Tony Joiner’s Touchdown Kiss for Tim Tebow Causes Stir


A kiss between University of Florida safety Tony Joiner and QB Tim Tebow on Saturday after Tebow made a second quarter touchdown pass to Cornelius Ingram has startled the college football world. It’s not so often you see such a public display of affection between male athletes, particularly American jocks.

Here’s the clip:

The Tampa Tribune reports:

Joiner_2“Tebow and Joiner have had fun with their kiss, though it promises to follow them for eternity now that two clips of it have hit YouTube. A four-second video shows only Joiner smacking Tebow on the left cheek as the CBS broadcast transitions into a commercial break. A 92-second video provides more context, including play-by-play man Verne Lundquist’s description of what may have been the first same-sex, interracial kiss ever broadcast on the venerable network’s airwaves. ‘The African-American senior and Tim Tebow, the white sophomore,’ Lundquist said, ‘they have become very fast friends.’ Told Monday morning that anyone with Internet access could see just how fast, Tebow could only laugh. ‘Great,’ Tebow said. ‘Somebody will probably show me that when I go to class here in a little bit.'”

Joiner, who lives with Tebow, told news media after the game: “That’s my roommate. I love him. We’ve grown close. That’s not the first time I’ve kissed him.” When asked if he’s kissed other men, Joiner replied, “Not many. Probably just my dad and Tim Tebow.”

And there are certainly plenty of people who wouldn’t mind planting one on Tebow.


Although who that tongue is reserved for is anyone’s guess.


The Independent Florida Alligator notes: “The truth of the matter is we could all learn something from Tebow and Joiner’s kiss…The bond that these players share and the fact that they’re more emotionally linked as brothers, not mere coworkers, is something to strive for in everyday life.”

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  1. Zeke says

    That was a kiss?

    I don’t think so. It looked more like he was talking in Tebow’s ear.

    Even if it was a kiss, so what? It’s over the top coverage like this that causes men to be so paranoid and fearful of showing any kind of affection or intimacy toward each other.

    Oh, and Tebow is way hot.

  2. Bill says

    The fact this is news is sad. It says so much about the rampant homophobia in this country, especially in sports. I know there are men out there who do not kiss their sons for this very reason. Straight men are really screwed up.

  3. davefromtampa says

    I saw it live and nearly fell off my barstool. It was sweet and I don’t think the anouncers made a big deal out of it. I think Tebow is a hottie, for a christian.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    anddddddddddddddddddd why can’t they be lovers?

    I would love to have some reporter ask me on the street what I think of the whole deal.

    I would say just that “Why can’t they be lovers?” and then walk away as if no big deal.

  5. says

    Its almost unbelievable that people would get worked up about these two guys kissing. Its sweet and shows what close friends they are. There is nothing wrong with it. There is something wrong with the fact that so many people think that there is something wrong with it.

  6. anon ( says

    A sweet peck on the cheek should not raise any eyebrows, but the announcers seemed to hint there was more to the story, or were trying to explain it away lest anyone get the wrong idea. The announcers may wish to clarify why they went on-and-on about the fast friends and roomies. It is very reminiscent of the friendship on Scrubs though!

  7. says

    I watched the game and saw the kiss. If you were watching and listening to the sportscaster he told the story about how the coach purposley made them room together. Joiner had been throw off the team in the past and the coach thought that roomming with Tebow would give a better perspective of being a part of a team. Joiner has mentioned that rooming with Tebow has changed his life on and off the football field. These guys are friends and teammates in every since of the word.

    They are both very comfortable showing their affection to one another. You don’t have to praise or demonize their actions. If you’ve played sports and was a part of a team you would know that all atheletes aren’t homophobic assholes as you would like to portray.

  8. Gunnar says


    Why didn’t you post a face picture of Tony Joiner? You’ve switched the focus of the story from Joiner and Tebow to just Tebow (and his sexual attractiveness).

    Is Tony Joiner sexy? Who knows? You didn’t think that Joiner deserved the same treatment. What’s the difference between the two men? One is African-American and the other is white? You’re usually very good about racial sensitivity. So, I’m disappointed.

    In many gay periodicals, publishers largely ignore people of color as models. There’s an occasional brown person but the majority time their models are all white. For instance, has there ever been a non-white or visibly mixed-race cover model on DNA magazine? This extends to fashion houses, too. Can anyone remember Dolce & Gabana having one?

    White male beauty is held up as perfection. Whereas the beauty of the diverse looks of people of color is largely ignored or turned into a fetish: Asians as girlish bottoms or black men as thugs or sex machines.


    You couldn’t find a single face pic of Joiner? Come on. A Google or Yahoo! image search reveals plenty.

  9. voodoolock says

    i didn’t think the sportscasters made such a big deal out of the kiss… althought the “glass of milk” at bedtime line was pretty funny. all in all this seemed to be pretty tasteful commentary, considering.

  10. Sebastain says

    This stroy seems to cross all the lines in this country that people don’t like, sexuality, and then they have to inject race. Big whoop, they bussed each other, its actaully a non-story, since most young men don’t have the hangups on giving a bud a hug, etc like men over 30.

    And, Gunnar, thoughtful insights, which, sadly seem to be true.

  11. Lucy says

    That kiss was the mildest thing I have ever seen. I assumed for the fuss that was being made that it would at least have to be on the lips. It is pretty sad if this counts as shocking in America.

  12. Jordan says

    This whole story shows how screwed up straight guys are with showing their emotions toward one another, and with their homophobia. Straight guys have so many hang-ups…they really need a good shrink. And from I’ve heard, football is just filled with gay inuendo.

