David Beckham and Robbie Williams to Play Gay on Wisteria Lane?


It’s the tease of the upcoming television season, and if true, would likely generate as much advance hype as Mario Lopez’ backside.

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has suggested that David Beckham is interested in playing one half of a gay couple that would move on to Wisteria Lane in the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives.

Said Cherry: “David’s keen, but the obvious choice was to work with Tom Cruise. We wanted someone who matches him in height and Britishness, so Robbie is the one. They’re both funny, game for a laugh and ridiculously macho, so it should work wonderfully. The English are pitch-perfect for sending themselves up.”

There has been no confirmation that either Beckham or Williams are signed on to the show, so this all may be a pipe dream from Cherry designed to generate some buzz, or at least to generate reaction from the stars themselves.

Recently, producer Simon Fuller announced that Beckham had committed to a 13-part reality series.

All this may conflict with Beckham’s schedule should he ever start doing what he came here for.

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  1. nuflux says

    Great…another gay couple portrayed by straights doing it to “have a laugh.”

    Another barfworthy moment brought to you by a latently self-loathing gay Republican.

  2. Rad says


    And I second all your comments; I think the last (and only time) I ever watched this dreck was to see Jesse Metcalfs butt. When I realized the total drivel of the overall show, I tuned it out and turned it off.

  3. Razor says

    There are a lot of phrases I could use to describe David Beckham, but “ridiculously macho” is just ridiculous. He’s a boy bitch and everyone knows it.

  4. David Beckham says

    Instead of acting all bitchy why don’t you wait to judge me on the quality of my performance on Wisteria Lane. (As you may have surmised I have no intention of ever playing a single game of football…oops soccer….in the states so I’ll have plenty of time to appear on Desperate Housewives….we all know that show ABSOLUTELY SUCKS anyhoo.


  5. says

    The info and quotes originally came from a British gossip source, and they are unbelievably fake. The original claim wasn’t that the two were the gay couple, but that they were the gay couple’s best friends from England. They haven’t cast the actual gay couple yet, but the tabloid would have you believe that they’ve cast another pair on top of that couple. And in the extended quotes from the original article, Marc Cherry comes off as vaguely British. And he gushes far too much over two men who aren’t actors. Also, that original tabloid article had him saying the men are the first ”wow for the wives” since Jesse Metcalfe; he’d never say something like that, but the British tabloids can’t seem to let go of Metcalfe, so I’m not surprised they’d include him in their fake quotes.

  6. David Beckham says

    What the bloody hell Peter? What made you the authority on my life you little twirp?

    I can confirm that I signed up to appear on a full season of Desperate Housewives (if it doesn’t get cancelled first).

    Need something to occupy my time besides shopping and scientology parties while I am here L.A. (AND I can also affirm Tom Cruise will NOT be my love interest on the show….he kisses like a wet fish and his breathe smells just awful…like poppers.)


  7. bscout says

    Robbie Williams straight…. ahh haa haa haa

    If you’ve ever been in a studio, he hits on all the younger recording guys. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but that was between doing lines of coke.

  8. Roy says

    I’ll believe this when I see it – sounds like Brit tabloid trash. Robbie (who I admit I’ve loved for years) is well known for saying in interviews that if he ever went for a man, it’d be Becks – whom he describes as “the best-looking man on the planet.”

    If true (even if they play the gay couple’s friends), it would get me to watch the show – but only when they’re on it.

  9. Qjersey says

    If ABC can cast an real life transgender woman to play a transgender woman (Candis Cayne on Dirty Sexy Money), its ABOUT TIME OUT GAY ACTORS got hired for gay roles.

    What are your suggestions:

    Robert Gant & Craig Chester (who would make a perfect spoil for Susan)

    if they want Brits, how about John Barrowman?

    Cheyenne Jackson (HOT HOT HOT and OUT OUT OUT)

    Wilson Cruz (add some diversity to, give gabriella a latino buddy).

  10. kode says

    I really much doubt either of those guys would step down in the fame ladder to play anything in a soapy tv-show in a regular basis. And for that matter: a tv-show that seems to be going down fast. Sure Bex is going to be in a reality, but that’s just another ego-stroking status symbol for celebs nowadays.

    People in America probably don’t understand how huge Robbie Williams is in Europe and, well, I guess everywhere else. From Wikipedia:

    “He also has the distinction of having more number one albums than any other male, barring Elvis Presley.”

    “He is currently the most successful male artist in the world, for the period 1998-2007, according to the United World Chart, and the third artist overall behind Madonna and Britney Spears.”

    “Williams is currently worth an estimated £100 million (approximately $197 million). … According to HELLO Magazine’s 2006 Rich list, he earned £30m ($59m) in 2006, making him the third highest earning act, behind Elton John and The Rolling Stones. … Before signing his record breaking £80m ($158m) contract with EMI in 2002, Williams was worth an estimated £35m ($69m).”

    I guess he might find it funny to play a gay guy in a tv-soap, but somehow I just don’t see it. Unlike many Americans seem to think he really has no reason to validate his existence in the world by appearing in an American b-grade tv-show. (Is it obvious that I’m not that into Desperate Housewives? :D)

    Sorry about rant. I’m European and Robbie really is big here (although hasn’t had superhits for a while, but that means nothing, since they are surely coming unless his depression gets the best of him). This “rumour” about him is like gossiping that Madonna would start acting in a fading tv-show.

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