Orlando Murder-Suicide involving GOP Consultant a Lovers’ Row?


There’s a story breaking out of Orlando this morning, where a GOP consultant and two others were found dead in a home.

GonzalezAccording to the AP, “Authorities have not determined a motive for the deaths of Ralph Gonzalez (pictured, right), 39, his roommate, David Abrami, 36, and a friend, Robert Drake, 30. Investigators found weapons and signs of a struggle in the house, but they did not say what the weapons were or which man they believe was the killer. The men are believed to have died several days before the bodies were discovered Thursday. Gonzalez was executive director of the Georgia Republican Party from 2001-2002. He managed U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney’s 2002 campaign and was president of Strategum Group, an Orlando-based political consulting firm that represents Republican candidates. ‘He was a born political consultant. He had bravado, he was intense, and he lived and breathed tactics and strategy,’ Feeney said. ‘He was an adviser and strategist for me and became a very good friend.’ Abrami, an attorney, was active in Republican politics as well.”

Brad Blog has been following the story and has details on the backgrounds of the men involved.

Florida Today originally ran the story with the above headline (“Lovers’ fight may have sparked three deaths”), which I screengrabbed from Google News. All language about a “lovers’ fight” has since mysteriously disappeared from the report.

Cops seek motive in deaths of 3 men [orlando sentinel]


  1. Sebastian says

    This is what self hate and being unhappy with your life, sell it out for a few coins and working for the Repugs who hate you will do, all those secrets and lies are always going to “come out” and not in the best light.

    And, is there something in that heat and gin of Florida with all these closet cases and their drama?

  2. ATLSteve says

    Simple – they’re fat because they have some self-esteem / self-worth issues. And it’s not that they are Republicans, it’s that these types are the most extreme or most politically manipulative types of Republicans – again, compensating for some self-esteem issues.

  3. peterparker says

    I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but:

    Years ago, a man entered a McDonalds and began firing his gun, killing some people as I recall, before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. At the time Ted Turner stated something along the lines of: “Well, that’s one less nutjob in the world.” I have to apply the same reasoning here and say “At least there are two fewer Republicans in this world.” Good Riddance.

  4. Vi Agara says

    Seriously though, after reading up on this, this Feeney guy appears to be a high level thug. Gay? Hypocrites? Yes. So. This Republican self hating gay personality is old news. The association with Feeney can be deadly it seems. Which may be the real story here

  5. peterparker says

    Zeke…some people believe you should never, ever wish death (or any other terrible thing) on another person. But I have a whole different take on that. I figure it someone is either actively fucking over the GLBT community, or helping another person fuck over the GLBT community, then I have no qualms about wishing terrible things to happen to them…including death. And these two Republicans, Gonzalez and Abrami, were actively assisting people who oppress GLBT citizens. I’m glad they are gone. If that makes me a terrible person then so be it.

  6. Joe T. says

    PeterParker: Pretty horrific, but at least there’s a certain logic to your extremist desires, and at least you’re honest about it (unlike some of the other potential murderers on Towleroad that try to pretend like they’re humanitarians). But do you think non-Republican homophobes (certain hiphop rappers; Fred Phelps; Isaiah Washington; Church of Scientology promoters..etc)…should also be dead, to the betterment of homosexuals?

  7. peterparker says

    Joe T…first of all, you imply that I am a potential murderer, but it’s a hell of long way from taking pleasure in the death of an oppressor to actually taking steps to cause the oppressor’s death…i’ve only engaged in fatasies/wishes/hopes that political enemies of the GLBT community will die…i’ve never taken steps to actually make it happen…i’m not a potential murderer…and you owe me an apology for implying otherwise.

    Before I answer the question you posed…it isn’t a matter of whether or not I think someone SHOULD die. The matter is whether or not I wish someone WOULD die. There is a difference.

    And now to answer your question: I think people should be free to have whatever thoughts, prejudices, hatred, bigotry, etc. that they want to harbor. And I think they should be free to express their bigotry verbally so long as it doesn’t include an actual threat to another person. But when bigots contribute to the oppression of GLBT people by either being a politician who enacts laws that oppress us or being the campaign worker who helps elect the politician who oppresses us or by being the activist who helps get homophobic bills on the ballots, then yes, I hope they die. And I hope it is *very* painful.

    Wishes and fantasies are perfectly healthy, Tom…even when the fantasy involves harm coming to someone who has oppressed you. It’s what you do with that fantasy that determines whether or not you’ve crossed a line.

    For example, I sincerely wish Ann Coulter would choke on her own tongue. It’s a healthy fantasy. If, however, I made plans to attack Ann Coulter and shove her tongue down her throat *that* would be crossing a line.

