Rep. Bob Allen Cites Fear of Black Men, Weather in Oral Sex Arrest


According to documents released on Friday, Florida Rep. Bob Allen, who was arrested in early July for offering $20 to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer in a public men’s room in Titusville, Florida, says he was in the room because he was afraid of black men in the park.

KavanaughSaid Allen: “I certainly wasn’t there to have sex with anybody and certainly wasn’t there to exchange money for it. This (undercover officer) is a pretty stocky black guy, and there’s other black guys around in the park that—you know! I said they’re around here, you ought to know about that.”

Another claim made by Allen shortly after his arrest was that he wanted to take shelter from bad weather, Fox reports:

“I said the building is safer than staying out here, so I went back in and I sat down.”

Allen claims that he went along with what the officer said because he wanted to get out of a scary situation safely:

“I went ahhh — I’m about to be a statistic. You catch all kinds of people, so a legislator is like whoa! You know, especially one that’s the (police union) guy of the year…this is too ironic!”

However, anyone who reads the affadivit and arrest report will note that Allen hardly seems unnerved by the situation.

On the right, a photo I dug up of arresting officer Kavanaugh putting the cuffs on a crack cocaine dealer.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful! The Republican Party used to have decent people in it (Jacob Javitz, Senator Everett Dirkson, George Romney, etc.), but the “new” Republicans are the sleeziest things on God’s earth. Atleast Sanchez is kinda’ cute with his filthy self, this bastard is revolting. Yes, I’m that shallow. If you’re going to be a sleezy hypocrite, you could atleast be cute…like Errol Flynn.

  2. anon says

    This dude has hit on the one thing that probably will save his ass with his constituents.

    Sad that someone would use such an excuse. Sad that it probably will work with repub voters in his district.

  3. Me Somewhere says

    Okay…let me get this straight from this twisted idiot’s point of view: You are a big and hot black man and I’m sooooo scared of you (“Mommy…help me!)… THUS, to save my life, I will pay you to suck your dick, otherwise you might hurt me.

    And why does he know so much about who trolls around the park? I think I missed that explanation.

    Dude has been watching way too many interracial domination fantasy videos. Just another delusional cocksucker… who desperately needs an AIDS test. And a course in “How to Lie Correctly.”

  4. dan says

    he probably read a bunch of posts on towleroad about isaiah washington and realized that racism was a-ok with the gays, so it would probably work for him too.

  5. Rad says

    What happened, he opened his eyes and screamed “There’s a BLACK MAN in my mouth!!!” (or more like “Mmmm mmm MMM MMMMM mmm mmm mmm!!!!”)?

    Perhaps he and Mark Foley can attend CSA meetings together? (CSA – Cock Suckers Annonymous).

  6. Truth says

    Well the parks can be dangerous and well you know how dangerous we black men are we will do things to you…

    Now I admit I am going to go far off topic so grant me some space here.

    If the black man wanted more than sex far too many of you guys here would have nothing to do with him. How many black gay friends do you have; how many have you dated; hang out with; invite into your circle of friends; or are black men only dangerous and disposal sexual fetishes anyone want to tell the truth here and clear some things up or is the defense I have lots of black friends still acceptable. I will preference these statements and stay that attraction is something that one has or does not have and I would never say that you have to sleep with a black man to prove your liberal status; I will freely admit that I have been rejected by guys on the measure of simple friendship, a smile a hello a chat; what’s up with that…this rejection has come in all sorts of settings and it confounds me

    His defense is somewhat logical with the rampant but passive prejudice (I would never say racism) that is within the gay and straight community at large against black men.

    Thank you for the chance to express myself now back to your regularly schedule program.

  7. JOE 2 says

    Dear Bob Allen:

    Open mouth, insert foot, press foot toward back of throat, shove foot past trachea, slam entire leg down esophagus into stomach, etc. Racist, hypocritical freak.


    Please Commit Hara-Kiri Now

  8. David from Alberta says

    Ok – this guy should have someone to tell him to stop talking and just shup his mouth because he sounds more and more idiotic with each excuse. Is anyone but the stupidest and ill informed among us going to believe this drivel. God – how do these people ever get elected? is it that they have no one running against them?

  9. anon ( says

    Calling Judge Judy!

    At the places I hang out I’ve seen a lot of interracial couples. They seem far more common in the gay community than in the str8 community.

  10. says

    From the start- this whole thing just smelled bad. Although I’ve done the NY gay thing and come up with countless tasty replies as I read his ridiculous account, I’m more in fear for his family.

    Gay men make the decision of whether to be safe or not. Assholes on the DL take that away from their families and the wives stand by them in silence. I feel for them and them only.

  11. Tim says

    He had a couple of weeks to come up with somehting and THIS is the best he could do? Florida deserves a lying bag of crap like this tub of guts.

    I also never quite realized just how scared I have been in my own life when it comes to performing oral sex on black men. Oh how they have frightened me over and over and over. I’m so lucky.

  12. Sir says

    This is very good news because it’s clear that every anti-gay lobbyist is ACTUALLY a homosexual, and EVERYONE in power is going to start voting FOR gay rights, so as not to APPEAR homosexual. The fight is over, people. So congress will be voting for free lattes for every queer in America.

  13. somebody says

    This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to former US politician (mostly Republican) sex crimes. If you can find the list of the convicted, it should take you a long time to scroll through them all. There is a good reason so many politicians are up to this sort of stuff: coercion. Those weirdos with their fancy handshakes need to know for sure that their secrets involving non-democratic politics are safe. The way they ensure that is to only hire people they have some juicy dirt on… like gays and criminals. You may be disgusted to find out how widespread pedophilia has been and is within the ‘leading’ class. If you doubt it…look into the conviction of Lawrence King in 1989 (the Franklin affair) for running a child prostitution ring which took “midnight tours” of the whitehouse. Lets do something about it!

  14. truthseen says

    I am posting this comment on many blogs. Might as well do it here.

    It appears that maybe the reason why Mr. Allen approached a Blackman in the first place was for two reasons. He wanted him and it would be more anonymous to go with him because Mr. Allen figured a Blackman would “probably” not recognize him. This would minimize the risk of being revealed. Just a thought. No offense but many wealthy, upscale white men have always dealt on the down low with black and Latino guys for that reason. Mr. Allen is a small fish in a really big pond. White, racist, conservative, homophobe by day and sniffing around licking up Black/Latino men by night. This is nothing new. You see, sometimes hate is just a cover.
    Respectfully submitted

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