere with his ability to get a good story such as covering wars etc. Now, he is considering a fragrance? That seems pretty damn gay to me and I’m sure to the terrorists.

    If he can come out with a fragrance, he can come out of the closet.

  3. becks07 says

    When it comes to anything a “serious journalist” should or shouldn’t do, I just ask: “What would Edward R. Murrow do?”

    I doubt a cologne/perfume deal would be in consideration there…

  4. says

    I suspect that Anderson *is* like Jodie Foster in that he figures it’s nobody’s business whether or not he’s gay. HOWEVER, I agree with the notion that as a serious news journalist, a cologne is a bad idea, even if one’s mother is a Vanderbilt.

    Having said that, I love the idea of calling it something really in your face like Blair suggested: Cum Stain.

    JIZM would be good, too!

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    I was thinking along the lines of cedar too, but upon more careful thought, I’d have to call it…


    Amoire is pretty fabulous though. LMAO

  6. Jordan says

    “Moth Balls”, “Deception”, & “Armoire” are pretty damn good, but has Tom lost his mind? Or does his arrogance just know no bounds?

    Most new fragrances (especially celebrity ones) are spectacular failures.

  7. BigBaller says

    We all know that Coop is not going to endorse any such thing. Whatever his feelings about coming out of the closet are, he IS a serious, and in most circles, a highly respected jornalist. This brings me to the question of why do we obsess over Anderson Cooper. It’s as if we think that if he (or Travolta or Cruise, or Seacrest, or Clooney ect) comes out of the closet the world is going to turn into a beautiful, accepting gay paradise: it will not.

    I believe this to be true because just the other day while walking to work I overheard a bunch of roughhousing male eighth-graders on their way to school call each other faggot and homo at least a half dozen times in the span of about ten minutes. Another generation of homophobes and gay bashers in the making. To quote John Mayer: “Waiting on the world to change.”

  8. Leland says

    Bigballer, your comment leads me to a question: why do defenders of closeted cowards have to result to hyperbole? No one EVER claimed Coopers’ or anyone else coming out would turn the world “into a beautiful, accepting gay paradise.” Nor would it cure AIDS, stop the war in Iraq, end global warming ad infinitum.

    But it WOULD be one more nail in the coffin containing the idea that all gay men are like Ross the Intern, etc., etc. And the sooner that idea is dead the sooner “male eighth-graders on their way to school call[ing] each other faggot and homo at least a half dozen times in the span of about ten minutes” will start to vanish let alone not turn into fag bashers and killers.

  9. augusten says

    Since Anderson like the asian boys it will probably be something like “Daikon” named after the white japanese radish which I hear is about the right size.


    MyKing (as in John King, his bud)
    No Mommy!
    Wire Hangers
    Sticky Jeans (G V Jeans)
    -> 360 is probably really in the running!

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