  8. Joe T. says

    PeterParker: Yes, I understand the difference legally, maybe even morally, between taking pleasure in an “oppressor”‘s death and actually causing the death of the “oppressor”. But don’t you think it’s a possibility that anyone who takes pleasure in the death of anyone but the most obviously heinous person (like a Ted Bundy, for instance), is a potential murderer? You’ll probably argue “no”, so…I’ll let that drop and apologize for putting you in the actual murderer category rather than the merely-taking-pleasure-in-death category. I just want to know if you’ll remain consistent. African-Americans in the U.S., virtually entirely Democrat, are virtually entirely against gay marriage. So….you do hope for…?

  9. peterparker says

    Joe T.,

    Thank you for your (somewhat conditional) apology.

    I do not wish death on anyone simply for their beliefs about the GLBT community, their negative feelings about the GLBT community or their lack of support for our equality. But I do hope that people who actively work to oppress the GLBT community die very untimely, very painful deaths. That goes double for people from within the community who work to elect Republicans who oppress us.

    Is that clear?


  10. Joe T. says

    I think I understand. The death wish is reserved for those who have the power to have an effect on laws at the present time? (Anne Coulter doesn’t fit into that category, though). So…do people like Fred Phelps or queer-bashers on the street get a pass?

  11. peterparker says

    JOE T.

    Due to her books, her columns and her access to the media as a talking head, Ann Coulter is able to influence public policy in a way that the average citizen is unable to do. For that reason, she falls into the category of people who actively work to oppress the entire community (and who have the power to do so). Besides, she’s a mean bitch. So, yes, I’d love it if someone cut out her tongue and shoved it down her throat.

    The average fag basher…I dunno…they don’t oppress the entire community (though they certainly create fear in the entire community), so no, I don’t generally wish death on those people. I just hope they serve a looooooooooooong sentence with a 400 pound cell mate who has an equally loooooooooooong cock.

    The Phelps are odious but they have a First Amendment right to free speech and their speech should be protected.

    Now, JOE T, that’s my last message on this subject. I believe I’ve clarified my beliefs quite enough.


  12. Joe T. says

    PeterParker: But some would surely argue that you’re picking and choosing who YOU consider to be the most damaging to homosexual rights, when maybe you’re mistaken on that. Others would argue that more young people listen to Eminem, thus setting the stage for a future generation of homophobes. Like I said, as sick as that is to me, at least you’re honest about taking pleasure in others’ pain. But if the guage for your “victims” was true harm to homosexual individuals, some would argue there are far more likely candidates than the ones you choose.

  13. peterparker says

    JOE T,

    Sweetie, if you think Eminem is more of a danger to our community than certain politicians, campaign workers, pundits, activists, etc…then you go right ahead and wish death on Eminem. I’m not stopping you. The last time I checked, every American still enjoyed a constitutional right to wish death on someone and to even fantasize about someone dying a painful, untimely death. So I’m not going to dissuade you from hating on Eminem. I would, however, caution you that acting out on those fantasies is both illegal and immoral.


  14. Joe T. says

    PeterParker : No, I don’t wish death on anyone (except- almost- maybe someone like Michael Vick). I’m just saying, as a side issue, there are all kinds of ways to measure who is the most harmful to homosexual individuals. Some think it’s those who plant the seeds of homophobia in movies and music, some think it’s those who propose laws against gay marriage, some think it’s those who want to put the U.S. under Shariah law, some think it’s those who do the actual hands-on queer-bashing and murder, some think it’s those who follow the Bible literally or music where the lyrics propose killing fags, etc. There are planting-the-seed theories which abound, all over Towleroad. I’m just saying, whatever the penalty for “oppressing” gay people, who is to say who is the most guilty. Others who would agree with you that seeing them die painful deaths might, nevertheless, have a whole slew of folks on the list much different than your own. You do agree on that, right?

  15. peterparker says

    JOE T,

    Oh, I see…my desire for the grim reaper to visit those who are actively working to oppress the GLBT community (or aiding those who do) is ‘horrific’ and ‘extremist’, but your death wish for Michael Vick (a man who is certainly worthey of contempt, no doubt) is reasonable. It seems you are engaging in your own game of who should die and who shouldn’t.

    And yes, I would agree that in the community there is disagreement about who causes the most harm to us.


  16. Joe T. says

    Yes, I don’t disagree that my consideration of Michael Vick as one of the few I can think of whose dying wouldn’t bother me might be considered horrible by others, especially the Gandhi-types, who believe one shouldn’t take enjoyment in another’s death no matter what. Some might think my thinking is horrific and extremist, just as I think yours is. But, even with a creature like Vick, I’m not enjoying myself by entertaining the image of him having his tongue cut out. I think there’s a difference between an immediate emotional reaction and actually enjoying the ideas at leisure. But, thanks for all your answers.

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