    Who cares if they kissed? (if you could even call it a kiss?) Or even if they are straight (granted it’d be much more interesting if they WERE gay and lovers, but until they come out that’s just wishful thinking). Until they get so excited they tackle each other and start humping each other or get caught banging each other in the showers, I’ll wait.

    Since I don’t follow sports and know that much about football, I don’t know who they are, but the QB IS a cutie (as is typical), but I’d be much more interested in the hot black guys.

  13. says

    anyone who thinks that was a kiss needs to go see the eye doctor. it’s pretty obvious that joiner simply whispered something in tebow’s ear. stop projecting your fantasies on to others. what’s more offensive is the male commentator’s need to identify the two players by referencing their skin color as african-american and white. maybe this is necessary to those watching the game who are functionally illiterate. but for the rest of us who can read, we can ID the players by merely reading their jerseys. duh.

  14. Alain says

    How odd that in the USA men can perfectly kill each other but not kiss each other…

    I saw on television Prince William kiss his grandfather Prince Philip on the cheek. Even GWB embraces men. General De Gaulle kissed men on the cheek to show great admiration.

    C’mon Merkins, get real !

  15. soulbrotha says

    My God is Florida THAT backwards that their announcers must make the shocking revelation that Joiner is “African-American” and Tebow is
    “white”, like it’s something unheard of in sports history?! Damn, if so then that is one brain dead state. And before any Floridians get on my case, I have family that lives there too.

  16. soulbrotha says

    My God is Florida THAT backwards that their announcers must make the shocking revelation that Joiner is “African-American” and Tebow is
    “white”, like it’s something unheard of in sports history?! Damn, if so then that is one brain dead state. And before any Floridians get on my case, I have family that lives there too.

  17. FizziekruntNT says

    Remember Soulbrotha, the sad state of affairs going on in places like Louisiana and what happened in West Virginia. There aren’t so much as many brain dead states as there are brain damaged people in the country. That was hardly a love tap by Joiner, but you know, announcers are pretty lame by most accounts. That’s a good portion of my reason for not bothering to watch football because I can’t stand to hear those morons chatter through the whole game.

    And just my two cents, Joiner and Tebow are both fine motherf**kers, but this didn’t amount to diddly. Rugby players hold each other’s junk, for chrissakes.

  18. says

    Shoot! I can’t open it from work!I’d have to wait until I get home tonite! But if what other posters are saying is true then the non-kiss was overblown way out of context. And if indeed there was a kiss,I would say that the fact that it’s even being talked about talks volume in terms of how screwed up North American mores are. Big surprise there!

  19. May says

    You americans are so weird. It was just a kiss on the cheek, it’s not like they were frenching in the middle of the field. Here in Europe we have soccer and it’s absolutely normal seeing two players display affection to one another after they scored a goal. Why does it always have to be about sex ?

  20. UFGIRL08 says

    WTF?! Seriously, this is news worthy?! This isn’t the first time a “kiss” has been given and lets NOT forget all the ass smacking that goes on! My season tickets have me literally next to Mr. Joiner & his other son Brandon…they were laughing at it! So was everyone else! They didn’t show it over and over on the Jumbotron so why is this being rehashed in the news?

  21. Blondie says

    The announcers are not florida announcers, they are national announcers for CBS and prior NFLplayers/coaches. They just so happned to be doing a game in FL. Next week they could be in Michagan.

  22. lenda says

    The CHRISTIAN TALIBAN are in control, and now 2 hetero-players can’t even show affection without rednecks being upset.

    Welcome to the American CHRISTIAN TALIBAN.

  23. says

    when i was in college the best friend i made my freshman year was a straight guy (a flaming heterosexual), and he always gave me a kiss on the cheek or neck whenever he was giving me a goodbye hug (complete with slaps on the back). i never thought of it as sexual nor do i think he did. i saw him do the same thing with his two brothers quite often. i think things like this demonstrate comfort with emotion and sexuality. more kissing to them!

  24. Carlos says

    I find it bizarre that this is getting so much attention. Men who are in love should be able to hold hands in public and gently kiss one another and so should women. We are holding onto such antiquated ideas in this country – being gay and proud is nothing to be ashamed of. If Joiner and Tebow have found love off the field, I say go for it. It is strange that guys can totally rub up against each other, grab each others asses and hug in sports games and because these two share an intimate couple of seconds it is National news. Leave them to be happy and quit making a simple affair mainstream news (they will come out when they are ready).

  25. says

    After repeatedly seeing actions like this in sports although in Europe nothing is said about it, I believe that these guys just have an affection for one another like families/couples do. I think when you work/play and whatever 24/7 you just kind of develop a relationship that is almost that of a couple. It happened to me once and I was surprised as was the other person. And it just developed from long hours of work and play and living in the same building. We saw each other all the time!
    I mean watch a game the players are manhandling themselves, each other, etc. just as if no one else is around. Thats how comfortable they are w/each other!

  26. says

    Football players are slappin each others a$$es all day long. What’s a little kiss on the cheek? Seriously though, that shouldn’t cause up that much of a stir. I’m sure there are much larger issues to deal with in college athletics then a peck on the cheek.

  27. Willie says

    When a person goes through hard times with another person there is a permanent bond of respect between the two individuals. Regardless of the sex or gender there is a spiritual bond. Instead of looking at the act in a sexual manner, we should be encouraged that a troubled individual who was kicked off the team was rehabilitated by simply being around Tebow. It also shows that Joiner is able to show love and affection for someone who helped him. Look at Joiner and Tebow! They look like male models. They are beautiful people who suffer from no identity crises.

  28. says

    if in any case of another kissing scenes then don’t doubt it. it’s not even a big deal we all know that there are some people exist called third sex but let’s not judge them cause they can also feel hopeless of people’s disciminations.

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